NYC Titanium User's Group - Dive Into Node.ACS


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NYC Titanium User's Group - Dive Into Node.ACS

  1. 1. NYC Titanium User’s Group NYC Titanium User’s Group August 27th, 2013 1 TOPICS Organizer announcements Feature: Dive into Node.ACS - Ricardo Alcocer Lightning talks, announcements, call for assistance,etc. Tuesday, August 27, 13
  2. 2. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News and Meetup Tidbits Titanium News (Lots!) Appcelerator website is under heavy changes as they separate the Appcelerator platform and services from the Titanium platform. ‣ to get access to your online application dashboard Appcelerator has acquired Singly. ‣ Singly provides a ‘normalized’API for accessing a large number of other APIs providing services and data. ‣ Integration into Appcelerator is expected ‘early’ next year. Titanium SDK 3.1.2 GA released ‣ BlackBerry GA with support for BlackBerry 10.0.9.x NDK ‣ Android 4.3 (Jellybean) support ‣ Android windows are now heavyweight by default and support enter and exit animations. 2 Since July meetup Tuesday, August 27, 13
  3. 3. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News and Meetup Tidbits Titanium News (cont.) Titanium SDK 3.1.2 GA released ‣ Android now defaults to using GCM for push notifications rather than the former MQTT protocol. ‣ Support for iOS7 Beta 5 and Xcode 5 developer preview (requires Mac OS 10.8.4 - Mountain Lion). ‣ Appcelerator is hosting a webinar: ‘Three Rules for iOS7 Readiness’ on 8/29 at 1pm EDT. • Over 1500 new APIs makes this the most ambitious iOS upgrade since its initial launch. Alloy 1.2.0 released ‣ Dynamic styling ‣ ListView objects via markup, and with data binding enabled ‣ Native module views can be added to a project using the <Module> tag ‣ Support forTizen platform. 3 Tuesday, August 27, 13
  4. 4. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News and Meetup Tidbits Titanium News (cont.) Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) ‣ Appcelerator is deprecating Android MQTT push notification in favor of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). MQTT is still supported in 3.1.2 but will be discontinued later in 2013. ‣ Performance and scalability improvements including asynchronous logging. Node.ACS ‣ Application auto scaling feature. ‣ Performance and scalability improvements including moving projects storage from DB to S3. 4 Tuesday, August 27, 13
  5. 5. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News and Meetup Tidbits Titanium News (cont.) Appcelerator Platform ‣ Appcelerator Studio LiveView feature is now GA (video) ‣ Application Dashboard provides managed organizations • Users belong to organizations.An organization is a group of people working for the same entity – typically the members of a company or some subset of a company. • Organization members can create new applications in Appcelerator Studio.These applications belong to the organization the user designated during the app creation process. • Organization admins can create apps, invite users to join the organization, and assign organization members to application teams. 5 Tuesday, August 27, 13
  6. 6. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News and Meetup Tidbits Titanium News (cont.) tiConf AU was held in Melbourne,Australia on 8/20 ‣ Keynote • Jeff Haynie • Video: • Slides: ‣ Native Mobile Development at the Speed of Web • David Bankier • Slides: ‣ Easier Android Development • Jeff Bonnes • Slides: ‣ Tips & Tricks Marketing and Developing Apps • Raef Akehurst & David Sullivan • Slides: 6 Tuesday, August 27, 13
  7. 7. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News and Meetup Tidbits Meetup Tidbits Our next meetup will be on September 24th, with Jason Kneen providing a presentation on using AlloyTSS styles, the new Alloy dynamic styles and about Jason’s Dynamic TSS Widget. Looking for presenters and topics for future meetings. 7 Tuesday, August 27, 13
  8. 8. NYC Titanium User’s Group Dive into Node.ACS 8 Ricardo is currently a Lead Developer Evangelist for Appcelerator. Ricardo has founded or co-founded several companies and has over 18 years experience in the software development industry, focusing on Internet and Mobile technologies. He has developed for the desktop, the web and for the iOS and Android mobile platforms and has managed software startups and software (web and mobile) development teams. He loves evangelizing technology and speaking to both technical and non-technical audiences. Node.ACS extends Appcelerator Cloud Services by providing the popular Node.JS development framework on the middle-tier. Using Node.ACS, you can implement and deploy server services using JavaScript on the Appcelerator Cloud. You can develop connectors to enterprise data back-ends like Oracle or Salesforce for your entire mobile app portfolio, extend the functionality of prebuilt services provided by Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) or simply use any of the 1000’s Node.JS modules published by the developer community. Tuesday, August 27, 13
  9. 9. NYC Titanium User’s Group 9 Contact Info NYC Titanium User’s Group John Oliva Organizer for NYCTitanium User’s Group e-mail: cell: (908) 812-3667 twitter: @joliva linkedin: website: Tuesday, August 27, 13