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How to find resources in our collections.

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WHS My Library/Web Enquiry

  1. 1. Wollumbin High School How to use the library catalogue to find: books, videos, posters, etc.  internet sites and all the links and support pages at WHS Library Links & Just Read! 
  2. 2. Wollumbin High School Library Enquiry (My Library on your DET Portal)
  3. 3. How to search Web Enquiry You can search My Library in several ways… ALL Keyword Title Subjects Series This is like a “wildfire” entry. It looks for the search terms in all of these. It gets lots of hits, but sometimes this is too many. Names (Author) This may be a topic word or a word you think is in the title. It might be redirected to a subject word. Use this if you know it. This ONLY searches for an exact title, starting with the first word (except The, A,An, This…). Use this if you know the name(s). This searches ONLY for author or editor names. Correct spelling is important. Use this if you know the main subject terminology. This finds all items catalogued for the specific subject. Use this if you know the name of a series. This will give you a list of all the items in that series.
  4. 4. How to read the My Library Screen A search for “climate change” found this, the first of 3 screens. It shows:       Titles How many items match the terms, and how many are texts, videos or other media Where they are kept – Location & Dewey Number How many copies are available Their year of publication & What kind of media e.g. text, video, chart, website etc. If the Copies shows 0 available they may be “on loan”. Ask library staff to check when they might be due back or to make a reservation.
  5. 5. You can also ‘browse” My Library with some of these search options… to find groups of resources. Links 4 Learning This goes to the DET Intranet, where websites for topics in each KLA, K-12, have been recommended for topics in courses at each Stage Level. Subjects This goes to an alphabetical list of Subjects used in our catalogue, identifying how many items for each, and what sub-headings might be useful as well. Then click to see them. Names This goes to an alphabetical list of names for authors and editors, identifying how many items for each. Then click to see them. Series This goes to an alphabetical list of series names, identifying how many items for each. Then click to see them. Reading Lists This goes to PRC and HSC list titles that we have in our library. Search Help This can be used to help you remember how to search … how to broaden your search when you don’t get enough hits… and how to narrow your search when you get too much and need to cut down by being more precise.
  6. 6. And My Library Links has shortcuts to a special student search engine and other sites for students and teachers. ABC Splash has heaps of stuff, including videos, for new subjects. So it’s a great link for homework and research. NSW Board of Studies has syllabus information and some courses have links to support documents and other sites. Our Wollumbin library Links & Just Read! goes to the Library site with support for teachers, students and school community interests. There are lots of internet links , tips and strategies. Richmond–Tweed Regional Library offers members access to databases of information. Join and get a membership number for this. All Senior students should use these databases. State Library NSW provides access to very special resources and links to even more., especially for HSC students.
  7. 7. You can use My Library at school, at home or from anywhere on the WWW. 1. At school, on any networked computer, just go to the WHS Intranet Home Page, and click on the Library Catalogue tab on the left side bar. 2. At home or from anywhere on the WWW, got to NSW DET Portal and login with your User Name & password.   Students will find My Library in the Search Links menu (left tabs list). Teachers will find My Library on their Applications page.
  8. 8. Your Library is not just a space in school. It connects you to a wider world of resources.