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Why would someone with a background in science go into an LIS program?


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Why would someone with a background in science go into an LIS program?

  1. 1. Why would someone with a background in science go into an  LIS Program? Joseph Kraus Science & Engineering Librarian Penrose Library, University of Denver 2/15/2012
  2. 2. First, I am going to address these  questions• Who• Where• What• When and then• Why
  3. 3. You!‐mikee/3311833067/in/photostream/
  4. 4. Morgridge @ DU‐72157626279409144/
  5. 5. LIS degree
  6. 6. Soon
  7. 7. Why?• This will take more time to discuss – Understand terminology, scientific concepts and  technology – Good with numbers and data or computers – Can communicate with researchers and laypeople – Desire to help people find the right information in a  cost effective way.  (Google isn’t always the best tool.) – The more information there is, the harder it gets to  find the needle in the haystack – Understand some of the STM publishing business
  8. 8. Here are some places you could work• Science, engineering and technology librarians  are needed in – Government and non‐profits – Corporate libraries – Medical centers – Academic libraries – Consulting – Public Libraries
  9. 9. Governments and non‐profits• USGS, EPA, NASA, DOE, Government Labs,  Military, etc.• GIS databases and mapping software• NREL ‐ renewable energy• NCAR ‐ atmospheric sciences• EPA ‐ environmental resources• Museums & aquariums – Smithsonian, DMNS, Botanic Gardens
  10. 10. Corporate Libraries• Small engineering firm researching patents,  manage internal documents• Computer or telecommunications company  working on databases• Pharmaceutical firm doing chemical searching• Ball Aerospace/Lockheed Martin• Law firms
  11. 11. Medical Libraries• Hospitals working with doctors and nurses• Medical centers working with patients• Academic environmental helping students  understand medical and nursing research
  12. 12. Academic• There are many opportunities to work in  academic libraries – Colorado School of Mines – Regis University – CU‐Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs/HSC• Subject specialists• Computer & DB Systems librarians
  13. 13. The End•• @jokrausdu••‐the‐core‐duties/•• leadership/sections/sts/stswebsite• This presentation is here online.