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Turkish airline


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Final Case study

Published in: Marketing
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Turkish airline

  1. 1. + CASE STUDY FINAL EXAM Johanna Mabboux MBA2A Course instructor : E.Craig
  2. 2. + Digital universe map
  3. 3. + Map of the digital touchpoints
  4. 4. + CAMPAIGN GOALS • Increase the brand awareness worldwide of the company • Reach new prospect • Mesure the campaign’s effectiveness HOW? • By surfing on the global phenomenon: SELFIE • By creating an interactive new social media campaign • By using the awareness of Messi and Kobe • By using the famous social media YouTube (More than 1 billion unique users visit the website each month)
  5. 5. + MESSI VS KOBE The concept The NBA star Kobe Bryant and one of the best soccer players Lionel Messi has been chosen for the new social media campaign of Turkish Airline. With their smartphone, the two stars send selfies taken around the world (China, Turkey, Argentina, Maldives ...). The video, posted on YouTube on December 3 reached almost 137 million views. The concept of the video "Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout "was very popular on the internet, the campaign based on the trend of" Selfie "quickly became viral. The success is of course also due to the popularity already established by Kobe Bryant (17 million fans on Facebook) and Lionel Messi (63 million). Finally, an important ingredient: a quality video that effectively carries its message - the company has the highest number of destinations in the world - and involves images of landscapes and people from around the world.
  6. 6. + Effectiveness of ■ Free and accessible website : large audience ■ YouTube users are engaged and actively looking for information about brands ■ Users spend more time on YouTube than Facebook ■ Attractive and visual website : capture attention ■ Users like to share what they like : viral website ■ Good way to drive traffic toward the company website
  7. 7. + Effectiveness of the partnership ■ International notoriety of the NBA star Kobe Bryant and one of the best soccer players Lionel Messi ■ International sponsor
  8. 8. + Business objective accomplished ■ 77 million views in one week on Youtube ■ YouTube Searches x 3 ■ Goole searches +16% ■ Buzz on Youtube, blogs, Facebook & Twitter
  9. 9. + How to apply the digital strategy to an independant hotel? By doing a partnership with a famous personality which match with the image of the hotel. The personality has to become the ambassador of the independant hotel. We can then published an original video of the personality during her stay at the hotel on Youtube, Facebook. She will have to experiment extrordinary things at the hotel in order to reach the attention of the audience. For an hotel located in front of the see we can also
  10. 10. + Additional mobile steps With theTurkish Airlines we can buy tickets, check flight … the application is really useful but they should also focus on social. They could ad some link toward social media and provide informations about the country that the customer is going to visit.