NYC Titanium User's Group - Stylin' with Alloy


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NYC Titanium User's Group - Stylin' with Alloy

  1. 1. NYC Titanium User’s Group NYC Titanium User’s Group September 24th, 2013 1 TOPICS Feature: Stylin’ with Alloy - Jason Kneen Organizer topics Lightning talks and open discussion Tuesday, September 24, 13
  2. 2. NYC Titanium User’s Group Stylin’ with Alloy 2 Jason is a Titanium Certified Application Developer (TCAD), an Appcelerator 'Titan' (a select community who champion and promote the platform to developers) and is the founder and principle developer at BouncingFish LTD in the UK. He currently works as a Freelance application developer specializing in .NET and classic ASP web sites and cross-platform mobile applications written with the Appcelerator Titanium platform. In this presentation, Jason Kneen will explain how to use Titanium's Alloy Styles, the new Dynamic Styles and Jason's recently released Dynamic TSS Widget. Alloy styles are part of the View component in the Titanium Alloy MVC architecture, and are used in a manner analogous to CSS usage with HTML. Tuesday, September 24, 13
  3. 3. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News Appcelerator announced that over 500,000 developers have registered as of this month (September). Titanium SDK 3.1.3 GA released ‣ Primarily focused on supporting iOS 7, but includes some bug fixes for other platforms. ‣ Review Appcelerator’s iOS 7 Migration Guide. Some significant points: • iOS 5.x will no longer be officially supported by Appcelerator with Release 3.2.0 (targeted for Dec 2013). • iOS 7 does not support non-retina iPhones and iPods. • iOS 7 and SDK 3.1.3 require the use of Xcode 5.0+, which in turn requires Mac OS X 10.8.4 or later. This combination still supports iOS 6. • Titanium does not support generating 64-bit applications (e.g. iPhone 5S), but will in a later SDK. The currently supported 32-bit apps will run properly though. 3 Since August meetup Tuesday, September 24, 13
  4. 4. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News Titanium SDK 3.1.3 GA ‣ Some significant points (cont): • Must do tasks to support iOS 7: ✦ Update the app icon to meet the new size requirements. ✦ Update the launch image to fill the entire screen. ✦ Provide support for the retina display in all artwork and designs. • Should do tasks to support iOS 7: ✦ Make sure that the application UI accounts for visual changes in iOS7 (e.g. borderless buttons, translucent elements, etc.). ✦ If necessary, change gesture handling to account for any new global gestures (e.g. swiping up to launch Control Center). ✦ Adhere to ‘flat’ design esthetic present in iOS 7. • There have been some styling and API changes for the ButtonBar andTabbedBar. • Use the new NavigationWindow to support a navigation controller. The existing NavigationGroup object will be removed in SDK 3.2.0. 4 Tuesday, September 24, 13
  5. 5. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News Titanium SDK 3.1.3 GA ‣ Some significant points (cont): • All lightweight windows (no navigation controller) are now fullscreen and extend under the status bar if it is visible. • There are newTitanium APIs to support extending view edges, view tinting and audio recording. • Modal windows do not have a navigation bar by default and only support their own orientation modes. • Non-modal windows cannot be opened on top of modal windows.They will be open below the modal window without an animation. TiAppCamp2 USA is being held in Atlanta on November 2nd and 3rd. ‣ Presentations, unconference and hackathon. 5 Tuesday, September 24, 13
  6. 6. NYC Titanium User’s Group Meetup Tidbits Meetup Tidbits Our next meetup is not currently scheduled. Shooting for October 29th. Topic isTBD. 6 Tuesday, September 24, 13
  7. 7. NYC Titanium User’s Group 7 Contact Info NYC Titanium User’s Group John Oliva Organizer for NYCTitanium User’s Group e-mail: cell: (908) 812-3667 twitter: @joliva linkedin: website: Tuesday, September 24, 13