Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan for Small Business


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Step by step tips on creating your social media marketing plan. From questions you can answer to putting the plan on your calendar and working it. This is my presentation to a group of business owners that attended an event I did with the Denver Business Journal. You can download my free E-book on creating your social media marketing plan at:

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Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan for Small Business

  1. 1. CreatE your Social Media Marketing Plan<br />Brand Your Company<br />Presented by:<br />Jo Guerra <br /><br />303.632.2928<br />1<br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />
  2. 2. Recent Stats: Social Media Marketing<br />Depending on how much time they have been on social media: newer marketers to social media spend 1 hour (median), after a few months 10 hours (median) per week<br />56% of marketers spend 6 or more hours, one in three invest 11 hours<br />Top social media tools: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs<br />65% of marketers have just started using social media<br />Major benefit: 85% of marketers said exposure & improved traffic<br />Second benefit: rise in search engine ranking leading to lead generation and reduction in marketing expenses<br />50% of marketers found social media generated qualified leads<br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />2<br />*<br />
  3. 3. Patience, persistence, consistencynever spam<br />Not an overnight project<br />The more you do, the more you can get back, especially when you are strategic<br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />3<br />
  4. 4. The different flavors <br />Social networks - Facebook<br />Business social networks – LinkedIn, Fastpitch<br />Microblogging sites – Friendfeed, Twitter<br />Video Marketing – YouTube , Google Video<br />Website Creation & Blog<br />Search engine optimization & keyword selection <br />Online directories - Google Maps, Yahoo, Yelp<br />Email marketing – IContact, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi<br />Online press releases <br />Events – Meetups<br />Photosharing & online presentation sharing – Flickr, Picassa, Google docs, SlideShare<br />& even more: article directories, internet radio, podcasting, online television, mobile marketing, bookmarking, etc. <br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />4<br />
  5. 5. How in the heck do you decide?<br />Are you a writer? <br />Are you comfortable in front of a video camera?<br />Do you like communicating with people online?<br />Do you like personal networking?<br />Do you like taking photos? Or can you share photos about your product or events? <br />Do you like sharing short blurbs of information?<br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Creating Your plan: Questions<br />What are your goals? <br />Where are you at now in your social media efforts? <br />Have you started your efforts?? <br />What social media avenues are you involved with or would you like to be involved with? Why? <br />Do you have a website? <br />Do you have a blog? <br />Have you done some keyword research and is your site optimized? <br />If you are involved in social media, how many avenues are you active in? <br />How much time do you have to devote to your social media efforts?<br />How do plan on or how do you measure your results?<br />Who are you trying to reach? <br />How much time do you have or want to devote? <br />What do you need to learn? <br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />6<br />
  7. 7. Pick your top one to five<br />Examples<br />Blog – write one article/week (1/2 hour to 1 hour) <br />Or create one to three short blog entries (1/2 to 1 hour)<br />Video – create video with same content as blog (1/2 to 1 hour)<br />Share video & blog entry(ies) on social network(s) (5 to 10 minutes) once a week<br />Share articles you find on social network(s) (5 to 10 minutes twice a week)<br />Facebook in 10 minutes/day*<br />Update your status<br />Check the wall & comment or share entries, videos, etc.<br />Wish your friends happy birthday<br />Accept friend requests & invite friends you meet or know<br />Answer direct messages<br />Look at notifications<br />Original post at:<br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />7<br /><br />
  8. 8. Find & use tools*<br /> – updates your blog and networks from one place<br /> to shorten web addresses<br />Twitter – Tweetdeck or Seismic<br />Connect things you post on social networks with applications from within network – but don’t spam connections<br />Traffic Geyser – video syndication <br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />8<br />*There may be a charge for some tools. <br />
  9. 9. Social media Schedule<br />Treat your marketing schedule as an appointment and add it to your calendar<br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />9<br />
  10. 10. Case Study: Marketing plan<br />Customer wanted to use only Facebook. Already had existing website and customers. Did not want to share certain information with everyone on FB. Also had privacy issues regarding clients. Needed to grow friends list. Totally uncomfortable with social networks. Had 15 minutes/day to spend on FB. <br />Create lists for family, clients, etc.  <br />Search and share article on massage once week. <br />Add clients to FB – new and old <br />Capture emails at office to connect with people on FB & for eventual email list <br />Talk about new customers generically. Thank customers for business (privacy issues)<br />Thank people for references. Occasionally ask for reference<br />Add to local listing<br />Ask five people to write reviews on local listing<br />Post event twice a year<br />At event:<br />Offer drawing for 30 minute massage<br />Sign up form or drop cards for email informing them of being on permission based email<br />Create email signature with contact info<br />Capture emails from event<br />Do Facebook in 10 minutes/day*<br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />10<br /><br />
  11. 11. Create Your Social media Marketing Plan Free Download Ebook<br />Download you copy of my free Ebook:<br />Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan workbook. <br />Loaded with information and questions to guide you in developing your manageable and successful plan. <br /><br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />11<br />
  12. 12. Thank you!To your success, <br />Jo Guerra<br />Speaker • Trainer <br />Social Media Strategist & Consultant<br />PO Box 370732<br />Denver, CO 80237<br />303.632.2928<br /><br />Website & Blog:<br />LinkedIn:<br />Facebook:<br />Facebook Page:<br />Twitter:<br />Meetup:<br />LinkedIn Denver Entrepreneur Group:<br />Small Business Rock Stars: Coming soon to Facebook & LinkedIn<br />Your Marketing Gal Copyright 2010<br />12<br />