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  1. 1. MARKETING PROPOSAL For North America Presented By: Jon Jansen Campos March 21, 2012
  2. 2. WHAT IS HEROES’ EDGE?Heroes’ Edge is a browser based MMORPG. Players can play both genders and can choose from 4different job classes: Knight, Viking, Archer, and Ninja. Characters are fully customizable from hair style tobattle stance. Quests are ―campaign based‖ and new mission packs can be unlocked after fulfillingdifferent tasks and side quests, downloaded from the website for a fee (points or cash), and can be sentto other players as ―gifts‖.Heroes’ Edge focuses heavily on cooperative gameplay. Missions can be played individually or via aparty of up to six (6) members. Missions done cooperatively have higher unique item drop rates as wellas having multipliers for experience gained.Heroes’ Edge has a ―recruitment system‖ in which players getattack, defense, and drop rate multipliers based on thenumbers of friends they ask to join their guild. The morefriends they invite to play the game the more stronger theircharacter will be.
  3. 3. MARKET SUMMARYIn the past, the MMO market in North America has been dominated by Big IP, subscription-based games.This has changed in recent years, as the landscape has leveled out with World of Warcraft as the biggestand best. The Free-to-Play market is rising in appeal, thanks in large part to social network games, suchas those from Zynga. Players have a general mixed reaction to Free to Play games, simply becausemany of them are not high quality, are poorly localized, etc. Korean online games which adapt for themarket can succeed.The current Free to Play movement is catching on, withmany Western publishers doing experimental products:Battlefield Heroes, Quake Live; with more casual titles mixedin. This is mainly due to the success of MapleStory, Nexon’s2D MMO. Many publishers sort of miss the point ofMapleStory, which uses both game balance and cash shoptiers to create a large base of paying users.MapleStory and Zynga opened the eyes of consumers toplaying games for free but hardcore gamers are alwayslooking for new, fun gaming experiences. A high-qualityexperience that can stand on its own gameplay merits, whilemaintaining game balance as well as adding new localizedcontent, with regular achievements. This is where Heroes’Edge fits the mold: By being the unique, high-qualityexperience that the market desires, but has not whole-heartedly embraced.
  4. 4. MARKET SUMMARY – cont.According to Social Network Gaming, based on a study done by The NPD Group last 2010, 20% of theU.S. population ages 6 and older reports having played a game on a social network during their studyperiod of three months. This equates to 56.8 million U.S. consumers, which is a significant number for arelatively new gaming activity.According to the report, 35% of social network gamers are new to gaming, never having participated inany other type of gaming before they started playing games on social networks. Females and older agegroups are more likely to be new gamers than other groups measured in the study.Interestingly, despite the perception that social network gamers are primarily females, the study finds thatsocial network gamers are fairly evenly divided between genders, at 47% male, and 53% female.While you can play these games for free, it is worth noting that 10% of social network gamers have spentreal money playing these games and 11% indicate that they are likely to make a future purchase.
  5. 5. NORTH AMERICA MARKET TAKEAWAYS Fantasy MMORPGs are proven, successful products in the North American market. Hardcore fantasy MMORPG is not the only successful genre, but it is the dominate genre. The computer specs required for current competitors are at a similar level. The computer spec requirement can not be an issue. Analysis of North American market for target marketing is essential. Initial marketing should focus primarily on the core MMO and video game sites and secondarily on magazines in the main media group. Long term marketing, rather than short-term, is necessary through various media outlets. Localized content will be a key factor in keeping players engaged and active.
