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Radio Mattoli (90.4 FM) is a Community Radio Service (CRS) licensed by the Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, New Delhi; and situated at Dwaraka (Mananthavady) in Wayanad District of Kerala State. Community Radio Service focuses on different communities living within its transmission zone. CRS reaches out to every section of the society with special attention to the communities that are marginalized, to ensure that they also find expression through the radio. It provides farmers, tribes, dalits, women and children an opportunity to speak out, and be heard

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Community Radio Mattoli 90.4 FM

  1. 1. WELCOME radiomattoli 90.4 fm
  2. 2. A Clarion Call for Change radiomattoli 90.4 fm
  3. 3. Radio Mattoli: A Clarion Call for Change  Community Radio Mattoli (90.4 FM) is the lone radio station of Wayanad, located at Dwaraka, Mananthavady. It is a community radio service initiated on 1st June 2009, licensed by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi.  It was initiated by the Bishop of Mananthavady Rev. Mar. Jose Porunnedom supported by the diocese of Mananthavady with the prime objective of becoming a credible source of information that has direct and immediate relevance to the community living within its transmission zone.  It provides farmers, tribes, dalits, women and children with an opportunity to speak out, and be heard.
  4. 4. Objectives of Radio Mattoli The prime objectives of Radio Mattoli are to:  Provide a platform for the marginalized community to voice their concerns  Act as a catalyst for integral development of individuals and society  Act as a harbinger of socio economic development of the community  Bring about a positive social change in the society  Enhance the knowledge ‘spectrum’ of the community  Cater to the information requirements of the community it serves
  5. 5. radiomattoli 90.4 fm Coverage: signal of Radio Mattoli reaches all the 49 revenue villages of Wayanad district and some areas of Kannur, Malappuram and Nilgiris districts
  6. 6.  We broadcast in four major tribal dialects of Wayanad. Radio Mattoli is the first community radio in Kerala
  7. 7. o Mattoli is the only electronic media that has daily broadcast in tribal dialect
  8. 8. We adhere to the Guidelines of MoIB More than 60% of content is collected from, produced by and oriented towards the community
  9. 9.  Radio Mattoli has a Daily Broadcast of 17 hours.  6.00 am – 11.00 pm Daily
  10. 10. Radio Mattoli The Lone Community Radio Station in Wayanad radiomattoli 90.4 fm
  11. 11. Inauguration of Radio Mattoli – June 01, 2009 - MI Shanavas (Hon. Wayanad MP)
  12. 12. Radio Mattoli as ‘Fifth Estate’ for Positive Change Radio Mattoli has succeeded in winning the confidence and affection of the people in Wayanad as a credible media for social development. The main stream media often fail to recognise and address people’s concerns at grass root level due to its. This is where Radio Mattoli functions as ‘Fifth Estate’. For the people of Wayanad, Radio Mattoli in their own expression ‘is our own radio station’. This is the greatest recognition for us, which we value the most...!
  13. 13. Radio Mattoli as ‘Fifth Estate’  Radio Mattoli functions as an alternative to main stream media  We strongly believe that the true objective of a credible media is To Convince, Not to Confuse  People of Wayanad depend upon Radio Mattoli for specific information/guidance that has direct impact on their lives  As a guide, friend, partner Radio Mattoli is always with them; as one among them
  14. 14. Radio Service for the People, by the People, of the People To know the real pulse of the people in the district, and address their concerns effectively through radio programmes, Radio Mattoli roped in expert volunteers; people from various walks of life in the content advisory committee. The needs of local community which are often neglected by the mainstream media could be adequately addressed by community radio through participatory communication.
