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Best Mom Entrepreneur Business Advice


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myMarketing Cafe and Project Eve teamed together to ask entrepreneurs from around the world for their BEST business advice, so that we could share it with mom entrepreneurs. This presentation showcases business advice for mom entrepreneurs from those who BELIEVE you can do it. A Mother's Day project to recognize moms around the globe.

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Best Mom Entrepreneur Business Advice

  1. 1. We asked entrepreneurs from around the worldfor their BEST business advice…
  2. 2. We asked entrepreneurs from around the worldfor their BEST business advice…So that we could SHARE IT withmom entrepreneurs.
  3. 3. These individuals welcome you to reach out andconnect, just use the easy connect here link oneach slide. So without any further ado…
  4. 4. Connect here…with Jo Lynnat myMarketing CafeFrom day one, I have followed three rules to help shape everything I do.1. If you do only one thing, take the time to plan. It’s that important.2. Always treat others--whether customers, employees, vendors, partners, orvisitors--with respect and professionalism.3. Integrate list-building into all of your marketing strategies. Don’t miss theopportunity to capture data from everyone who engages with your business.-- Jo Lynn DealConnect here… with Jo Lynn atmyMarketing Cafe
  5. 5. As CEO of your home and business, youhave plenty on your plate. My advice, busymompreneur, is to keep your businesssimple. Control the volume of information,commitments, and initiatives that comeinto your business. Limiting the flow ofinput allows you to magnify the output togrow quickly. By applying the same strategyto your home, you’ll be amazed at howfulfilling it is to avoid overwhelm.--Jackie NagelConnect here…with Jackieat Synnovatia
  6. 6. My advice? Prove them wrong. You know who I am talking about.Those people who say, "You are doing what?" "Oh, that will neverwork." "You dont have time to do that." "Youll never succeed."Sometimes these people are your closest friends, your family, peopleyou expect to be behind you no matter what. Well guess what?Its time for you to prove them wrong!Take that negative energy being thrown at you and turn it intosomething positive. Use it as motivation to push you to succeed.Sometimes the best feeling is being able to say, "HA! I did it!" Havefaith in yourself. Dont let those negative thoughts get into your head.Sure you will have bad days. No business is perfect 100% of the time.But during those down times, you have to remind yourself why you aredoing this. Remain positive and say to yourself, "I WILL be successful."Believe it or not, there is great power in positive thinking. Remainpositive, and prove those naysayers wrong.--Tracy BaschkeConnect here…with Tracyat stella&dot
  7. 7. Believe in yourself. I know it sounds trite. Heres thething. So many of us women doubt ourselves. Wesecond guess our skills. We wonder whether or not wecan compete. We think were too young or too old. Webecome our own worst enemies. There is so muchspecific business advice worth following; but until webelieve in ourselves, none of it will make a difference.-- Jen HaviceConnect here… with Jen atMake Mention Media
  8. 8. My best advice to momentrepreneurs is to make sure youare able to concisely andconfidently tell others exactlywhat it is you do and how itbenefits them.Connect here…with Standralynat Terry Consulting Services
  9. 9. (Focus) Look at the big picture and always dothe right things for the right reasons becausethere are no shortcuts. Within, you have allyou need to succeed. Go for it and don’t forgetto breathe.-- Maryann CroceConnect here…with Maryannat Croce’s Transmission
  10. 10. Connect here…with Lauraat Laura Fontaine Coaching
  11. 11. As a mother and entrepreneur, as well as a highprofile mother, the best advice I can tell you isto remember that your children are growing upand they need your undivided attention attimes . Although I have been a business womenand entrepreneur for most of their lives, I haveseen them go through the junior high years,high school years and now the college years.Never forget your family, success is wonderfulbut not when you’re alone and have no one toshare it with. The time tends to get away, theseconds, minutes, hours you spend in meetings,on social media sites, and traveling. It pays tostop the presses and the meetings and spendquality time with your child. Kids don’t carehow much money you earn, but they do carethat you are around for important days in theirlives that they never can repeat.--Alexis LeviConnect here…with Alexis at Alexis Levi Sports andEntertainment Group
  12. 12. The best advice would have to be to persevere.Be patient. Have a desire to love what you do.And go forward. NEVER, NEVER give up.--Carmen ReveloConnect here…with Carmen atPure Essence Organics
  13. 13. Stop and take stock regularly! It is very easy when it is your own businessto continue working after hours, after the kids are in bed, over theweekend, especially when the business is run from home. Ipads, laptopsand phones make it possible to check emails and be a social media queen,even when you are out with the kids in the park. I work from home, but Icreated a rule for myself that once a week (on Friday just beforedinnertime until Saturday evening or sometimes Sunday) I don’t work! It isnot always easy, and I sometimes need to fight the urge to check emails ormy Facebook fan page, but this is the time I dedicate to myself.--Orit Adiri-NiemoghaConnect here…with Orit at h&d Diamonds
  14. 14. Love yourself as you love yourchild, mother, friend, lover.Laugh at your insecurities, laughwith your mind, your body &your soul. Laugh out loud, laughinside, however you laugh…laugh, laugh, laugh. Live as youchoose, surrender to all that youare and live free.--Elisa -Marie GrzesiowskiConnect here… with Elisa-Marie at Female Antics
  15. 15. Connect here… with Coach MiBan the words "I cant" from yourvocabulary and of those around you.Those words are too often a sign ofsomeone who has accepted failurebefore they have even begun.--Mi Thian-De Wind
  16. 16. Time management andbusiness clarity are keys tosuccess. You can always finda way to make more money,however, you cant make upfor lost time.--Jenny PowersConnect here…with Jennyat Running with Heels
