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Bristol offer SoLoMo


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SoLoMo project on Britol's Spa

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Bristol offer SoLoMo

  1. 1. Clémentine Dubas J ovanie L esaint
  2. 2. A scavenger hunt to relaxation • W elcome to the B ristol • B ecause E aster is all about F amily, we want parents to have as much fun as their children.
  3. 3. Smooth idea • Our teams thought of a nice way for parents to enjoy their freedom while the little one are busy savoring delicious chocolate : A scavenger hunt to relaxation
  4. 4. Concept • W have hidden prices all over the hotel, e using your B ristol app, you can localise elements to lead you to delightful places all over the facility. As you get closer, clues will show you the way: pop up message will appear on your cellphone
  5. 5. Why should you? • P arents… take pleasure in unique sightseeing our pretigious hotel. Discover places never seen before. M oreover, be free and win prices
  6. 6. Go further • T ake advantage of our special offer, the prize you win during the scanvenger hunt: use your gps and SH ARE IT ! • If you retwitte or share on facebook, every 10 people you can bring another guest. T hink about friends and family
  7. 7. Don’t hesitate ! Pin us ! Share us ! Link us ! And let’s all have a great time ! Happy Easter to you all !!!