  6. 6. SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHS: WEAKNESSES:• Free to Play • Proliferation of fantasy based MMORPG in the• Cute and colorful ―super-deformed‖ characters market. reminiscent of old-school RPG’s • Some hardcore gamers do not like ―childish‖ game• Customizable characters designs. (hairstyle, costume, accessories, stances, etc.) • Limited job classes (Knight, Viking, Ninja, Archer).• Browser based. Could be played in any • World not ―free roaming‖. Campaign based platform that can run a web browser (PC, gameplay. mobile phones, etc.)• No installations required.OPPORTUNITIES: THREATS:• Rising popularity of Free to Play Games • A lot of A-list MMORPGs are turning Free to Play• Increase in the number of smartphone users (EverQuest, DC Universe Online, Lord of the Rings (according to Pew Research Center 46% of American Online, Lineage II, Aion). adults are smartphone owners) • Emergence of Video Game on Demand services that• Opportunities to acquire users from similar delivers high tier games to your device thru a small games, other audiences. browser via broadband connection (OnLive)
  7. 7. COMPETITION/ POSITIONING Role Playing Games Crystal Saga RuneScape Drakensang Marvel Super Hero Squad OnlineCartoon RealisticImages Images The Sims Social Penguin Club Casual Tiger Woods Games Online DDTank
  8. 8. STRATEGY OVERVIEWOur main targets are below. These audiences all share something in common: interest in cooperativegaming, socializing, and having fun with your friends.HARDCORE PLAYERS BROWSER GAME PLAYERS• Well organized and are members of guilds and • Loves Free to Play games. forums. CASUAL GAME PLAYERS • Some are new into gaming• Loves games. while some are looking for • Loves Free to Play games. an alternative game to play.• Plays 40+ hrs/week • Can easily be influenced to • Likes games that capture play a game based on• Easily spend money. their interests. popularity.• Likes MMORPGs • Members of at least one • Likes games that are easy to social networking site. play. The more simple the game the better. • Members of at least one social networking site.
  9. 9. ADVERTISEMENT SLOGAN: “ALERT THE ARMORY”The overall strategy for Heroes’ Edge should focus on the socializing, recruiting, and cooperation featuresof the game. The goal would be to present the game as an easy to pickup MMORPG that you can playwith your friends anytime just like the pen and paper RPGs of before.The overall advertisement theme should portray the game as ―a world that you can bring your friends in tojoin you in your quests and have some fun‖. Advertisements should always show a group of warriors in aparty doing dungeon runs as well as the rewards they can get when playing as a group.Media-wise, I recommend using rich-media ads, and toa lesser extent, flash banners, to showcase the lushand colorful gaming environment which is quite differentfrom the cookie cutter turbulent and aggressive gamestyles of current MMORPGs that are in the markettoday. The static banners should use artwork to conveythe cartoony fantasy elements that can help catch theinterest of the players. Also, advertisements shouldpromote player recruitment by showingmissions, items, and boss fights that can only beachieved via cooperative play.Ads spending should focus mainly on MMO/HardcoreGamer sites, then Flash Games sites, as well as largeconsumer sites focused on blustery themes (sites thatsupport skin advertisement, banners, etc.).
  10. 10. PHASES“Discover Heroes’ Edge” – CBT Phase• This campaign would focus on the introduction of Heroes’ Edge, the unique systems, the art styles, etc.• ―Sign up now and invite your friends‖• Events: Recruitment Incentives, Free Missions and Item Giveaway“Call to Arms” – OBT Phase• This campaign will focus on unlocking and purchasing new missions and campaigns that the players can use to recruit more of their friends by inviting them to play the game. This is also the time that we introduce new features of the game (costume, accessories, stances, etc.) to encourage players to further invest in their character — Power, Influence, Economics and Customization are king.• ―War is coming‖• Events: Bug reporting contests“Alert the Armory” – Commercial Service• This campaign will focus on the upcoming contents (new enemies, new campaigns, new bosses) as well as game features (PVP, pet system, house system, guild barracks, item creation)• ―Prepare for the unexpected‖• Events: Mission Time Attack Battles, Boss Attack Battles, PVP Championships
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS1. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE FACEBOOK FAN PAGEFunction:• To draw and direct players using Facebook to our teaser site, main site, forums, and Wikia.• Serves as a pseudo teaser site by showing in game screenshots, teaser videos, and game information which would help draw players to check out the game.• For game announcements and forum events.Advantages:• Social medias are very user friendly. For example in Facebook, a custom Fan page can be easily designed and created. Users can easily access fan pages without any much difficulties to obtain the appropriate information.• Social medias generate massive amounts of traffics. There is no other low-cost promotional method out that will easily gives you large number of visitors, some of whom will surely visit and come back to your website.
