Using custom kitchen cabinets in planning a kitchen


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Using custom kitchen cabinets in planning a kitchen

  1. 1. Using Custom Kitchen CabinetsinPlanning a Kitchen
  2. 2. When planning a kitchen it makes sense to useCustom Kitchen Cabinets rather than those available off the shelf.Whether you have just purchased a new house, or have decided toredesign your kitchen, it makes sense to use custom kitchen unitsand furniture rather than try to fit stands sizes into you existingspace. Why is that?Your kitchen has specific dimensions, and you cannot change these.The same is true of standard furniture units, such as floor and wallcabinets, pantry units and also islands containing storage andbutchers blocks. The trouble is that when homes are built thestandard furniture dimensions are never taken into account, andonce fitted, standard units are generally an inch or two long or short.
  3. 3. Fill in the SpacesThat means you have a space between the end of a unit and a wall,and we all know the problems associate with that! It often comesdown to a broom handle or something similar to recover that knife oreven to fetch out that little present your cat brought in! Some are inmore urgent need of recovery from that 1-2 inch gap than others!By using a furniture store that can provide you with a service offeringcustom kitchen cabinets, you can specify the length of your endcabinets. While standard versions can be used generally, you canspecify the length of those at each end that actually fit to the wall, tobe exactly the correct length. That enables you to make best use ofthe space without simply sticking a piece of wood in to hide it.
  4. 4. Using a Lazy Susan in Planning a KitchenIf you have trouble using a corner in your kitchen to its bestadvantage, then you can have a lazy Susan designed to yourspecifications to use up all the corner space available with a rotatingunit fitted neat to the back and side walls. Most Lazy Susans require33 - 36 inches along each wall from the corner. You might not havethis space available, so you would need a custom kitchen cabinetmanufacturer to make one for you to meet your available dimensions.This would likely involve changing the way it operates for it also toconform to the regular depth of fitted kitchen furniture, although thatis not a problem if you are planning a kitchen and know the rightfurniture manufacturers to approach. The lazy Susan is just anexample, and there are many other examples of functional kitchenfurniture planning that could be used.
  5. 5. Wine Racks and Other Occasional ItemsWine racks are useful items to insert between individual units in arow along a wall, because they can easily be altered in size so thatthe entire unit stretches from wall to wall without end spaces. Theyare functional and appropriate for a kitchen. Other kitchen units thatyou can have made to your specifications are spaces for appliancesthat are best kept behind closed doors, such as power washers,steam cleaners and patio cleaners.These might not be regarded as classic kitchen furniture, butnevertheless they tend to attract attention and enhance theperception of your home and kitchen to visitors. To be honest, it isnot always the look or the designers name of a kitchen appliancethat matters to your guests, but its price and the way it looks in yourkitchen. They are more likely to be jealous than to seek you out toexpress their appreciation for your custom kitchen cabinets.
  6. 6. Filling Kitchen SpaceA front-loading washing machine or dishwasher that is built into yourcabinetry behind a door offers the opportunity to provide for theextra inch or so needed to match the unit exactly to an end wall.Simply make the space and the door slightly wider - there is alwayssome space between the appliance and the sides, so an extra inch orso rarely matters.When planning a kitchen you might also include a butchers blockset on an island unit. Some also incorporate sinks and faucets, andalso storage for crockery, cutlery and/or kitchen knives. It isimportant, particularly in a kitchen, that you have sufficient trafficspaces about the island. By using a firm that can supply customkitchen cabinets to your own specifications you can make sure thatyou have the free space around the unit that you need.