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Presenting with the iPad


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This brief presentation complemented our iPad Community of Practice Session on presenting with the iPad

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Presenting with the iPad

  1. 1. Some useful Tips onPresenting with the iPad
  2. 2. Wired presentations• VGA adapter • Plus audio cable• HDMI adapter • Only with modern projectors
  3. 3. Wireless presentations• Needs an Apple TV • Or a Mac with Airserver• Not all wireless networks will support
  4. 4. Multitasking and Multitouch• Multitasking allows you to queue applications• Multitouch allows you easily to switch between them
  5. 5. Useful Tips 1
  6. 6. Useful Tips 1• When presenting wirelessly• You may want to turn on the rotation lock• This done either by using the physical switch• Or swiping left in the multitasking menu and setting it there
  7. 7. Useful Tips 2
  8. 8. Useful Tips 2• Be careful when importing presentations• Some apps will lose your formatting• Not all fonts may be present on the iPad
  9. 9. Useful Tips 3
  10. 10. Useful Tips 3• When using Prezi• Make sure you have loaded all your content• Eg Prezi will allow you to present while still downloading the presentation • If you come to a video that isnt finished it wont play