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A 4 B Prods. And Services 2lgmc


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A 4 B Prods. And Services 2lgmc

  1. 1. III PLANT SUPPLIER/EXPORTER Knowing only too well that it is never economically and commercially viable, if not impossible, that one nursery could propagate all the plants for any landscaping job, Luzonica Garden Master Corporation (LGMC) has trained and commissioned experienced growers in Laguna and Bulacan to augment its plant production in Quezon and Batangas. LGMC supplies these growers with plant materials and buys them back at a designated date. This is one trade secret of LGMC. By eliminating a big portion of its overhead in growing plants for its landscape business, LGMC can well afford to offer the best price in the market. Given ample time to grow a client’s requirement before actual planting, the client is quoted at farm prices which are 25% to 50% lower than prevailing market prices. Obviously, a marked – Container grown trees. Top & below left down price generates savings for the client without sacrificing the quality of the plants. LGMC maintains a 10 hectare farm in Bo. Palola, Quezon for its export and a 30 hectare tree nursery in Batangas for its landscaping and contract growing services. LGMC shares with the prospective client its vast contacts of suppliers and growers. LGMC’s expertise is very useful in quality control and Potted Trees ready for planting plant selection. Newly Planted Trees at Mimosa with state Arch. Nonie So, Mr. Velarde and Mr. Bill Hand of the art irrigation system. Behind newly planted coconut trees at Mimosa