NYC Titanium User's Group - tiConf US Revisited


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John Oliva provides a summary of topics and announcements from tiConf US held in Baltimore in June 2013. Some of the topics include: Titanium product direction, Ti.Next, URL Schemes, Alloy, better Javascript, Plantino for Titanium mobile gaming, Internet of Things.

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NYC Titanium User's Group - tiConf US Revisited

  1. 1. NYC Titanium User’s Group NYC Titanium User’s Group July 23rd, 2013 1 TOPICS Organizer announcements Feature: tiConf Revisited Lightning talks, announcements, call for assistance,etc. Wednesday, July 24, 13
  2. 2. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium News and Meetup Tidbits Titanium News tiConf US was held in Baltimore, MD 6/28-6/29 Appcelerator has raised another $12.1million in capital to accelerate its push into the enterprise.The total funding thus far is $63 million. Lanica is offering the Plantino game engine beta to widespread testing and has released licensing terms and pricing. Meetup Tidbits Almost certain that our next meetup will be on August 27th, with Ricardo Alcocer providing a talk on Appcelerator Node.ACS. AlleyNYC has been raising the rate significantly for the meeting space. It would be good if we could secure a free or lower cost space in NYC. Can you help?? 2 Since June meetup Wednesday, July 24, 13
  3. 3. NYC Titanium User’s Group tiConf US Revisited 3 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  4. 4. NYC Titanium User’s Group tiConf US Revisited tiConf US held in Baltimore, MD 6/28-6/29 7 videos from conference currently onVimeo Topics to cover today: Keynote by Jeff Haynie URL Schemes Alloy Better Javascript Titanium Gaming Internet ofThings Quick Bites 4 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  5. 5. NYC Titanium User’s Group Haynie Keynote Jeff Haynie (Appcelerator CEO) Video: Slides: iOS7 Update Support for enhanced iOS background processing Auto Layouts - originally introduced in iOS6 Fullscreen apps JavascriptCore included - eventually won’t need to bundle Appcelerator preparation ‣ First priority - make sure current APIs and Apps work ‣ iOS5 support will be deprecated ‣ Update available ASAP after iOS7 public release 5 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  6. 6. NYC Titanium User’s Group Haynie Keynote 3.1.2 SDK update in August bug fixes + minor features 3.2 SDK update in Fall iOS7 support Significant Android animation improvements Titanium Studio improvements Expanded CLI capabilities ACS + Node.ACS Significant adoption - especially by large companies ‣ approaching 1 billion API calls ‣ autoscaling to about 3500 virtual servers What’s Next? ‣ synchronization ‣ more enterprise data connectors 6 continued Wednesday, July 24, 13
  7. 7. NYC Titanium User’s Group Haynie Keynote Appcelerator Focus Items Developer productivity ‣ speed of development ‣ application execution performance ‣ looking for ways to simplify getting development environment setup (e.g. something like Cloud9) Ti.Next (!) Next generation architecture Complete rewrite of core processing engine Titanium API compatible - mostly One JS engine (JavascriptCore) and core runtime for all platforms Starting with iOS,Android and Win8 First alpha soon (couple months?) 7 continued Wednesday, July 24, 13
  8. 8. NYC Titanium User’s Group Haynie Keynote Ti.Next (continued) Goals: ‣ massive performance gains • orders of magnitude faster operation • smaller application footprint • reduced garbage collection overhead • simplified threading model and context switching ‣ extensibility • leverage same JS API to create cross platform modules • new module format Blog post onTi.Next: 8 continued Wednesday, July 24, 13
  9. 9. NYC Titanium User’s Group URL Schemes Jason Kneen (BouncingFish) Video: Slides: What is a URL Scheme? The scheme refers to the protocol used to interpret and process the resource located by the URL. (before the ://) ‣ examples: http, https, ftp, ssh, svn, git IANA maintains a registry but they aren’t required to be registered. Some Uses: launching or resuming application detecting whether an application is installed sending commands/data between applications (in a similar manner to Android intents) 9 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  10. 10. NYC Titanium User’s Group URL Schemes Some Uses: (continued) receiving data or callbacks from other apps cross-promoting applications single sign on SMS based push notifications accessing specific features of other applications How to Use them in Titanium iOS: registered through info.plist Android: registered in AndroidManifest.xml Steps: ‣ events and handling code to read URL ‣ code to parse URL ‣ actions, responses and callbacks to parsed URL ‣ get the word out so others can use your custom schemes 10 continued Wednesday, July 24, 13
