Beautifying smiles through cosmetic dentistry


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Beautifying smiles through cosmetic dentistry

  1. 1. Beautifying Smiles Through Cosmetic Dentistry
  2. 2. While keeping teeth clean and cavity-free iscrucial for oral health, it is sometimes notenough to make a person proud of theirsmile. Cosmetic dentistry assists in givingteeth a natural and healthy appearance, sopatients may no longer feel embarrassedabout showing their teeth to others. Using avariety of methods, Dentist Edmonton canmove, color, and straighten teeth to changethe cosmetic results and look of the smile.
  3. 3. In the past, medical dental care often providedunnaturally coloured fillings, caps, and teethreplacements. These treatments provided asolution to the problem but left the patientwith noticeable metallic spots in their teeththat can be seen when the person opens theirmouth or even smiles widely. A more modernand aesthetic choice is Mercury-free, toothcoloured fillings which are coloured to matchenamel as closely as possible, and can serve asa permanent replacement to less-reliablemetal fillings.
  4. 4. If a tooth is worn or misshapen, potentially fromfrequent grinding or from biting on somethinghard, a composite material can be used. It ispoured over the tooth, and like a liquid sculpture,moulded into the image of what the tooth shouldideally look like on the outside. Not only does thisrestore the appearance, but it also protects thetooth from further wear and decay.
  5. 5. Braces, smoking, sugar, coffee, and diet can causegradual discoloration over time even withfrequent brushing. Some people also have darkerenamel naturally, and wish to see it lighter. Aprofessional aesthetic dentist will be able to treateach tooth individually to an equal and even coloracross the entire smile.
  6. 6. In some patients situations, whole teeth aremissing or have been removed due toadvanced decay or from sports injuries oraccidents. This is bad for the appearance ofthe face however, and it could allow the otherteeth to move out of place, and in severe casescan possibly cause the face to sink in aroundthat area. Artificial replacements can be madein the form of a dental implant which are adental crown placed onto a titanium metal"screw". The screw keeps the crown in placeand acts as the new root.
  7. 7. Receding gum-lines and periodontal disease canbe a problem for many people and for manyreasons, but there are ways to restore them forthose who feel it is affecting their health andappearance. Dental laser treatments are nowavailable and are a safe and effective way totreat gum disease. The beam of light from thelaser is used to remove infected gum tissueleaving a healthier gum line preventing furtherdamage.
  8. 8. Seeking a professional in cosmetic dentistry isthe first step towards the aesthetic beauty manypeople desire in their smile. With everyadvancement in medical and dental technology,these doctors find new and simpler ways torestore and correct patients teeth. Everyonehas the ability to get the attention their smiledeserves with the right amount of patience andhelp from these dental procedures.