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.1. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE FACEBOOK FAN PAGEAdvantages - cont.:• Visitors can be allowed to comment on the wall of your fan page. This in turn enhances more and more people to visit out of curiosity, increasing the number of visits. Some again will surely visit your website.• Social medias show ratings and reviews by other users. By allowing users and visitors to rate and review your services or products through your fan page, this enhances social trust. This means people are able to trust your services and products.• People tend to look to others when deciding what to do, especially when they are not sure about their decision. When ratings and reviews are clearly displayed, they help to trigger peoples attention.• It is natural. Not only do you get natural links without any discernible pattern, your website is exposed to large groups of people in a spontaneous fashion. This differs from paid advertising which has overt commercial overtones.• Social media optimization and marketing is usually community-specific. It doesnt interfere with any other methods of getting traffic to your website. It can and will fit perfectly with an advertising campaign targeting other websites or search engines.• Major social networks integrate with one another, blogs, widgets and other social sites. This is a major advantage not to miss.
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.2. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE TWITTER PAGEFunction:• For game announcements and forum events for players who subscribed to our Twitter Page.• Posts made in Facebook would also be announced via Twitter after integration.Advantages:• Information regarding in game announcements, game maintenance, cash shop updates, and other game news would easier be disseminated to players via text messages.• Once you’ve connected with your target network, you can announce a new service or promote a giveaway. Your followers don’t need to invest a lot of time into following you, all they need to do is read your 140 character update. Your message can go viral very quickly as your followers share your updates with their followers in the form of a "re-tweet".
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.2. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE TWITTER PAGEAdvantages - cont.:• Following your competitors on Twitter is probably the fastest and easiest way to find out what’s going on in your market – and the news comes directly from the Tweeter’s mouth. Your competitors are using Twitter to promote their product, so you have first-hand knowledge of new features and promotions. Go to to find Tweeters in your market, and follow them. In addition to reading their Tweets, visit their Twitter homepage to glean as much information as possible about what they are offering.
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.3. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE YOUTUBE CHANNELFunction:• Repository for different Heroes’ Edge related videos• For easier access to contents (specially videos) to be used for viral marketing.Advantages:• It’s Free - Besides your investment of time, making and uploading videos is completely free to do. Is the Yellow Pages free? No! Is a billboard free? No! But YouTube is.• Content is Powerful - In the online world, content is king and that would make video content the king of kings. People would much rather watch something than read something – especially online.• Potentially Viral – If your video is creative or funny or informational enough, it has the potential to go viral. That means that potentially thousands of other people will be sharing your video with their people. That’s exposure to your business from an infinite amount of people.• Global and Local Audience – Based on the key words you use, your video has the potential to be seen around the world. This means you could have new clients or customers overseas! Have a local business? Not to worry. You can target local searches as well and become the go- to person in your region.
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.3. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE YOUTUBE CHANNELAdvantages – cont.:• Demonstrate Your Expertise – By giving away great tips, you will literally show your viewers that you know what you’re talking about. For many potential clients or customers, it often comes down to choosing between two businesses. Your business is going to stand out if you have a video showing them why you’re good.• Selling for You 24/7 – Making a video is like creating a virtual sales person. You make the video once, load it up, and then let your video sales person go to work for you around the clock. Every new video you make is another full time sales person. There’s no limit to what you could do!• Give Them a Face – Having a video gives the potential client a face. It shows them you’re really a nice person that knows what you’re talking about and how you can help them. Camera shy? No problem! You can make a PowerPoint video and still show your stuff. Just be sure to give your viewers a headshot in your intro.• Video is SEO Friendly – This is a big one. When someone searches for something online, very often a video will come up in one of the top spots in the organic search spots. If this is your video, this is huge because it stands out above the other links. It then carries with it all of the above listed benefits.
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.4. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE WIKIAFunction:• Official source of Heroes’ Edge information, articles, and guides that players can easily access.• Can easily be updated as new contents come in. Articles can be used for viral marketing.Advantages:• Ability to include your targeted keywords as anchor text. The use of the exact keyword together with the context in which it is used makes it more likely for people to link to it. Also, people link to wiki entries using a number of keywords strongly related to the topic.• Get a high number of deep links. Increase Page Rank of pages across the site through them.• Getting a high number of inbound links from different source• It allows you to use headings and titles, giving a boost to your on site optimization.• Wikis are seen as high quality sites by search engines. Therefore, the links you get from them will automatically have a faster and more effective impact on your rankings.
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.4. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE WIKIAAdvantages – cont.:• Link Traffic – Increased traffic to your site because of the interlinking to useful and relevant content for the topic.• Furthermore, contributing to wikis also has an impact on your online reputation. Some of the benefits brought by being an active contributor or creator of a wiki are:  Proving your expertise in your industry area. Posting your contribution on topics related to the industry where your business is operating gives a good image to your online reputation.  The name of your brand is promoted through creating your own wiki.  It builds trust towards your brand by visitors. You show both your interest and your knowledge and experience in a particular topic.