  15. 15.  Radio Mattoli always pays great attention to people’s concerns and issues  Suggestions and contributions from the community add flavour to the content and enrich the radio programmes  Radio Mattoli dedicates special slots during all religious festivals, to give equal representations to people from different faiths  Radio always give expression to people’s thoughts/creativity by greatly encouraging the local community to be part of the programme making affairs  Radio Mattoli never shies away from taking the responsibility of media for social change  This instils an emotional attachment, and a sense of ownership among the local commune  Radio Mattoli’s interventions resulted in swift actions from authorities to address various issues
  16. 16. We do Proactive programs addressing to the cross sections of the audience like…. Farmers Tribes Students Youth Women Marginalized groups etc…
  17. 17. • We choose content relevant and applicable to the lives of the listeners. • We ensure the Credibility of the information provided • We use Creative formats of broadcast • Emotional connect the program offers is a key feature of community radio • We maintain non defective broadcast and high quality recording
  18. 18.  Talk shows  Radio skits  Folk music  Interviews  Phone in programs Using a variety of program formats like……
  19. 19. Radio Mattoli Flagship Programs  Naattukaaryam A programme in which public can call to Radio Mattoli to address any grievance or issues. The calls will be recorded and the same will be broadcast in a timely manner  Thudichetham Programme for tribal people, in tribal dialect on various subjects. The speciality is all these programmes are produced by tribal people themselves. This programme is immensely popular among both the tribal people and the general public  Jana Vaani A programme on public interest issues where Radio Mattoli acts as a mediator between the public and the govt machineries to redress public concerns  Atma Njattuvela Programme on current issues/concerns of the farming sector. This programme is highly popular among the farming community. Farmers receive information on all aspects of farming/agriculture through this programme.
  20. 20. A management committee comprised of representatives from the community streamlines the program policy
  21. 21. Station Management A Core Team in the office consisting of Dr.Fr.Thomas Joseph Therakam, Director, Fr.Jaise Baby Chettiassery, Assistant Director, Programme, Fr.Jose Kavunkal, Assistant Director Broadcasting, and Mrs. Sindhu Justin, Office Superintendent takes care of the day today affairs in Radio Mattoli office, under the overall guidance of the Managing Committee, and enabling support of the Director Board of Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS). Radio Mattoli is the Information Communication Technology (ICT) wing of Wayanad Social Service Society, an NGO in Wayanad with 39 years of standing in the socio-economic development turf of Wayanad District.
  22. 22. radiomattoli 90.4 fm Station Director Adv. Dr. Fr. Thomas Joseph Therakam Asst. Directors…. Fr Jaise Baby Production Fr Jose Kavunkal Technology Sindhu Justin Superintendent
  23. 23. Staff and Volunteers…. radiomattoli 90.4 fm
  24. 24. Volunteers are the real strength of Radio Mattoli. It is because of their goodwill, sheer dedication and sincere contribution towards all aspects of programme production, the production at Radio Mattoli goes smoothly without any hitches. Expert Volunteers: Radio Mattoli has many expert volunteers. Most of the volunteers are retired hands from various fields. They are highly active towards programme conceptualisation, idea generation, and programme making. Other Category of Volunteers: Scores of volunteers from various walks of life; school students, college students, men and women, come to Radio Mattoli station to render their service at various capacities.
  25. 25. Expert Volunteers (Rtd. Service personnel , teachers, Govt. officials, farmers, housewives) radiomattoli 90.4 fm Program Volunteers – Students and Youth
  26. 26. radiomattoli 90.4 fm Tribal Stringers – who are paid for program production in tribal languages
  27. 27. Our programs are thematically divided into 13 sections 1. Agricultural 2. Educational 3. Informative 4. Cultural 5. Women oriented 6. Youth oriented 7. Contemporary 8. Musical 9. Health 10.General knowledge 11.Tribal 12.Phone in programs 13.Others
  28. 28. The latest listenership survey revealed that we had more listeners to agricultural programs than film music.
  29. 29. We regularly collect audience feed back through… Phone in and phone out programs Emails Letters Interviews……
  30. 30. We also gather content and feedback through • Focus group discussions… • Round table meets • Open forums… • Workshops … • Seminars… • Personal accounts of people during field visits/OB recording
  31. 31. A group of experts evaluate the programs on regular basis for quality control……
  32. 32. We have Mattoli School Clubs in 93 Schools of Wayanad. The students from these school clubs and kids from anganvaadis record programs at Mattoli Mayilpeeli for Kids Mazhavillu for Students Mattoli School Clubs – a Unique initiative of Radio
  33. 33. We receive content from.. Vigyan Prasar Gyan Vaani SIET We share content with other CRS like Radio Benzigar And Web Platforms Like EDDA
  34. 34. 2. Human Resource Sustainability On going training sessions are conducted for Staff and Volunteers
  35. 35. 2. Human Resource Sustainability For expansion of expertise we make visits to other radio stations attend trainings and avail assistance from experts (AIR)
  36. 36. We provide the media students facility for internship and training
  37. 37. We are keen to maintain a safe, friendly and nurturing environment in the CRS
  38. 38. We maintain Transparent account system…. Registers for different categories of staff… Surveillance camera… Conduct monthly staff meetings..
