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WHS Planning for High School 2012


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Diploma options for eighth graders entering Walker High School in fall 2012.

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WHS Planning for High School 2012

  1. 1. Planning for High School Walker High School
  2. 2. Terminology         Credits –earned by course – every 18 week class receives 1 credit for passing grades and acceptable attendance.       Required – courses that the state/district mandate for graduation credits                  Core Subjects – English, Math, Science, Social Studies (4 x 4)         Elective Course – courses that are not specified as a required course       Pre-requisite – a course required before taking another course
  3. 3. A transcript…• Is a reflection of your academic work in high school• Only contains grades and testing information• Only shows final grades in classes not report card grades• Is permanent-nothing can be taken off or replaced• Is what colleges request (not your diploma)• Shows how many credits you have earned• Shows your weighted, unweighted & numeric GPA• Shows your rank in class
  4. 4. Sample Transcript Transcript Report• School: Walker High School 2009-2010 Page:  1• Address: 1601 Highland Ave  Accr: Southern Assoc. of Coll./Sch. Ala. State Dept. of Educ• Jasper AL  35501• Phone: (205)221-9277 Fax: (205)387-5228• Principal: Jeremy Crigger• Student: Doe, Jane DOB: 01/01/1988 ID:55555555• Address: 5555 Highland Ave. Guardian: John Doe• Jasper AL  35501 Currently in grade 12• Phone: (205)555-5555•• Period 2 2006/2007 Period 4 2006/2007Period 1 2007/2008Period 2 2007/2008• Grade: 9-Walker High School 06-07 Grade: 9-Walker High School 06-07 Grade:10-Walker High School 07-08 Grade:10-Walker High School 07-08• Course Grd     Credit Course Grd     Credit Course Grd     Credit Course Grd    Credit• Honors Algebra I  82      1.000 Honors English 9  91      1.000 Drivers Education  89      0.500 English 10  97      1.000• World History  90      1.000 Algebra Enrich Final 86      1.000 American Hy-10       93      1.000• Physical Science  81      1.000 Business Tech Ess  93      1.000 Health  90       0.500• Band Yr. 100     1.000 Band Yr. 100     1.000 Band/Percussion      96      1.000• –       Term GPA:  3.50          Credits: 4.000 Term GPA:  3.75 Credits: 4.000 Term GPA:  3.00 Credits: 0.500 Term GPA:   4.00             Credits: 3.500•• Period 4 2007/2008Period 2 2008-2009 Period 4 2008-2009 Period 1 2009-2010• Grade:10-Walker High School 07-08 Grade:11-Walker High School 08-09 Grade:11-Walker High School 08-09 Grade:12-Walker High School 09-10• Course Grd     Credit Course Grd     Credit Course Grd     Credit Course Grd     Credit• Spanish I  94      1.000 English 11  96      1.000 Algebra II/Trig  92      1.000 U.S. Government  91       0.500• Geometry  95      1.000 Spanish II  97      1.000 Math Lab Split Yr  93      1.000• Biology  95      1.000 Band/Perc 18wk 100     1.000 American History 11 97      1.000• Band/Perc 18wk 100      1.000 Anatomy  97  1.000• Band/Perc 18wk 100      1.000• Term GPA:  4.00 Credits: 4.000 Term GPA:  4.00 Credits: 3.000 Term GPA:  4.00 Credits: 5.000 Term GPA:  4.00 Credits: 0.500••                     Period 2 2009/2010• Grade:12-Walker High School 09-10• Course Grd Credit• English 12  98  1.000• Spanish III  96  1.000• Economics  92  0.500• Foundation Of Hlth  96  1.000• Term GPA:  4.00 Credits: 3.500••                   Total Credits: GPA: Standard: Weighted:   3.9464 Unweighted:   3.8750 Rank:  18•  28.000                                 Numeric: Weighted:  94.2143 Unweighted:  94.1429                            of 156•
  5. 5. Grade Point Average (GPA) 2 types: standard (4 pt. scale) & numeric (100 point scale) GPA and Rank are calculated on a 4-point scale A’s= 4 points B’s= 3 points C’s= 2 points D’s= 1 point F’s= 0 pointsHonors & Advanced Placement (AP) courses currently add 1additional quality pointA new policy is currently being decided upon by the Alabama StateDept. of Education which would add 1 point for each AP courseand .5 point to each honors course.
  6. 6. Numeric GPA•0-100•Based on actual numeric grade in each course•Average of all numeric grades in all courses•Not affected by weighting courses (honors or AP)•Occasionally requested by colleges•Both are reported on bottom of transcript
  7. 7. First Choice Recently adopted by the State Dept. of Alabama 2 Diploma Options Alabama High School DiplomaOccupational Diploma (will be addressed in IEP’s) 3 Endorsements Advanced Academic Endorsement (default plan) Honors Endorsement Credit Based Endorsement
  8. 8. Diploma Endorsement An Alabama High School Diploma in the Jasper City Schools district may have no endorsement or any one of the endorsements listed below: ENDORSEMENT REQUIREMENTSHonors Academic Must meet the same requirements as the Advanced Academic Endorsement with ten ofEndorsement the courses being Honors or AP.Advanced Academic Requires passing all standard coursework including Algebra II with Trig., one mathEndorsement course beyond the Alg. II/Trig. level, two advanced level science courses from anatomy, chemistry, physics or AP Biology, two foreign languages, an online experience, and passing 5/5 sections of the AHSGE.Credit-Based Requires passing all standard coursework and passing 3/5 sections of the AHSGE,Endorsement including Reading, Mathematics, and one other section. A diploma with or without an endorsement signifies completion of high school and all requirements  associated with the awarding of the diploma by the Alabama State Board of Education.  Students who  pass all required and elective courses taken will exceed the required number of credits for graduation.   Students may not take courses out of sequence or at grade levels other than those specified.  Students should consult the appropriate counselor about the four-year plan of study and the correct sequencing of  courses.
