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Introduction to JOINUS KOREA


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Introduction to JOINUS KOREA

  1. 1.  Korea’s Number 1 language talent volunteer community of 29 languages (JOKOER:’ Language, Culture and Knowledge Communicators without borders’)  Korea’s first OSMP(One Standard Multi-platform): people to people Q&A of multilingual and multicultural operating platform “The concept of a nation will become scarce , instead, the status of parties, associations, organizations and international organizations based on online network will be much greater in the future.” The conventional companies have been evaluated by their sales volume, whereas various services as their social responsibility to enhance corporate culture and image in the community determine their value . - PETER DRUCKER Projects ordered by company or organization frequently change. Therefore, the human identity and jobs will be followed by a sense of belonging to the association or the organization, not by the firms and titles. MIT “Inventing the Organizations of the 21st Century”
  2. 2. Mission History  Dec.,2010 Established Promotion Committee for Multilingual Knowledge Sharing Community  Jun.,2011 Approved and supported by Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency under Ministry of Employment and Labor in Korea  May,2012 Registered as a private, non-governmental organization (NGO) of Seoul (No.1418)  Feb.,2013 Designated as support organization for Multicultural integrated program by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family  Apr.,2013 Designated as Sharing Organization of knowledge and talent of Seoul city (No.27)  Aug.,2013 Registered as volunteering organization through 1365 Nanum portal under Ministry of Security and Public Administration  Jun.,2014 Designated and supported as private, non-governmental organization under the Ministry of Strategy and Finance  Apr.,2015 Advisory Organization for PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games Members More than 2,198 members of 29 languages (Aug.,2015) Nation most various lingual talent volunteers Main Work  ‘Train and educate ‘JOKOER’: Language, Culture and Knowledge Communicators without borders  Develop and operate global multi-lingual and multi-cultural knowledge sharing system
  3. 3. JONUS KOREA takes the initiative in vitalizing non- governmental diplomacy through knowledge, whose fundamental idea comes from the 21st version of Hongik- Ingan spirit' 'to benefit all citizens of the world.' To fulfill such, this organization will practice the following: 1. Organize a multilingual and multicultural community as we train knowledge exchange activists(JOKOER) on language and culture without border. 2. With the mindset of participation, sharing, openness, and autonomy as the foundation, actualize communication with no language barrier as we propel the activity of donating multilingual talents. 3. Through communicational environment of non-profitable organization that is independent of democracy and power, we make a place of consistent policy convergence and non-distorted public opinion formation, in addition to leading on enhancing decaying recovery of humanity and value of humanism on cyber world, as with the coexisting ecosystem that seeks common good with the related industry.
  4. 4. 1) To provide integration and communication space for Koreans-foreigners 2) To contribute to better adapt to local life through providing benefits to foreigners 3) To establish PR policy for foreigners and understand related public opinion 4) To reduce nation related service budget by social overlapping cost reduction 5) To develop and activate foreigner-related service business 6) To resolve conflict of multicultural social issues 7) To enhance nation status through national image improvement 1) Acceleration to a multicultural society 2) Main language in the Web sites are English, Chinese and Japanese 3) Government-operate website 4) Limitation of telephone interpreting service 5) Korean Website: hard to join and work for foreigners - More than 1.5 millions of foreigners are staying in Korea - Absence of communication space for minor languages - Fragmentary and unilateral information - Temporary, volatile and non-shared information - Absence of private communication space for multicultural sharing
  5. 5. English 41.2% Chinese 21.0% Japanese 14.4% German 2.3% Italian 1.1% Russian 1.4% Thai 0.8% Arabic 1.7% Polish 0.2% Sri Lankan 0.2% Swedish 0.4% Turkish 0.8% Mongolian 0.5% Nepali 0.2% Bangladesh 0.2% Uzbek 0.2% Portuguese 0.9% Spanish 3.4% Vietnamese 0.8% Bahasa Indonesia 2.1% Bahasa Malay 0.4% Hindi 0.2% 0.3% Myanmar 0.2% Cambodian 0.1% Tagalog 0.1% Kirghiz 0.1% Pakistan 0.1% Aug. 2015
  6. 6. Knowledge Information Exchange Sponsor ship
  7. 7. 2 8 101151272327 686 1,235 1,852 2,037 2,241 2,465 2,7112,7112,711 2,982 3,2813,281 3,4453,445 3,7893,903 4,293 4,5084,643 5,107 - 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 answers
  8. 8. • Total 20 interviews with Ambassadors to Korea under business agreement with the Embassies • Completed with the 14 Ambassadors including Poland, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Malaysia, Vietnam, Spain, Ireland, Thailand, France and Portugal. • To improve social awareness and recognition of multicultural society through agencies network PR video: Sponsor
  9. 9. Insa-Dong, Jongro Namsan Tower, Joong-Gu
  10. 10. Incheon International Airport Seoul Immigration Office
  11. 11. (Line1) Jong-Gak (Line2) Shinchon (Line3) ExpressBus Terminal (Line4) Hoehyun * After the theme for Hope Advertising was selected by the public contest and made by talent donation of Innocean Worldwide.
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