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just a few phrases , it is a homework

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  1. 1. Listen for 倾耳听;等着 听 Listen in ( to ) 收听(广播) Listen on (to) 偷听 Listen for 倾耳听;等着 听 Listen in ( to ) 收听(广播) Listen on (to) 偷听 听一听 • examples • She ________his step. • • Tom _______VOA every day. • Someone has been __________my telephone.
  2. 2. • Be streaked with 有……的痕迹带 =be marked with apply to 用, 用应 运 痕 迹 痕 迹 Correspond to 与……一致,符合 =be equal to
  3. 3. leav eTurn sb/sth over to the tender mercy of sb 听任某人摆布 be at the mercy of =be controlled by • Eg. The child was abandon in the forest ,where he was at the mercy of wild beasts.
  4. 4. distinguish • distinguish • 区分,辨别 • distinguish • 使显出本色 • distinguish • 使有别于 ,有……特点 • • • be distinguished for/by • 以……而出 名 Between Oneself from
  5. 5. 1.What he said left little room for doubt about what happened. Leave room for 使有……的余地 • 2.As he entered the room he was • confronted with a scene f disorder. • 3.jerry noted down the date of • the meeting in his memorandum book. Be confronted with 使……面对 Note down 记下
  6. 6. Be open to 愿意考虑,可以;容易受到 Be open to the newness and significance of each moment In so far as 至于,就 This is the truth in so far as I know it. Strive to 为……而奋斗 To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.
  7. 7. • In a different light 以不同的角度 Saw the situation in a different light. on the part of sb. 某人的,讲到某人的 for one’s part 就某人而言 lend oneself to 赞助,参与
  8. 8. • The cold glasses were streaked with sweat. • 这个冷的镜片被水汽弄脏。 • Apply science to farming. • His expenses do not correspond to his income.