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Repurposeable Digital Games at the J. Paul Getty Museum


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Conference presentation with Rebecca Edwards at Annual Alliance of Museums annual meeting in Seattle, WA. May 19, 2014

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Repurposeable Digital Games at the J. Paul Getty Museum

  1. 1. Repurposeable Digital Games at the J. Paul Getty Museum Rebecca Edwards (Education Specialist) Susan Edwards (Web Writer/Editor) @jolifanta
  2. 2. Business Goals  Efficiency Easy, Scalable + Extendable Photo by arbyreed on Flickr
  3. 3. Platform game image Stopwatch image: Space invaders image: What is a game mechanic? Candyland image: Tetris image: Darts image : Richard Matthews
  4. 4. Candyland image Game of Life image What is a repurposeable game mechanic?
  5. 5. What is a repurposeable game mechanic? Life image:
  6. 6. What is a repurposeable game technology? • Provides structure • Is modular • No coding or programming required • Has longevity
  7. 7. Repurposeable games at the Getty
  8. 8. GettyGames: Well-known, casual game mechanic
  9. 9. GettyGames: Education goal = close looking
  10. 10. GettyGames: Swap in new images to create new games
  11. 11. GettyGames: Modular, extendable, scalable technology Content = XML User Interface = Flash
  12. 12. GettyGames Repurposed: Los Angeles Zoo
  13. 13. Cons • Editing and creating requires some technical skill. (There is no content management layer.) • Programmed using Flash—now virtually obsolete GettyGames: Summary Pros • Repurpose well-known games with Getty-specific content. • It’s scalable Images:
  14. 14. Switch: Two game mechanics Scavenger hunt + find the differences
  15. 15. Switch Repurpose Content: Swap in images and text
  16. 16. Switch Repurpose Technology: Templates with CMS
  17. 17. Detail Detective Switch: Examples of future repurposed concepts Switch
  18. 18. Switch: Summary Cons • Fixed, linear pathway through game—not easy to allow branching (but we found this was not ideal anyway) Pros • Easy to edit game—swap in images and text via a CMS • Structure provides guide/model for educators in creating new games
  19. 19. • Builds on prior testing/game experience • Easy to build more games • Easy to add new content • Efficient use of staff time and financial resources Conclusions: Benefits of repurposeable digital games • With different “skins” (e.g. narratives), each game can feel unique feel to the user
  20. 20. • Limits possible variety of game mechanics • Subject matter needs to be addressed within the confines of the game Conclusions: Limitations of repurposeable digital games
  21. 21. Conclusions: Some things you can’t repurpose • Narrative development • Research/familiarity with subject matter • Image production • Coordination with artwork moves • Testing • Possibly, design Game development still requires:
  22. 22. Rebecca Edwards Susan Edwards @jolifanta Thank you.