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.4. CREATION OF HEROES’ EDGE WIKIAFunction:• Official forum for Heroes’ Edge.• For event announcements, information dissemination, for feedbacks and player interaction.Advantages:• Players can answer one anothers questions, thus reducing your support costs.• If a forum moderator or a customer answers someones question — especially with a detailed response — this information can be referenced in the future, so you dont have to recreate it every time someone sends you the same question.• As players discuss your offerings, they are generating, for free, fresh content that is rich in keywords and is attractive to search engines.• By having an online community, players are encouraged to visit your website more often, and then they tell others about it.• Players will typically and freely share ideas on how you could improve your offerings, market them better, and reach new prospects.• Forums is a good haven for guild recruitment.
  20. 20. ONLINE MEDIA OUTLETS Why use them? Gaming websites and gaming forums draw a lot of gamers due to their news articles and discussions. Since they are our target market it will be favorable for us to advertise in key locations inside gaming sites. Once these gamers click on our ads they will immediately be redirected to our website. After grabbing their attention there would be a chance for them to try our game or spread the news about our product. These sites are our main areas of concern when it comes to our marketing since the majority of their traffic comes from North America and Europe players.
  21. 21. ONLINE MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.MMORPG.COM (US)Site: Person:Craig McGregor, President / CEO (
  22. 22. ONLINE MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.MMORPG.COM (US)ADDITIONAL ACTIONS FOR MMORPG.COM BESIDES BANNER ADVERTISEMENT:Below are the list of things that we can request the editors to add to their site to help with our gamepromotion.1. Our own game section and have our game listed in their Browser Games list.
  23. 23. ONLINE MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.MMORPG.COM (US)ADDITIONAL ACTIONS FOR MMORPG.COM BESIDES BANNER ADVERTISEMENT:2. We can ask the moderators to give us space in their developers blog section. By creating a blog in thesite we can post updates and events regarding our game. Also, new posts on our blog gets our gamefeatured in the front page which will increase our visibility to other players.
  24. 24. ONLINE MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.MMOSITE.COM (US)Site:http://www.mmosite.comContact Person:Tracy Zang, PR Manager (
  25. 25. ONLINE MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.ONRPG.COM (US)Site:http://www.onrpg.comContact Person:David Pass, Senior Director of Sales and Business Development, CPMStar/GSN(
  26. 26. ONLINE MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.EUROGAMER (UK)Site: Person:Dean Smith, Consumer Sales (
  27. 27. PRINT MEDIA OUTLETSWhy use them?Even if everything is online nowadays there arestill a lot of players subscribed to gamingmagazines. By advertising using gamingmagazines we can easily distribute tangiblematerials (game guides, DVDs, other freebies)thru them on top of having our game featured andreviewed.
  28. 28. PRINT MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.BECKETT MASSIVE ONLINE GAMER(US)Site: Persons:Todd Westover, Director of Sales and Marketing( Kale, Editorial Director ( Winter, Associate Editor (,000Written for MMO (massive multi-players online) gamers andfeatures gaming news, tips, stories, contests and fan art.Includes coverage of World of Warcraft, WarhammerOnline, EverQuest I & II, EVE Online, Champions Online, Lordof the Rings Online, City of Heroes, Aion, Wizard101, StarWars Galaxies, Lineage II and many more pay and Free-to-Play MMO games.
  29. 29. PRINT MEDIA OUTLETS – cont.PC GAMER (US AND UK)Site: Persons:Logan Decker, Editor In Chief ( Kardel, Account Executive(,000Established in 1994 and written for computer gameenthusiasts. Editorial focuses on the latest games andaccessories designed for PCs and compatible formats.Provides inside tips, cheats and strategies to winning currentgame titles, previews upcoming releases, reviews newproducts and games and covers computer game-related newsand personalities.
  30. 30. EVENTS AND TRADESHOWS Why use them? Tradeshows are a crux for both marketing and PR, as they host press, buyers, and consumers. An extensive strategy is recommended for maximizing exposure. The easiest way to meet with consumers, press and partners is by having an actual exhibition booth on the show floor.
