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Class7 feb21-2011


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Class7 feb21-2011

  1. 1. Science and Engineering Resources:Mathematics and Computer Science Joseph Kraus Penrose Library Associate Professor Science and Engineering Reference Librarian February 21, 2011
  2. 2. Good News and Bad News I will be here next week…
  3. 3. Concerns with Assignment Three Hand back the assignment. This was an eas(ier) assignment. Q 1.A 3 pts for 909 Rikbaktsa people Wikipedia chart seems off, link to nowhere. 5 pts for 1,324 at Q 4.B There are some class one hikes Q 6.B No one got extra credit for finding the preprint/postprint article concerning child friendly cities. The author put it up on a server.
  4. 4. The assigned readings How did you pick between: Fowler Book Chapter (PDF in Bb, print in Ref.) Tucker Book Chapter (PDF in Bb, print in Ref.) Accessibility and Use of Information Sources Among Computer Scientists and Software Engineers in Israel Does the fact that the scientists are in Israel matter much? Scholarly publishing in the Internet age: a citation analysis of computer science literature Comparison of WoS and CiteSeer, do you think this still holds?
  5. 5. Readings for next week are Chapter 5 & 6 of Communication Patterns of Engineers Chapter 8 Engineering Research from Research Within the Disciplines
  6. 6. The assignment due May 11 Hand out the assignment for engineering and technology resources.
  7. 7. Demo Math and CS Resources
  8. 8. Presentations today Brianna - NASA Kristin - USGS