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Countables and uncountables


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English grammar: countables and unconuntables

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Countables and uncountables

  1. 1. Countable and uncountable nouns 1 1 Countable nouns have a singular and a plural form. a biscuit some biscuits 2 Uncountable nouns only have one form (singular). some cheese some cheese 54
  2. 2. Countable and uncountable nouns 2 1 With countable nouns we use a/an with the singular and some/any with the plural. 54 PluralSingular I’ve got some pens. I haven’t got any pens. Have you got any pens? I’ve got a pen. I haven’t got a pen. Have you got a pen? 2 With uncountable nouns, we don’t use a/an with these words. Uncountable nouns I’ve got some bread. I haven’t got any bread. NOT I’ve got a bread. NOT I’ve got some breads.
  3. 3. Uncountable nouns54 These words are usually uncountable: – Drinks and other liquids: coffee, water, wine, petrol – Food which you only eat part of: meat, fish, bread, cheese, chocolate, fish – Things which you only use part of: toothpaste, shampoo, soap, make-up – Some general words: time, music, medicine, paper, money, information
  4. 4. how much/how many?54 Uncountable nounsCountable nouns How much cheese do you eat? I don’t eat much cheese. You eat a lot of cheese. How much water do you drink? I don’t drink much water. You drink a lot of water. How much TV do you watch? I don’t watch much TV. You watch a lot of TV. How many biscuits do you eat? I don’t eat many biscuits. You eat a lot of biscuits. How many MP3s have you got? I haven’t got many MP3s. You’ve got a lot of MP3s. How many films do you see? I don’t see many films. You see a lot of films.