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myMarketing Cafe offers integrated small business marketing in the digital era. Our team and expert contributors help business owners make connections that make a difference. We share our small business marketing expertise through a well-organized, in-depth library of content-driven marketing resources and trainings. We follow a pay-it-forward, netweaving business philosophy. Want to know more about that? Connect with us!

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myMarketing Cafe: Summary of Services

  1. 1. SUMMARY OF SERVICES myMarketing Café specializes in interactive marketing. We leverage integrated marketing solutions, a resource center and expert contributors to help small businesses achieve profitable growth through a supreme customer experience.
  2. 2. MARKETING SERVICES • Industry Research • Business Evaluation, Assessment and Consultation • Digital Asset Development • Marketing Plan Development and Implementation • Plan Tracking, Evaluation and Reporting • Training If we Google your business, what will we find? Our services help small businesses create an exceptional branded business persona. We offer:
  3. 3. RESEARCH Services begin with in-depth industry research to develop and implement a successful marketing plan. During the research phase, we: • Conduct an industry environmental scan and extensive market examination • Complete an assessment of your business through research and interviews • Review the complete customer experience
  4. 4. RESEARCH Marketing strategies are developed with effective and integrated use of employee development, content, SEO, SEM, digital media and social media platforms. Research is concluded by: • Developing your business persona • Assessing digital channels to develop a Marketing Program with a focus on content • Evaluating and integrating offline marketing tactics
  5. 5. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION Using the research results, we create and implement a Marketing Plan. Based on your business goals, plan options may include…
  6. 6. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION We help you turn strangers into customers and brand advocates with INBOUND MARKETING FOR CONVERSION. We reach them in the channels where they want to interact with you. •
  7. 7. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION INBOUND MARKETING FOR CONVERSION • Develop inbound marketing strategy • Select digital channels important to your audience • Create powerful inbound content such as eBooks, Guides, Online Communities, Resource Centers, • Develop follow through sales strategy
  8. 8. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION We use the Web, Search Engines, and Social Media Channels for INTERNET MARKETING. We entice your audience to connect while they are actively online and searching. •
  9. 9. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION INTERNET MARKETING FOR LEAD GENERATION • Identify optimal product or service offerings • Select advertising platforms based on budget • Create engaging calls-to-action and ad copy • Develop landing page • Develop follow through sales strategy
  10. 10. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION We showcase your brand and build strong relationships with prospects and clients using SOCIAL MEDIA. Our strategies focus on peer-to-peer influencer marketing.
  11. 11. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION SOCIAL MEDIA FOR LEAD GENERATION • Establish a Social Media presence supportive of the industry and business needs. Focus on community-building and lead generation using a variety of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram) • Create and implement a content calendar • Reputation management – monitor social media platforms
  12. 12. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION We help you create an inviting community and slowly build your tribe using A BUSINESS BLOG AND EMAIL MARKETING. It’s human nature to want to belong to something important. Our strategies help your business become the meeting place for your audience.
  13. 13. PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION BLOG MANAGEMENT • Develop blog strategy to meet business goals • Create the editorial calendar • Write keyword optimized, engaging Blog articles • Write lead generation assets – eBooks, white papers, newsletters, articles, Op Ed articles EMAIL MARKETING FOR LEAD GENERATION • Evaluate business assets to create a beginning email list • Identify list-building opportunities and implement strategies • Develop email content and create marketing collateral • Evaluate email performance
  14. 14. EVALUATION & ANALYSIS The marketing plan is tested for effectiveness through a process of evaluation using key metrics and analytics. During this phase, we will: • Evaluate performance against marketing plan goals and objectives • Identify improvement opportunities and implement necessary changes
  15. 15. TRAINING During the research phase, we identify key employees to serve as power users and keep the plan in action. We provide training on all digital channels. Training may also include: • Developing training programs and conduct training sessions using phone, webinar, and screen sharing • Providing ongoing training and continuing education with industry and marketing trends • Reviewing emerging trends with a focus on inbound marketing and lead generation • Equity and value adding using high-quality content marketing, employee development, and process improvement
  16. 16. WEBSITE DESIGN A key component of a small business online marketing plan is a fully functional, integrated website. We offer website design services that include: Website Functionality • Engaging, User-Friendly WordPress® Content Management • Dashboard for Content Updates & Flexibility • Responsive Design across devices: Mobile, iPad, & Tablet • Complete Plug-in Package, Installation & Configuration • Browser Compatibility Testing • Social Media Integration of New and Existing Channels • Socially Optimized and Shareable Pages, Posts, & Galleries • Installation of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools • Subscription to Blog via Email and RSS
  17. 17. WEBSITE DESIGN Lead Generation, Capture, & Conversion • Homepage Opt-in Integration • Lead Generation Content: Free eBook or White paper Download • Lead Generation Management Processes: Contact Form, Thank You Page, CANSPAM requirements • Lead Capture Database with Email Notification
  18. 18. BEFORE & AFTER We help you build a powerful business persona.
  19. 19. Learn more about us and our strategies at your soon-to-be favorite coffeehouse… myMarketing Cafe Follow us on Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn