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IoT and Maker Crossover (IMCO) Conference 2015


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IoT and Maker Crossover (IMCO) at Taipiei, Taiwan by Mokoversity Inc.

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IoT and Maker Crossover (IMCO) Conference 2015

  1. 1. Mokoversity IoT & Maker Crossover 創新交流⽇日 Biotech + IoT 敏捷製造 IoT Open Architecture Reinvent IoT Maker Marketpalce 談 IoT 創業
  2. 2. Open IoT Cloud
  3. 3. Mokoversity IoT & Maker Crossover Conference ! Jollen Chen / 2015.04.28 <> Mokoversity Open IoT Cloud Architecture Using Web Technology and Open Standards
  4. 4. Jollen <>! ! Android Framework, Mobile Devices, HTML5 Full Stack, Node.js Backend, Linux Device Drivers, Linux Kernel and etc.! ! Founder, Moko365 Inc.! Founder and Developer, Mokoversity! Co-founder and Developer, Openmbed! Developer, WoT.City 講者介紹 Skill! Domains Jobs
  5. 5. (C) 2015 Mokoversity Inc. v0.1.0 CONFIDENTIAL. jollen <> Mokoversity Inc. Mokoversity Pre-Startup 訓練場 IoT & Maker 創客學院 Hackers Lead
  6. 6. (C) 2015 Mokoversity Inc. v0.1.0 CONFIDENTIAL. jollen <> Mokoversity Inc. WoT.City Web of Things Startup 使⽤用 Openmbed 開源計畫 源⾃自台灣本⼟土的物聯網開發平臺
  7. 7. (C) 2015 Mokoversity Inc. v0.1.0 CONFIDENTIAL. Openmbed 開發物聯網雲端架構研發社群 ! 發起⼈人 jollen <> Mokoversity Inc. Jollen 台灣 Mokoversity 發起⼈人、知名開發者、講師 潘昊 ⺩王功瑾 馮⽟玉麟 胡翔 矽遞科技與柴⽕火創客空間創辦⼈人、富⽐比 ⼠士中國評選 「30/30」企業家 硬件研發及原廠供應鏈創業家 中國 2015 年 Top #100 智能硬件投資者 騰訊戰略投資總監
  8. 8. IoT 三件⼤大事
  9. 9. 1 Going Web
  10. 10. 2 Open IoT Cloud Architecture IoT CloudIoT Device Mobile
  11. 11. 3 Physical Object ws:// coap://
  12. 12. Facebook Parse IoT SDK Intel IoT Developer Kit Google Physical Web W3C Web of Things IBM IoT Foundation ADEPT BlockChain Amazon 2lemetry AllSeen Alliance Thread Group AWS C-SDK IBM Bluemix ARM mbed …
  13. 13. REST Object Physical Web GET
  14. 14. Web From M2M to WoT
  15. 15. IoT Device Mobile HTTP 1.1/2.0HTTP 1.1/2.0 Light-weight Web server Web Frontend HTTP Use Case Web of Things Internet
  16. 16. IoT Device Mobile HTTP 1.1/2.0 Streaming Data Physical Object Web Frontend Real-Time Data Broker ws:// Web of Things HTTP wit Websocket Use Case
  17. 17. Google Physical Web App as a URL
  18. 18. HTTP Websocket CoAP http:// ws:// coap://
  19. 19. Websocket HTTP 1.1/2.0 CoAP IoT Cloud IoT Device IoT Device IoT Device IoT Device Mobile & Client IoT Proxy Web of Things Architecture
  20. 20. IP UDP SMTPDNS HTTP TCP CoAP FTP Ethernet Layering of Protocols
  21. 21. Privacy Security Personal 隱私性 安全性 個⼈人性 ⾃自有云 TLS / SSL ⾃自有云
  22. 22. Privacy 製造商收集你的個⼈人 資訊,加⼯工後⽤用於商 業⾏行為
  23. 23. 集中化 現有的 IoT ⽣生態,所收集的 資料健康照護或個⼈人⽣生理監 測數據,都朝向「集中化儲 存」的發展趨勢 ! 無償對「雲服務」公司提供 寶貴資料 ! 資料進⾏行分析與價值挖掘後 的商業價值
  24. 24. Free 將數據儲存到⾮非開放的 IoT 雲服 務,是否能「取回」⾃自已的資料, 會是⼀一個問題。儲存在真正開放的 IoT 雲,才能解決這樣的問題。開 放式 IoT 架構的意義,必須是⾃自由 的:Personal Things
  25. 25. Libre Software Gives users the freedom to run the software for any purpose as well as to study, modify, and distribute the original software and the adapted versions. (—wikipedia)
  26. 26. Libre IoT Gives users the freedom to ___ the personal data for any purpose as well as to ___, ___, and ___ the original data and the ______ versions.
  27. 27. Websocket HTTP 1.1/2.0 CoAP Personal Things OSHW IoT OSHW IoT OSHW IoT OSHW IoT Mobile & Client IoT Proxy Open Standards Open and Libre
  28. 28. Open IoT Cloud Open Standards Personal Things Free & Libre Things Open Hardware Web IoT Cloud Framework Hacker x Maker WoT.City Architecture
  29. 29. OSHW 「物聯網裝置終將免費」。在IoT Open Architecture 的理想中,消 費者可以免費取得硬件。這個理想 並⾮非不可⾏行,第⼀一個步驟,就是設 法降低取得硬件的成本。⾃自造硬體 (成為IoT 的創客),就是重要的 起步
  30. 30. IoT Smart Phone Open Source Culture Open Hardware Maker Culture Free & App Economic Education&Training
  31. 31. Web of Things IoT Today
  32. 32. HTML5/ CSS/JS REST SPA WebSoc ket CORS Frontend Patterns Web Pages V Web App V V SPA V V V (Backbone) Web Service V V (Server) V IoT / WoT V V V (Client) V (jQuery、Module、 Closure) Web-Technology Matrix
  33. 33. IoT WoT 連結⽅方式 Bluetooth HTTP 數據管理 Centerlized Decenterlized Things Objects RESTful Objects 應⽤用開發模式 Native Web (SPA) 硬件概念 Sensor Device Physical Web (Sensor Fusion) Figure: Thinking in WoT. Copyright (C) 2014 Mokoversity Inc. IoT vs WOT
  34. 34. IoT WoT Connectivity Machine to Machine LWM2M Machine to Web Networking TCP / UDP HTTP / REST / CoAP Things Sensor Device RESTful Objects Data Streaming Data Time-Series Data Discover MQTT Publish / Subscribe Figure: Thinking in WoT. Copyright (C) 2015 Mokoversity Inc. Connectivity
  35. 35. Source: REST model for small devices ! Like HTTP, CoAP is based on the wildly successful REST model: Servers make resources available under a URL, and clients access these resources using methods such as GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.
  36. 36. Source: Made for billions of nodes ! The Internet of Things will need billions of nodes, many of which will need to be inexpensive. CoAP has been designed to work on microcontrollers with as low as 10 KiB of RAM and 100 KiB of code space (RFC 7228).
  37. 37. Source: Existing skills transfer ! From a developer point of view, CoAP feels very much like HTTP. Obtaining a value from a sensor is not much different from obtaining a value from a Web API.
  38. 38. Source: Ready for integration ! Since HTTP and CoAP share the REST model, they can easily be connected using application-agnostic cross-protocol proxies. A Web client may not even notice that it just accessed a sensor resource! ARM IoT Tutorial
  39. 39. Websocket HTTP 1.1/2.0 CoAP IoT Cloud IoT Device IoT Device IoT Proxy 1 2 IoT Device 2 3 Mobile & Client 3 CoAP The Web of Things Protocol
  40. 40. HTTP The Web protocol. ! CoAP The Web of Things Protocol. ! MQTT The TCP Protocol. IoT Device IoT Device IoT Proxy 1 2 IoT Device 2 3 Constrained Environment 3 From HTTP to CoAP
  41. 41. RESTful UDP M2M Wireless Sensor Network HTTP in Uniform way Simple Cache IoT Device IoT Device IoT Proxy 1 2 IoT Device 2 3 Constrained Environment 3 CoAP Features
  42. 42. I n t r o d u c i n g W o T. C i t y
  43. 43. Source: mbed OS ! mbed™ OS is an operating system for IoT devices and is especially well-suited to run in energy constrained environments.
  44. 44. mbed REST Object OS
  45. 45. Frontend Composition Layer
  46. 46. API Business Logic Data Access Layer ! and Databases Security Logging “server-side implementations are becoming a thin layer with an API for data and security” (-Shiju Varghese) “modern Web developers are writing their server-side code for both Mobile apps and Web apps” (-Shiju Varghese) API Driven Development
  47. 47. Web Frontend Boundary Compositor - update DOM subtree Data Compositor - integrate the services and data AutomationJS Composition Layer - programmable widgets ! Physical Mashup ! Building Blocks Pattern ! (…) AutomationJS
  48. 48. WoT.City IoT Cloud Device Registration ! Data Container ! Websocket Broker (Channel) ! CoAP Broker (Channel)
  49. 49. ARM mbed IoT Devices ! Maker Kit ! In-place small data analytics WoT.City IoT Device
  50. 50. WoT Application Layer Framework (LiveApp) ! AutomationJS ! Data Compositor WoT.City Mobile and Client
  51. 51. Signup Add Device Connect Broker Export Object RESTful Device Enjoy WoT.City Platform Philosophy
  52. 52. Abstraction Level of WoT.City Data Model ws:// coap:// Sensor Device WoT Framework Broker Board-Level Hardware
  53. 53. Data-View Methodology Data Model Set ws:// coap:// Sensor Device View Neither really a MVC pattern nor MVVM pattern. The architecture only contains a data set and a corresponding template-based view.
  54. 54. Websocket HTTP 1.1/2.0 CoAP IoT Proxy IoT Device IoT Device IoT Proxy (IoT Gateway) 1 2 IoT Device 2 3 Mobile & Client 3 Arch Pro Arch Pro Arch Pro Seeeduino Cloud Data-View Methodology IoT Cloud as the Proxy Pattern
  55. 55. O p e n m b e d
  56. 56. MakerWoT Open
 Hardware Openmbed
  57. 57. Open Source WoT Projects Openmbed Mokoversity Open Libre WoT Cloud
  58. 58. ! Openmbed 不是為了取代 現有的 IoT 雲端架構,也不 是為了取代商業⽅方案 ! ⽽而是讓 WoT 的開發更簡 單、省時、Open 與 Libre
  59. 59. Websocket HTTP 1.1/2.0 CoAP IoT Cloud IoT Device IoT Device IoT Proxy (IoT Gateway) 1 2 IoT Device 2 3 Mobile & Client 3 Arch Pro Arch Pro Arch Pro Seeeduino Cloud Openmbed
  60. 60. Jollen WeChat ID: jollentw <> Thanks Mokoversity Openmbed