  31. 31. EVENTS AND TRADESHOWS – cont.GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE (GDC)Site: San Francisco, CaliforniaWhen: March 25-29, 2013One of the largest interactive entertainment conferences in North America and it’s a great place to meetwith press, who flock to the show from around the country. We must leverage on the abundance ofmedia that will be at GDC by holding one-on-one meetings at a hotel room/suite near the conference toshowcase Heroes’ Edge in CBT/pre-launch, giving the press beta keys for previews. Press booking canbe done thru PR Marketing agencies.
  32. 32. EVENTS AND TRADESHOWS – cont.WONDERCON 2013Site: San Francisco, CaliforniaWhen: 1st Quarter 2013As this is a consumer-facing show and booth space sells out quickly, we can coordinate marketingefforts through street teams. Street teams consists of attractive ―models‖ in costumes that resonate withthe Heroes’ Edge story/theme, handing out collectibles, beta keys, etc.
  33. 33. EVENTS AND TRADESHOWS – cont.PAX EAST 2012Site: Boston, MassachusettsWhen: April 6-8, 2012PAX East is a consumer event by the creators of PennyArcade, and draws more than 50,000 desktop, consoleand online gaming fans. Some ideas for this event include:Sponsoring and hosting a cosplay contest in partnershipwith a site such as, promoting the event across Facebook andTwitter.A street team of hot cosplayers dressed as Heroes’ Edgecharacters to actively recruit players, handing out thumbdrives (or other freebies) with the artwork from the game.
  34. 34. CBT KEY PROMOTIONSIncrease visibility for Heroes’ Edge by coordinating with select top enthusiastwebsites to host closed beta key giveaways. To do this, we outreach to a selectfew sites offering them semi-exclusive access to beta codes. This creates theillusion of limited supply and often gets gamers to flock in droves to the site –additionally, it’s something very easy for us to publicize using social media, andthe beneficial outreach on behalf of the partnered websites help forge goodworking relationships for additional or future press coverage.What we need to prepare:• A list of codes, at least 10,000, to give away• A website that can serve as a landing page, so players can redeem their beta key codes• Banner ads that the enthusiast sites can use to link to the giveaway• New, interesting screenshot or two, to help drive traffic
  35. 35. CBT KEY PROMOTIONS – cont.To give added value to a closed beta key giveaway, we can also run a ―referral‖style contest where users compete to get the most people to sign up.Here’s how it works:• We prepare 3,000 beta codes.• Each beta code comes with a unique referral URL. Gamers can take this URL and then post it to their Facebook page, their twitter, forums, etc.• The URL allows other people to sign up for closed beta without a code, and then they get their own referral URL; it becomes a contest to see which user can get the most people to sign up for closed beta.• At the end of the contest, the winner receives a rare in-game item, or a tag, or a glowing aura, or some form of in-game reward for being the best at referring users to the game.• The contest encourages players to promote the game to their friends and in their networks, stimulating new user acquisitions. In return, the user gets recognized in-game for being a Heroes’ Edge brand champion.
  36. 36. COMMUNITY OUTREACHTo build Heroes’ Edge community and promote organic growth, we could featurecommunity enthusiasm assets for our game. The is meant to increase awareness ofHeroes’ Edge in-general within the enthusiast community (MMO Forums), as well aspotential beginner players, by offering harmless integration with everyday activities(chatting with friends, etc.). The first installment would focus mainly on banners, which will drive secondary click- through to our site. We would also have more customizable media, such as a signature maker, a screensaver, and MSN/AIM chat avatars.
  38. 38. TEASER SITEWHY IS THERE A NEED FOR A TEASER SITE?Raising awareness of your game long before its release makes sense: people are more likely to interactwith your campaign if they’re somewhat familiar with it, so letting them hear about it as soon (and asmuch) as possible helps. Ideally, you would create a climate of anticipation, and make people lookforward to the release date. People love to know in advance about the next big thing, and you can use itto your advantage.ELEMENTS OF A GOOD TEASER SITE:1. Create a Strong Identity – The teaser site must be memorable. One way to achieve this is with astrong brand. By ―brand,‖ means all of the visual attributes that people associate with your game:logo, colors, style, etc.- Heroes’ Edge logo visible in the teaser site- Bright, colorful, and cartoony fantasy background- Fantasy based fonts (not futuristic or modern)2. Use a gimmick - One popular technique that you could use to achieve a ―gimmick‖ isanimations, today usually created with CSS transitions and CSS animations. Animations could quicklyget overwhelming and frustrating on ―real‖ websites, but they’re appropriate in small doses in teasers.- Expressions when clicking a character in the teaser site- Animations in the menu when doing mouse overs.
