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Use of Social Media in Medicine - Getting the Most Out of Your Medical Twitter Account


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This presentation was created to expand physician's thinking about how their Twitter presence can be leveraged to build professional networks, educate, respond to crises, and more.

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Use of Social Media in Medicine - Getting the Most Out of Your Medical Twitter Account

  1. 1. Pediatric Grand Rounds – The Use of Social Media in MedicineGetting the Most Out of Your Medical Twitter AccountJohn Little, Manager, Physician RelationsDate: February 6, 2011
  2. 2. (Just a Few) Things You Can Do With Twitter 1. Promote clinical trials (or any other document) 2. Get plugged in 3. Participate in focused discussions 4. Share photographs and other images 5. Share desktop screencasts 6. Go mobile 7. Start a revolution
  3. 3. Promote Clinical TrialsInstantly share IRB approved clinical trial flyerswith a global audience1.Uploaded approved flyer to web server2.Shorten URL at http://bit.ly3.Paste trial title and URL into Twitter updatebox.4.Done!Why URL – Twitter limits you to 140characters2.Metrics. See how many people click on yourlinks.This process works with any file type. It isn’t just forclinical trials.
  4. 4. Get Plugged InTwitter is more than communication. LikeGoogle it provides access to content.1.Keyword searches2.Follow key accounts3.Create listsUse forcomplex searches by person, place, keyword,exact phrases, even attitude!Example Searches:“Pediatric Cancer”cancer AND childrenpediatrician OR pediatrics
  5. 5. Get Plugged InTwitter is an excellent tool for professionalnetworking and subject matter exploration.1.Keyword searches2.Follow key accounts3.Create listsUse to search for and tofollow other experts. Following others buildsyour knowledgebase and your visibility. Theywill see that you’re following – and likely followback.
  6. 6. Get Plugged InTwitter is more than communication. It’saccess to content.1.Keyword searches2.Follow key accounts3.Create listsTwitter list feature allows you to group thepeople you follow by topic. Viewing the listwill show only the updates from those listed.Lists can be private or public.List Ideas:Professional organizations, Health care media,Colleagues, Private “friends” list, Patientadvocates, Pharma, Personal interests
  7. 7. Focused Discussions Hashtags are keywords that “tag “ a conversation so that readers can easily find all relevant tweets/comments. They’re great for conferences! Creating a hashtag is easy 1. Any word in your tweet that starts with a pound sign is a hashtag. That’s all you have to do Twitter makes hashtags “clickable” automatically. Clicking on one reveals the entire conversation thread. You can create your own or use others (as long as your input is relevant). Examples: #mdacctrials #pediatrics #oncology #ASPHO2010
  8. 8. Share Images Sharing photos is easy. It can even be done from your mobile device while on the move. TwitPic is a favorite 1.Create a free account - 2.Connect your TwitPic and Twitter accounts 3.Upload an image via the web or via email on your mobile device 4.Add a description 5.The description and a shortened link to your image will be automatically tweeted for you.
  9. 9. Share Screencasts Screencasts are videos of activity on your desktop which can include a voiceover. They are ideal for sharing dynamic presentations. Screenr 1.Create a free account - 2.Select the visible area (window) on your desktop that you want to record. 3.Record a voiceover with your PC microphone as you move through the presentation 4.Add a description 5.Hit submit and the screencast will be tweeted with a short URL and your description
  10. 10. Go Mobile There are countless Twitter applications for your phone and other mobile devices. Apple devices: Search the App Store from your device Blackberry: social/twitter.jsp Android: Search the Android Market Third-Party Apps Tweetdeck, Twitbird, Seesmic, Hootsuite Find More apps/
  11. 11. Start a Revolution Or manage a crisis. Twitter (along with Facebook) has become the fastest way to coordinate relief efforts and organize people. Social media networks are broader and faster than global news networks or government intelligence services. The marriage of SMS (phone texting), mobile An Egyptian doctor gives out medical supplies in front of an army tank during clashes in #Tahrir square #Jan25 multimedia devices (phone w/ cameras and video) and social media allows faster and more comprehensive communication than ever before. You are your own network.
  12. 12. Go Mobile
  13. 13. Getting StartedCommunications and Physician Relations are Here to Help:John LittleManager, Physician Relations TexadaProgram Manager, External