  39. 39. We look into the welfare of Staff through Health Insurance for staff.. Cash gifts, picnics…… Birthday greetings…. Performance assessment…. Staff Provident Fund….
  40. 40. Radio Mattoli is equipped with a state of art Recording studio and On Air Studio modern audio gears which are also covered by Insurance..
  41. 41. radiomattoli 90.4 fm Radio Mattoli is supported by governmental and non governmental agencies like NABARD, ATMA, Indian Coffee Board, Ministry of Culture, National Human Rights Commission, State Horticulture Mission, State Dairy Department…etc
  42. 42. Social Interventions of Radio Mattoli Emergency veterinary medical camp in Mananthavady to prevent the spread of hoof disease in cattle Radio Mattoli’s timely intervention resulted in the conduct of emergency veterinary camp in places such as Thannikkal, Koyileri, Payyampally, and Arattuthara in Mananthavady Grama Panchayath where sporadic hoof disease among cattle had been reported. Ration Card to 358 tribal people Radio Mattoli received a complaint from a tribal lady (Leela, residing in 11th ward of Edavaka Grama Panchayath), stating that she did not have a ration card, as she did not own a house. Radio Mattoli took up this issue and broadcasted the letter she sent to our Janvaani program. which finally resulted in the issue of ration card not only to Leela, but also to all 350 homeless tribal people in the Gram Panchayath
  43. 43. Media visibility to innovative farmers in the district Radio Mattoli gave media visibility to Mr. Eldo Baby from Pozhuthana Grama Panchayath who earns around Rs. 5 lakhs from a meager 75 cents of land he owns. This caught the attention of many from different quarters, and it brought him the coveted “Best Farmer Award” of Thodupuzha Gandhiji Studies Centre 2010-2011. Radio Mattoli is instrumental in highlighting the achievements of enterprising student farmer Mr.Hashique, and precision farmer Mr. Digaul Thomas in Wayanad. Farmer success stories by Radio Mattoli inspire many people to turn to agriculture.
  44. 44. Radio Mattoli (90.4 FM) AIDS Awareness Campaigns  Radio Mattoli as part of its one month campaign against AIDS, dedicated special slots for airing AIDS awareness programmes. We produced/organiseding AIDS awareness campaigns in different formats viz; audio documentaries/audio skits/interviews/short film etc; to mark Dec-1, 2012 the World AIDS Day. Radio Mattoli (90.4 FM) AIDS Awareness Poster Design Campaign  Radio Mattoli has conducted an AIDS Awareness poster design competition. Students from educational institutions in the area such as Gurukulam college, Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, and AUP school Dwaraka, Mananthavady participated in the poster design competition. Prizes were distributed to the winners at the inaugural ceremony of AIDS awareness rally on Dec-1 2012.
  45. 45. Medicinal Plant Distribution to 300 farmers  Radio Mattoli in association with NABARD organised free distribution of medicinal plant sapplings to 300 farmers in its bid to generate awareness on the importance of planting and preserving medicinal plants.