  39. 39. TEASER SITE – cont.ELEMENTS OF A GOOD TEASER SITE:3. Leverage the power of social circles – Add options for site visitors to ―share‖ the site in Facebookor Tweeter. Let them spread the word for us.- Facebook ―Like‖ and ―Share‖ buttons- Twitter ―Tweet this page‖ button4. Give something back - Probably the most effective way to make people share your teaser is to notjust to get beta keys or early information about the game, but by also giving them something in return.- Download links for screensavers, wallpapers, MSN/AIM avatars, etc.- CBT Keys for ―Sharing‖ and ―Tweeting‖ the site links- Gold and/or items for recruiting or referring friends to sign up5. Make people want it - No matter how clever the viral trick, it won’t matter if people don’t actually wantto play your game. This is why the vast majority of teasers fail: they simply don’t make you want to signup. The easy solution is to just come out and say what your game does. Show screenshots, post a shortvideo… give them the things they can expect from the game.- Teaser videos- In-game screenshots6. Collecting Data – Use this opportunity to monitor and collect information regarding your visitors.What site redirected them to the teaser site, their country of origin, etc.- links- Google Analytics
  40. 40. TEASER SITE – cont.
  41. 41. PR MARKETING AGENCIESWhen time is of the essence, when we are not physically available for pressreleases and interviews, and if we do not have enough resources to createarticles that will be disseminated to different media outlets we can tap intodifferent PR marketing agencies to get the job done… for a fee.Why Use Them?• Wide range of media outlets (print and online).• Have the tools in doing promotions for game launches, floor shows, and press releases.• Experienced in joining events and tradeshows.
  42. 42. PR MARKETING AGENCIES – cont.1. WONACOTT COMMUNICATIONSLink: Details:Jason Wonacott, Founder and CEO ( 310.477.2871 Ext. 668Description:Wonacott Communications, LLC is a full-service public relations and integrated communicationspractice. Headquartered in Los Angeles, they provide clients locally and from around the globe withenthusiastic service and measureable results.Steps in Article Creation: 1. Publisher to provide Wonacott with top-level information for each release 2. Wonacott would draft the release, and have the publisher review/approve 3. Wonacott would distribute to our press contacts in North America and encourage them to post the news 4. Wonacott would report back to the publisher on the results of each release Prices:$1,000 – $1,500 per announcement (estimated about 7 hours for a simple release and 11 hours for amore complex, larger release)
  43. 43. PR MARKETING AGENCIES – cont.1. WONACOTT COMMUNICATIONS Media Outlets: 1. Core: a. MMO-specific Enthusiast: Beckett Massive Online Gamer, TenTonHammer, GamersHell, MPOGD, GameOgre, OnRPG,, Massively, WarCry Network, MMO Site b. PC Game Enthusiast: PC Gamer, Game Informer, GameSpy, GameSpot, IGN, Games Radar,,,, Yahoo! Games, The Escapist Magazine 2. Extended: a. Video Game Industry Trades/Blogs: Edge Online, IndustryGamers, Gamasutra, Joystiq, Kotaku, b. Dailies, Wires and Weeklies: New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, San Jose Mercury News, Associated Press, Reuters, Newsweek, Time c. Technology Enthusiast: Wired, PC Magazine, Maximum PC―Core‖ media are sites and magazines that are more likely to cover the news – and are hitting online gamesenthusiasts. ―Extended‖ media are sites and other editors who might be interested in such news, so we send them therelease as an FYI; however we don’t expect them to cover the announcements as they often write more trend andbusiness stories. Wonacott’s media database has literally thousands of editorial contacts, and for MMO gamesspecifically, they have more than 100.Another thing that will influence coverage is assets (movies, screen shots, concept art, etc.). If they can get assets foreach release, it increases the media’s interested in the news, and thus they are more likely to write about it.