  17. 17. “Little by little,the bird buildsits nest.”-Every little bithelps reachyour dream.--Becky McCollConnect here…with Becky atConnect Design
  18. 18. Stay true to yourself and your female assets. Never try tocopy male leadership styles or behaviors. However, educateyourself in the innate differences between men andwomen to be able to be accepted, well liked and connectedwith men and women. Stop treating men like hairy women!--Andrea JonesConnect here…with Andrea at The Relationship Coaches
  19. 19. I think one of the biggest hardships for mom entrepreneurs is lack of time. You need todevote time and energy to your family, which is a full time job in itself, and then find timeto spend on your business as well. When you are trying to sit down to your business afterdealing with your family duties, you can feel so exhausted that the last thing you want todo is deal with paperwork or look at a computer screen.Here are a few tips to make you feel re-energized to work on your business. Firstly, a catnap only takes 20 minutes and will make you feel instantly refreshed afterwards. Ifpossible, find a quiet place to work; half an hour of non-interrupted work is better than acouple of hours where you are distracted, as you cannot properly concentrate. Thinkpositively – if you are in a mindset where you really don’t want to deal with work, yourtime will not be spent productively. Finally, if you can, work at your most productive time,this might be early in the morning or late at night, but if you try to force yourself to workwhen you are not motivated to do so, the best ideas won’t be flowing.--Sarah LaughranConnect here…with Sarah at Inovision
  20. 20. Speaking clearly at meetings(with colleagues, customers orPotential employers) is vital!-- Clare GreenhalghConnect here…with Clare atEnglish Speech & Pronunciation
  21. 21. Take a cup of self love, add a dash of courageand a pinch of knowledge, and mix it with 120%of self belief . Mix well knowing that you areperfect as you are; don’t stand in your own way,you have all the ingredients to make it. Bakeslowly staying true to your soul and you will riseperfectly! Have faith and feed the world withyour uniqueness. From love we find peace,being in service to humanity brings success!Namaste x--Jacqui Land KeavneyConnect here…with Jacqui atGlobal Soul
  22. 22. If your heart and your intuition are telling yousomething different from all the advice youre hearing -ignore the advice and trust your inner knowing.-- Pippa MoyeConnect here… with Pippa at Silver Ray Healing Therapies
  23. 23. This may seem harsh buthere’s my best tip….Don’t be a wimp.Everyone is afraid. If youwant to be successful,embrace the fear, move it tothe side, keep taking onestep in front of the otherand get busy taking care ofbusiness.--Lynne ChaushevConnect here…with Lynne atHappy ever AfterDating
  24. 24. There are three pieces of business advice that have helped me become asuccessful mom entrepreneur:1. Connect with and engage your customers emotions. More than 80 percent ofdecisions are made based on emotion; connect with and engage yourcustomers emotions vs. trying to simply sell a product.2. Make an "Ive Done" rather than a "To Do" list every morning, Highlightingwhat youve achieved - and seeing it as an achievement before you even begina task, goes a long way in both defining important goals and setting yourmindset to achieve those goals. For example rather than say, Meetingat 3pm to discuss client creatives change it to "Got approval from client on 2concepts.“3. Trust your gut instincts. Moms especially have an incredible intuitive powerthat has been proven to be right the majority of the time. Advice from trustedadvisors can go a long way, but in the end, its important that you learn to listento yourself.--Patty KennedyConnect here…with Patty at Kennedy Spencer
  25. 25. As a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 3, I qualify as a Mom. My adviceis that it is never too late to begin a new career or interest. At 65, I amlearning business, marketing, and finance to add to the skills I alreadyhad.-- Gloria EarleyConnect here…with Gloria at Big Papa’s Sauces
  26. 26. Whether you are a new entrepreneuror have been at this for a long time,dont focus on the financial aspect ofyour business all the time. Focus onyour enjoyment of building yourbusiness and the value you arecreating for your clients. Being a trueentrepreneur sometimes means notbeing financially rewarded, but if youtruly love what you are doing and arehappier for it, you can always adjustyour lifestyle until you find the rightmix.-- Jeff RobinsonConnect here…with Jeff atMobileWise Media
  27. 27. As a female entrepreneur, you often face the challenge of balancewith your mate. Men still have that cave man instinct of being thehunter gatherer for the family. Today, especially in this economy,being the main provider in a home sometimes falls upon the wife. Itcan easily make a man feel like he has lost the leadership in his home.This can turn the nicest man into bear. To help keep the homeharmonious, include him in many of the business decisions and lethim help you with some of the talks. Do not give him orders, but let itbe his decision. Make him feel like he is a leader in the business. Iknow first hand it can be difficult giving up a little control in thebusiness to maintain a happy home and solid relationship. But he willlove you for including him in being a provider for the family. If you arein disagreement with your mate (or others), do not work it out withheated discussions. Use a ‘Mommy’s gentle approach’ to resolvingconflict. A soft voice leaning into a person will get your messageacross much more effectively. They will receive your message like youare serving their favorite pudding and love you for it!--Kimi AyersConnect here…with Kimi atO2 Wizard
  28. 28. NEVER put yourself in the position of feeling guiltyabout balancing work with the needs of your children.Your children are the most important possessions youhave and they must always take priority. If other peoplehave a problem with that, then you need to questionwhether you want or really need to do business withthese people!--Jane FarrellyConnect here…with Jane at Focus Coaching
  29. 29. Indecision is worse than decision, because evenif you go in the wrong direction, you will learnmore lessons from it than from choosingindecision. Keep in mind that you always needto choose a direction! --Csilla InczeConnect here…with Csillaat Healthy with Coffee