  46. 46. Social involvement through convergence programs Round Table on Climate Change
  47. 47. Conducting Open forums on Social issues like Violence against Women
  48. 48. Promoting Young Talents Mazhavillu _ a series of competitions conducted for students
  49. 49. Water color painting competition for Kids on Children’s Day
  50. 50. fostering religious harmony and social integrity through special programs…. Karkidakam – Ramayana Masam Sanmanasullavarkku Samadhanam - Christmas thoughts Ramadan Mattoli
  51. 51. Radio Mattoli Initiatives  Community Newspaper Nattuvettam Nattuvettam, is a monthly Community Newspaper which is a joint initiative of Community Radio Mattoli (90.4 FM), Dwaraka, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) Puthoorvayal, and District Kudumbasree Mission, Kalpetta. Nattuvettam aims to perform the role of a socially committed media for development. Nattuvettam is a first of its kind initiative in Kerala aimed at bringing an encompassing social change . It focuses mainly on three key areas namely:  1 Agriculture  2) Social scenario and development  3) Environment & Health
  52. 52. Free Radio Set Distribution to Tribal Hamlets in Wayanad in Association with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNYD) Radio Mattoli’s having understood the real potential of Radio as a tool for development communication submitted a proposal to Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sreeperumbathoor, Chennai for Need Based Youth Development Programme in Wayanad. Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development has donated 500 Philips radio sets to Radio Mattoli for free distribution among tribal hamlets, tribal residential schools, and pre-metric hostels in the district A project envisaged by Radio Mattoli for extending the reach of educational programmes broadcast by Radio Mattoli for the benefit of tribes in the district Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Tribes, Youth Affairs, Ms. P.K Jayalakshmi inaugurated the District wise Radio Set Distribution
  53. 53. PSC Coaching to Tribal Community Radio Mattoli as part of a joint initiative between RGNIYD, Tribal Development Department, Radio Mattoli, and Neethivedi, an NGO for tribal development successfully organised Public Service Commission coaching classes for 30 tribal youth for eight days in installments
  54. 54. Radio Mattoli Laurels Radio Mattoli is always in the forefront to recognise, and honour the talents/skills/achievements of people in different walks of life. Radio Mattoli organised many functions to honour people who carved a niche in their day to day activities.
  55. 55. Prathibha Sangamam: Annual Talent’s Meet  Radio Mattoli honors all the students in the district of Wayanad who win A+/A1 for all subjects in the SSLC/+2 examinations every year  Full A+/A1 winners are awarded with medal and certificate of appreciation in public meeting  Students of State Syllabus/CBSE/ICSE syllabus who bag A+/A1 in 10th and 12th grade examinations are eligible to apply  Career guidance classes by experts  Helps the students to have clear understanding of job oriented higher studies  Free registration for the participants  The first Prathibha Sangamam was organized on 28th May 2012. Mr. Harikishore IAS, then Mananthavady Sub Collector ,was the chief guest  On 31st May 2013, Radio Mattoli organized Prathibha Sangamam 2013
  56. 56. Polima: The Best Farmer Award Radio Mattoli has instituted Polima 2012, an agriculture award aimed at promoting agriculture in Wayanad. Out of ten finalists who were voted by Radio Mattoli listeners, Mr. K. K. Nasar and Mr. Mathew Unnippally emerged the winners. Ms. Veena. N. Madhavan, IAS- Sub Collector of Wayanad distributed the awards in the public meeting presided over by Mr H.B. Pradeep Master , President Edavaka Grama Panchayath, at Radio Mattoli on Nov.1, 2012.
  57. 57. Recognitions/Awards Received Radio Mattoli has received much recognition from various quarters for its contribution to social development. The variety of the programmes and the richness of the content make Radio Mattoli unique from the rest of Community Radio Stations.  National Award for Sustainability-2013 Radio Mattoli in its continuous journey of media excellence, attained a milestone by bagging the coveted National Award for Sustainability 2013. We set an example for other Community Radio Stations in India to achieve encompassing sustainability which is still a distant dream for many...
  58. 58. Manthan Award South Asia & Asia Pacific 2012 Jury’s Special Mention in Community Broadcasting Category Manthan Award South Asia & Asia Pacific 2012 Jury’s Special Mention in Community Broadcasting category- a golden fete won by Radio Mattoli enhances our role as a media for development communication. We take great pride in this, as there were total of 470 entries from ten countries including India. Recognition by UNICEF Radio Mattoli received a golden feather on its cap when a study published recently by UNICEF (‘The Abiding Voices: Sustainability of Community Radio in India’ 2012) adjudged Radio Mattoli as one of the best community radio stations in India. This recognition stands as a testimony to the immense potential CRS possess, as a powerful media for social change.