  44. 44. PR MARKETING AGENCIES – cont.2. CLEVER COMMUNICATIONSLink: Details:Mika Kelly, Principal & Founder ( 715-1228Description:Clever Communications offers companies a fresh new approach to the typical ―PR agency‖ becausethey approach it with an internal view. Principal and founder, Mika Kelly spent more than 8 yearsleading PR efforts internally at interactive entertainment companies including Namco, Atari and BAM!Entertainment while working with numerous PR agencies and identifying their strengths andweaknesses to create the most effective agency in the industry.Prices:$100 per hour for small projects like a single press release or single closed beta campaign. A pressrelease ranges between 3-5 hours and a bigger project with a lot of media pitching and coordinationand communication can range 4 to 8 hours.
  45. 45. PR MARKETING AGENCIES – cont.2. CLEVER COMMUNICATIONSMedia Outlets: Gamers Temple MassiveOnlineGamer ScrawlFX Action Trip GamersDailyNews Metacafe Shacknews Atomicgamer Gamershell MMOABC Shogungamer Becketts Gamershub MMOcraze Sidequesting Big GamersLifeline MMOcrunch Spawnpoint CasualGamesAssociation Games4Girls MMOfront TalkingAboutgames CGeNetwork GamesEvolve Ten Ton Hammer Cinemablend GamesOnSmash MMOhut The Escapist ConsoleLink Gamespot MMOMFG The Married gamers EDGE Online Gamespy TheCrossAndtheController Electric Playground Gametrailers MMOSanctuary TKNation Gamezone MMOSITE Unwinnable Gaygamer Vagary.TV G4 GRRLgamer ONRPG Game Chronicles Honestgamers PC gamer magazine Game Critics IGN PC GamersWorld WithSpecialGuest GameFanatics PixelatedGeek Gameogre PLAY magazine Worthplaying Gameogre MarkeeDragon PressPauseRadio Xfire Gameolosophy
  46. 46. PAYMENT OPTIONSAn F2P game won’t survive without good, reliable, and accessible paymentoptions. - Credit Card - Game Cards • VISA • cashU • Mastercard • Cherry Credits • GoCash - Payment Service Providers • One Game Card • • Ultimate Game Card • ClickandBuy • Moneybookers (Skrill) • PayPal • Paysafecard
  47. 47. LAUNCH PLAN6 MONTHS BEFORE COMMERCIAL LAUNCH- Creation of Media Kit based on materials given by the game developers (storyline, character profiles, system requirements, game features, screenshots, teaser videos, in-game videos, etc.)- Creation of team that would be handling the game launch (6 to 7 members)- Event planning and scheduling.- Creation of teaser site and downloadable materials.- Checking out due dates for both print and online advertisements.- Checking out due dates for events and tradeshows.- Uploading the game in the test server.- Start of bug testing (registration, character creation, gameplay). - Engaging with different payment gateways and contract signing.
  48. 48. LAUNCH PLAN – cont.5 MONTHS BEFORE BEFORE COMMERCIAL LAUNCH- Creation of Facebook Fanpage, Twitter page, Wikia, and YouTube channel.- Dissemination of media kit to different media outlets via email (engaging with editors and moderators). Creation of game subsections in target websites.- Launch of teaser site. Beta Code Dissemination.- Creation and Launch of official forums.- Item Mall pricing discussions.- Advertisement slots reservation and payment.- Preparation of advertisements (for print: full page advertisements, for online: clickable banners)- Preparation of game articles (development updates, launch updates, game guides, etc.) – to be distributed in different media outlets- Continuation of bug testing (game interface, game features, maps, mobs, events).- Alpha test Phase (running and testing game via commercial server).- Creation of main website. Integration of payment options.
  49. 49. LAUNCH PLAN – cont.4 MONTHS BEFORE BEFORE COMMERCIAL LAUNCH- CBT Phase.- Dissemination of game articles to different media outlets via email.- Launch of main site.- Continuation of bug testing (billing systems, ticketing systems)- Submission of advertisement materials (both print and online)- Feedback analysis from social media outlets.2 MONTHS BEFORE BEFORE COMMERCIAL LAUNCH- OBT Phase.- Dissemination of game articles to different media outlets via email.- Feedback analysis from social media outlets.- Creation of online and offline events (mechanics, tools, prizes, etc.)- Continuation of bug testing (GM commands, item creation/giveaway, etc.)- Creation of 3 teams to cover game operation support for the game upon launch (3 shifts, 24/7 support).
  50. 50. QUESTIONS?