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Overcoming your fear of the dentist office


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Overcoming your fear of the dentist office

  1. 1. Overcoming Your Fear of theDentist Office
  2. 2. Odontophobia or fear of the dentist is more common thansome people can imagine. Going to the dentist is notsomething any one would choose to do. Being poked andstuck with your mouth wide open isnt exactly a great wayto spend a Saturday afternoon, but modernEdmonton Dentists are trained to treat people with this fearand treat them with techniques designed to minimize painand fear. Although the fear of those effected byodontophobia are real and serious, it is necessary toovercome these fears for the sake of your health.
  3. 3. The first step in overcoming your fear of the dentist ismaking an appointment with a dentist you trust and talkingto the dentist about your problem. The dentist needs toknow about your fear so that she can do everything she canto help you feel comfortable. Your dentist can explain everyprocedure before beginning work so that you are able tounder stand everything and feel more comfortable and incontrol.
  4. 4. If you are extremely anxious, ask your dentist if they offerany medications like nitrous oxide or sedatives to help calmyou. Even some over the counter anti-inflamatorymedications can help you relax, but make sure to tell yourdentist about any medication you have ingested before thevisit. Some dentists may have some relaxation methods youcan try before beginning the appointment like breath workand music. Also scheduling your appointment in themorning before the stress of the day has added up will helpyou be able to better control your stress.
  5. 5. Before the procedure, talk to your dentist about a handsignal or stop signal that she will look for while working onyour mouth. Agree that she will stop each time she sees theagreed upon signal. Ask if it would be OK to bring a friendor family member to the appointment, so you feel thecomfort of companionship.
  6. 6. If you visit the dentist regularly your visit time will bereduced dramatically.. Waiting too long betweenappointments will necessitate more work and longer visitsmaking you less likely to return. Scheduling regularcleaning appointments ahead of time will give you less timeto think about making the appointment and will identifypreventable problems before they turn into serious ones.Make sure that your first appointment with your dentist is ashort one for cleaning only so that you can go slow and getmore acquainted with the office, staff and dentist beforeembarking on a more complicated procedure.