  11. 11. NYC Titanium User’s Group URL Schemes How to Use them in Titanium (continued) InterApp Schemes for iOS: Needs to be handled properly on non-mobile devices ‣ use a redirect script to detect and act accordingly 11 continued Wednesday, July 24, 13
  12. 12. NYC Titanium User’s Group Alloy Tony Lukesavage (Appcelerator,Alloy Lead Engr) Video: Slides: Alloy 1.2 will ship with Titanium 3.1.2 SDK Currently: ‣ widgets ‣ sync adapters ‣ built-ins • backbone.js (MVC) • underscore.js (utility, data structures) • moment.js (date handling, formatting) New in Alloy 1.2 ‣ dynamic styling ‣ ListView markup ‣ platform optimizations 12 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  13. 13. NYC Titanium User’s Group Alloy New in Alloy 1.2 (continued) ‣ alloy.jmk (pre/post operation hooks) CoffeeScript support ‣ overrides - override existing internal implementations ‣ controller eventing - loosely coupled Backbone eventing for inter-controller communications ‣ view-model binding ‣ source maps - enables tight integration for debugging, exception handling and theTi code processor Future ‣ dynamic themes ‣ lighter more powerful modeling ‣ native formats ‣ package management ?? 13 continued Wednesday, July 24, 13
  14. 14. NYC Titanium User’s Group Better Javascript Matt Apperson (Apperson Labs) Slides: Some Tips: Avoid setTimeout(), it creates another Javascript context Use ‘const’ to specify constants Use hasOwnProperty() to check whether a property exists on an object Use defineProperty() to add setter/getters Return ‘this’ or another object to enable function chaining Minimize code in try/catch blocks to maximize performance Debug your Javascript code with Chrome DevTools using ‘ti-inspector’ by Oliver Morandi ‣ 14 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  15. 15. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium Gaming Carlos Icaza (Lanica Inc. CEO) Motivation 66% of mobile revenue is games, 33% of the downloads PlatinoTM Game Engine SDK ‣ 2D and 2.5D games using OpenGL ES ‣ Platino IAP: In-app purchasing module ‣ AnimoTM : developer and designer tools • Animo Code: multi-view code editting • Animo Fonts: lightweight embedded fonts • Animo Levels: level editor • Animo Particles: particle effects editor • Animo Sprites: physics and animation with spritesheets • Animo SWF Importer:Adobe Flash SWF to spritesheet converter • Animo Tiles: isometric tile map layout and editor 15 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  16. 16. NYC Titanium User’s Group Titanium Gaming PlatinoTM Game Engine SDK (continued) ‣ CosmoTM : cloud services to support scaling, storing achievements, leaderboards, analytics, real-time multiplayer, in- game notifications Lanica worked with Disney to get Disney’s Gardens of Time ported to Android using Plantino. 16 continued Wednesday, July 24, 13
  17. 17. NYC Titanium User’s Group Internet of Things Hans Scharler (ioBridge® CEO) Slides: What is IoT? IoT refers to a world where devices are connected to both people and one another in a sort of machine ‘social network’. How do mobile apps (e.g.Titanium) factor in? Mobile apps are the UI/UX for connected products - many of which don’t have a direct UI Mobile apps must be great for connected products - they are the ‘face’ of the product There is a need to support both iOS and Android at product launch to address the broad market 17 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  18. 18. NYC Titanium User’s Group Internet of Things How ioBridge supports IoT: Cloud services ‣ - scalable SaaS web service for connecting devices together Firmware and hardware (iota™ ) modules to integrate into products Mobile and web application development services Sensor and actuator distributor IoT web gateway for connecting sensors and devices ‣ supports Ethernet,Wifi, Zigbee ioApp mobile application for iOS and Android ioBridge temperature widget for Android Titanium integration Apperson Labs has released ioBridgeTitanium modules to access ‣ 18 continued Wednesday, July 24, 13
  19. 19. NYC Titanium User’s Group Quick Bites Using Node.js to connect to mobile devices Matt Schumulen (StrongLoop) Video: StrongLoop provides a supported Node.js distribution Business of mobile development Stephen Feather (Feather Direct, LLC) Slides: Make sure to utilize services of other professionals for your business: business lawyer, accountants, etc. Use to send/receive payments securely. Native module development Ben Bahrenburg (Titan, prolific module developer) Slides: StudyTiUtils before starting any module development - it has a lot of helper functions. 19 Wednesday, July 24, 13
  20. 20. NYC Titanium User’s Group 20 Contact Info NYC Titanium User’s Group John Oliva Organizer for NYCTitanium User’s Group e-mail: cell: (908) 812-3667 twitter: @joliva linkedin: website: Wednesday, July 24, 13