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Smb ottawa joi


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This is a talk I gave at Social Media Breakfast Ottawa

Published in: Business, Technology
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Smb ottawa joi

  1. 1. . Joi Podgorny Director, Community EngagementAnimal Jam, Smart Bomb Interactive May 16, 2012
  2. 2. Who is this “Joi” character?• Online Community Vet for over a decade – Actuary turn Chat Monitor• Kids Media aficionado (aka “expert”) – Worked on dozens of brands and properties• Remote teams champion• Project Management, Productivity & Efficiency nerd Skype:joipodgorny• International travel junkie Twitter: @joipod
  3. 3. Who is this “Joi” character?• I am a professional Community Manager• I believe that Communities are: - Helpful through the tough times - GMTA, but Arguments/Disagreem ents are healthy - Collaborative, tide that raises all the boats• My goal in talks is to get the room talking to Skype:joipodgorny each other Twitter: @joipod
  4. 4. What should we chat about? • Social Media Strategy Development for kids media properties • Community Management &GamificationConsideraions • How Business Analytics is used for our brands
  5. 5. Who is your target audience?• Who is your average customer? What are their habits?• Who do you picture using/interacting with your brand? Multiple kinds of customers?• How often are they seeking or needing your online offerings?• Have you don’t this exercise before? Yes – how can you enhance/tweak?
  6. 6. KIDS-Gender/Age groups - What ways are they - All boys or girls? Both? interacting and playing - All ages or mixtures? with your brand?- Do kids in different geographic markets interact with your branddifferently (US/Europe/Asia)? How so?
  7. 7. PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS- Do you see your parent audience as primary or secondary?- Are they playing/interacting with your brand with your kids? Istheir experience different? How so?- What are their needs and how are they different than your kidaudience needs?
  8. 8. PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS- Education and Safety are important areas to fall back on whenyou need filler content with this audience.- Parents are an interesting demo, because there are so manygenerations to consider.- Each generation may interact with your brand online in adifferent way, so it’s important to consider it as a factor
  9. 9. PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS- This demo has more access than children but they can not only accessdifferent channels, they may use different devices on each channel -Do they need to be able to purchase things on every channel?- Think about how accessible you want and need your content to be?- Is the availability of some info more powerful of a point than themactually using them?
  10. 10. BUSINESS/B2BAdvertising Messaging – Banners, partnerships, sponsorships, revenueshares, affiliate programsContests – easier to partner, big legal considerations, i.e. skill based testsLicensing/ Product Sales – selling products online? Build your own or joinanother site? Partner with other sites?Different Markets – locals will know their audiences, trends, nuances best
  11. 11. What are yourGoooooooals?- Are you looking for new users?- Enagaging with existing?- Opening up new demos?- Getting research?- Offering new/exclusive features?
  12. 12. ContentThings to consider:• New Content• Events• Push Marketing messages or more Conversational with your audience• Sharing – allow audience to comment? Moderated or not?
  13. 13. ContentThings to consider:• Length – actual characters, told all at once or over time• Multi-channel – same brand story/messaging on each site? Or Different experience/content in each place? Mixture? How so?• Frequency
  14. 14. So many channels…Traditional – Facebook, Google PlusExisting Communities – Bloggers, Fan Sites, ParentingVideo – Youtube, Vimeo, Kidsbop, KidzuiMicroblogging– Twitter, TumblrPhoto Sharing – Pinterest, Flickr, PicasaLocation Based – Yelp, Foursquare, GowallaKid Sites – Everloop, Kidzui, Poptropica, WhyvilleGame Aggregators – Addicting Games, Miniclip, Spil
  15. 15. Different people are drawn to different networks.To make it more complicated, one person can be in amultitude of different SM moods at any given moment.
  16. 16. Community Management - Internal versus External Communities -Insourcing versus Outsourcing - Voice, Tone, Frequency - Organizational Structure -Mktg? Tech? Operations? Autonomous? - Corporate Communication Plan - Crisis Management - Human Resources - Privacy, SM Policies - Legalities - COPPA, DPA, International
  17. 17. Gamification Guess what?! Kids like games but so do grownups Making standard site operations more fun leads to: • better adoption rates • higher retention • less bounce • more conversions
  18. 18. Gamification Areas for gamification •Regsitration • Email Verification/Validation • Parent Communications • Newsletters • Reports/ Controls • Contests • Bragging rights • Incentive based play
  19. 19. Business Analytics Acquistion> Retention > Conversion Unique Visitors  Unique logins  Subscriptions Registrations  Submissions  Cancellations Referring Sites  Duration  Upgrades Geography  Heat Maps  Addt’l Purchases Computer Stats  Repeat plays  Family/Group Demographics  Depth of Views Membership Bounce  Demographic Diff’s  Churn Rates/Points  Referral Programs  Charge Backs Click thrus  Bounce  Incentives Rates/Points  Micro-trans  Chat/Game Activity  Disciplines
  20. 20. Thanks! Skype: joipodgorny Twitter: @joipod