  59. 59. Special Citation Curing Love’, a short film on the importance of proper diagnosis of TB, directed by Fr. Jaise Baby, Associate Director-Programmes, Radio Mattoli, as part of the TB awareness programme received special citation during the 2012 TB tales Short Film Competition conducted by REACH. Community Radio Association, South India (CRA) Chairman Station Director Dr. Fr. Thomas Joseph Therakam is elected the South India Chairman of Community Radio Association, India (CRAI). By virtue of this office he is ex-officio President of CRA South Zone, comprising of the States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. South zone has the largest number of CRSs, numbering 45. The total number of functional CRS in India as on February 1st, 2013 is 147.
  60. 60. Station Director speaking at I National Community Radio Sammelan Participating in National Seminars…..
  61. 61. Pioneering Roles Taken by Radio Mattoli  Radio Mattoli is being looked upon as a model community radio station in India  Radio Mattoli is the first Community Radio Station that received Grant in Aid from NABARD and ATMA  Radio Mattoli resource persons are invited by many CRSs in India to render their knowledge and expertise in Media Development  Personnel from many CRSs in India visit Radio Mattoli on a regular basis to enhance their knowledge in CRS management
  62. 62. Recognition to Radio Mattoli as a Potential Tool for Spreading Financial Literacy to the Masses by Reserve Bank of India Radio Mattoli got a distinctive opportunity to make a presentation on the role of Community Radio in imparting financial literacy to the masses, at the two day seminar organised by Reserve Bank of India at Pune on February 21st, and 22nd 2013. Reserve Bank of India having understood the potential of Community Radio in Spreading Financial Literacy to the Masses invited Radio Mattoli to present our experience. Dr.Fr.Thomas Joseph Therakam, Station Director explained the specific roles radio can play to impart knowledge to the community through dynamic radio programmes.
  63. 63. Sustainability Sustainability is the most worrisome aspect faced by most of the Community Radio Stations in India. To meet the expenses in the smooth running of radio station is a constant concern. Fund mobilisation is not at all an easy task and involves many challenges. Radio Mattoli devised multiple strategies for fund mobilisation. The financial sustainability models we have been practicing are as follows: Tapping Funds from Different Organisations towards Programme Support (Sponsorship) We have been sustaining mainly through the funds mobilised from various government and non government organisations to implement different projects for the public good. By projects, we mean radio awareness series of different kind, and different tenure. Sometimes we get long term support which may run into two or more years; whereas some would be of short term, say three to six months. It can be noted that all the grant in projects we have implemented have direct relevance and benefit to the community.
  64. 64. Radio Mattoli receives grant in support from the following organisations:  The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)  Kerala State Council for Science and Technology& Environment (KSCSTE)  Kerala State Legal Services Authority (KELSA)  Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA)  Spices Board  Coffee Board
  65. 65. We are enlisted in Media List of Kerala State We receive ads from PRD at a rate of Rs. 20/second Revenue is also generated from ads of State Lottery, National Saving Scheme, Postal Insurance ..etc.. We also receive ads from DAVP
  66. 66. Impact of Mattoli  Posters denigrating to dignity of women removed  Actions taken to repair rural roads  Rubber subsidy extended to more villages  Attention brought to agrarian crisis in Wayanad  Intervention of PR Institutions ensured through phone in programs  Mattoli is pro- Life - Case of Reshma  We are giving voice to voiceless people
  67. 67. Impacts of Mattoli  Mattoli took initiative to send 15 farmers to the training organized by Coconut Development Board at Thodupuzha Friends of coconut tree…..
  68. 68. Impacts of Mattoli  Mattoli plays a key role in rejuvenating the dooming agrarian sector of Wayanad by promoting best agricultural practices and success stories attracting new generation to modern farming practices like precision farming and propagating Organic Farming Green Life style
  69. 69. Impacts of Mattoli The farmers promoted by Mattoli later emerged as State Award Winners….. Eldo Baby Pozhuthana – Winner, State Award for Best Farmer
  70. 70. Impacts of Mattoli  Students from various Colleges visit Mattoli to learn the concept of Community Radio
  71. 71. Mattoli Kiosk adds up to the visibility of Radio Mattoli
  72. 72. radiomattoli 90.4 fm Listen to radiomattoli live on..
  73. 73. radiomattoli 90.4 fm Visit for updates and Listen to radiomattoli live on..