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Learning in Minecraft - the Massively @ jokaydia Guild


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Massively @ jokaydia is a Minecraft-based community for kids aged 4 – 16years, and has a community of more than 600 players from around the world, including a large cohort of homeschooled students.

The Massively community has a focus on informal, playful learning and is designed to empower kids and parents to choose their own learning pathways and adventures together. It is not a school-based project, but rather a safe environment where kids can choose to engage in projects and activities which allow them to develop digital literacy and collaboration skills and most importantly be free to explore their creativity in a multiplayer environment which is fun, engaging and safe.

Our project also supports a ‘gamified’ awards system which allows kids to complete missions and challenges and ‘level up’ to gain access to additional features and environments in our mines, and most importantly to take on leadership roles in the community. These include facilitation positions as jnr moderators and technical roles as assistant server administrators who help with support and planning.

This session will demonstrate how Minecraft can be used to provide an exciting learning environment for kids which fosters their creativity, supports social learning and the development of digital literacy skills, and can be used across a wide range of key learning areas including math, science, art, creative writing, history, personal development, technology and citizenship.

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