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Feel think do 08.04.13

  1. 1. The emotional advertising network.
  2. 2. For those who don’t know, an online advertising network or ad network is acompany that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisement.
  3. 3. Our network will be based on the next step in business intelligence:predictive analytics We will understand how emotions translate intothoughts and how thoughts translate into actions.
  4. 4. We do this for majorfirms, to help themwith marketing and innovationEmotions have a significant impact on purchasebehavior, but marketers find it difficult to predict what this impact will be. We will remove this uncertainty.
  5. 5. Ultimately, we are removing the consumer’s mask We use the latest in EEG (Brain), ECG (Heart) and EMG (Skin) sensors to transmit emotional data, which we match to actions.The sensors are attached to the body, via a headband or cap (for EEG) and via a mobile phone case (for ECG and EMG).We then monitor the actions people take, like the media they consume and the products they buy, to match these back to their emotional state.
  6. 6. The resulting datalet’s us segment andtarget people based on emotionsIf we know that women whoare sad like to watch Bridget Jones Diary and eat ice cream, Netflix and Unilever can serve ads to these women.
  7. 7. The current ! Caleb Aimee Partners6 years working in digital Former management consultant Academic: Brain marketing and and Australian Government Pasley, Neuroscientist from the advertising, for Official, experienced in project University of California, Berkley.Publicis, WPP and L’Oreal. management and communications. Commercial: Neurosky, the Prior experience working “Intel” of EEG and ECG with, developing and NB: Governments are our chips, and (hopefully)selling ad networks related number 1 target – they are the Affectiva, a WPP-backed agency to behavioral targeting. biggest advertisers in the world! who use EMG for media and ad research.
  8. 8. Future additions? Researcher Developer Electrical Engineer Analyze the data and Develop an application that Invent and build the actualextract insights to sell to links the emotion data with items to attach to people (for our clients. browsing data (for now we will now we are using other peoples overlay the two elements via tech, but ideally we would Ultimately segment the time stamping). produce our own). data into consumer groups for accurate Develop an ad exchange; a self- Ultimately combine the campaign targeting service bidding system (for now different chips (EEG, ECG, EMG)(i.e. Sad Housewives 25- we will sell this data for an to create the ultimate 39 in Madrid). agreed CPM). emotional sensing device.