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Grow your Business with Travacco


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Published in: Business, Travel
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Grow your Business with Travacco

  1. 1. Grow your business with Trav acco
  2. 2. Your Business Walk-ins Phone enquiries References/ Travel Agents
  3. 3. Your Business with Trav acco Walk-ins Phone enquiries References/ Travel Agents Travellers making bookings on the Internet Trav acco channels Internet Bookings to you
  4. 4. The Indian Online Travel Business is Booming !
  5. 5. Internet Users in India 2006 38.5 Million 2008 100 Million Indian Online Travel Business Rs. 1,800 Crore Indian Online Travel Business Growth
  6. 6. Now even train tickets sales are booming Online ! Online air ticketing has been a huge success.
  7. 7. Railway tickets being sold online in India… Every Minute 10 Every Hour 600 Every Day 14,000 +
  8. 8. Large hotels use expensive inventory management systems to tap into the huge internet travel market
  9. 9. 77.3% of branded hotels in India use the Internet to sell room inventory FHRAI, 2007
  10. 10. With Trav acco , you can also tap this huge online travel market
  11. 11. Register your accommodation with Trav acco ’s online inventory management system O pen H ouse
  12. 12. O pen H ouse is… Easy to use FREE Browser based Secure Scalable Flexible
  13. 13. With O pen H ouse you can… Get your accommodation online Create your profile Customise your offering Manage your inventory Get confirmed bookings Receive payments instantly
  14. 14. To join Trav acco and get O pen H ouse for free, just follow the Register NOW link Online travellers are looking for you!