  9. 9. ALABAMA HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS The Alabama High School Diploma The Alabama High School Diploma requires the passing of 28 credits of coursework—Mathematics (4)Science (4)Social Studies (4)English (4)Computer Applications (1)Physical Education (1)Health Education (.5)Arts Education (.5)Electives (9) And passing of all 5 parts of the Alabama High School graduation ExamMathReadingLanguageScienceSocial Studies
  10. 10. Advanced Academic Endorsement• 4 credits English• 4 credits math (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II or Algebra II/Trigonometry, and one additional math course beyond)• 4 credits science (Physical Science, Biology, and 2 of the 5 following courses: Anatomy, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics & AP Biology)• 4 credits social studies• 1 credit physical education• 1 credit computer applications• ½ credit fine arts education• ½ credit health• 2 credits same foreign language• 7 credits of electives or additional core Total 28 Credits
  11. 11. Math Sequencing Determined by diploma choice and performance •Algebra 1 Part 1 & 2 (all year) or Algebra 1(1 semester) •Geometry A & B (all year) or Geometry (1 semester) •Algebraic Connections •Algebra II or Algebra II/Trig. •Pre Calculus or other upper level math Diploma Advanced  •Algebra Part 1 Endorsement •Algebra Part 2 •Algebra 1 •Geometry A •Algebra Seminar  (elective) •Geometry B •Geometry•Algebraic Connections •Algebra II/Trig. •Algebra II •Pre-Calculus
  12. 12. Additional Courses Required for Graduation  Health Credit: ½ Physical Education Credit: 1 Health P.E. Foundations of Health Athletics JROTC Marching band (fall only) Fine Arts Credit: ½ Cheerleading Arts Survey Colorguard (fall only) Visual Art Band/Jazz Band Foreign Language: 2 credits Colorguard Encore Spanish Girls Chorus French Centerstage Other Access Course (online
  13. 13. What is Honors? What is AP?• Honors courses are designed to challenge you in that particular area of study. They are above the level of advanced diploma and usually require a summer assignment. The curriculum is locally determined by that department/teacher.• Advanced Placement (AP) courses are on a similar level to honors courses and may be slightly more challenging in some cases. There may be a summer assignment as well. The curriculum is nationally standardized and is determined by the College Board. An AP exam is given at the conclusion of the course which may result is the student earning college credit.
  14. 14. Possible Honors Courses 10 required to receive Honors Endorsement •Honors Algebra I •Honors Math Team •Honors Algebra Seminar •Honors Geometry •Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry •Honors Pre-Calculus •Honors Calculus •Pre AP American History •Honors World History •AP American History I •AP American History II •Honors Biology 9 •Honors Chemistry •Honors Physics •AP Biology •Honors English 9, 10 •AP English Grammar & Composition (11) •AP English Literature (12) •Other AP courses may be taken through Access Distance Learning
  15. 15. Questions for 8th Grade Algebra Students What do we take next year if we want to follow an honors math track ? You have a choice. Choice One Choice Two9th Honors Honors 9th Honors Honors Geometry Math  Algebra 1 Algebra  Team Seminar10th Honors Alg.II/Trig. 10th Honors Honors (either semester) Geometry Alg.II/Trig11th Honors Pre-Cal. 11th Honors Pre-Cal. (either semester) (either semester)12th Honors Calculus 12th Honors Calculus (either semester) (either semester)
  16. 16. Career Technical Courses Electives Business Math •Adv. Business Technology• Math lab /team •Multi Media Design •Marketing Essentials Fine Arts •Workforce Essentials• Visual Art I, II, III, IV •Work Based Cooperative Education• Encore •Law and Society (9wks.)• Girls Chorus •Business Finance (9wks.)• Centerstage Family & Consumer Science• Band •Family & Consumer Science• Colorguard •Food & Nutrition (9wks.) •Fashion (9wks.) English •Housing (9wks.)• Journalism/Media •Creative Arts (9wks.)• Yearbook Healthcare •Foundations of Health Physical Education •Therapeutic Services• Weightlifting per sport •Intro. To Sports Medicine• Athletic Trainer• PE Walker County Center of Technology Courses •Automotive Service Technology History •Carpentry• •Collision Repair Current Events (9wks.)• •Cosmetology Psychology (9wks.)• •Diesel Technology Sociology (9wks.)• •Drafting World Geography (9wks.)• •Electronics/Computer Service Pre AP US History •Graphic Arts •Information Technology •Welding
  17. 17. Sample 9th Grade ScheduleFall Semester Spring Semester2. Math 2. Math3. English 9 3. Business Computer 4. Biology 9 Applications5. Art Survey/Visual Art 4. PE 5. History
  18. 18. Athletic Eligibility Requirements (for incoming 9th graders)• Pass 5 courses • 4 of the 5 courses must be a core course• Overall numeric average of all 5 courses  must be a 70• See list of sports and coaches on table in  hallway or contact the main office
  19. 19. WHS counselors will be going over  Four Year Plan information  with 8th graders on March 7th  at Maddox Middle School.Maddox counselors will meet with students  to create four year plans.
  20. 20. • Course Request Verifications will go  home in May.• Registration forms will be mailed home in  the first two weeks of June.• You must bring your registration materials  completely filled out to registration in July  in order to participate in registration.