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Math with technology


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Math with technology

  1. 1. Math with Technology Jolene Berg
  2. 2. What kind of technology do you have? •One Computer Classroom •One Computer and a Projector •More than One Computer • •Computer, Projector, and an Interactive White Board •iPads, iPod Touch, or other tablets •Cameras, video cameras
  3. 3. One Computer Classroom Can be used for: •Centers •Group Activities •Viewing
  4. 4. One Computer and One Projector Can be used for: •Centers •Group Activities •Presenting a lesson •Viewing
  5. 5. More Than One ComputerCan be used for:*Centers *Individual Workstations *Group Activities
  6. 6. Computer, Projector, Interactive White BoardCan be used for:•Presentation•Individual and GroupWork•Interactivity- Special activitieswithin software
  7. 7. iPads, iPod TouchCan be used for:*Centers *Individual Workstations *Group Activities
  8. 8. Cameras, Video CamerasCan be used for:*Centers *Individual Workstations *Group Activities
  9. 9. Internet Websites –Username Teacher2008Password Teacher2008
  10. 10. PowerPoints Mouse Mischief and PowerPoints
  11. 11. Smart Board
  12. 12. iPad/iPod Touch AppsTCEA Recommended iPad APPS -
  13. 13. Do The Math
  14. 14. Getting TechnologyDonors Choose CUE Technology Granthttp://kerncue.org