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Chem 3.5 answers #10


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Chem 3.5 answers #10

  1. 1. CHEMISTRY 3.5 ANSWERS WORKSHEET TEN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Polyesters & Polyamides1. Water, ester.2. (a) -OC-C6H4-COO-CH2CH2-OOC-C6H4-COO-CH2CH2-OOC-C6H4-COO-CH2CH2-O-3. (a) -OOCC10H6COOCH2CH2OOCC10H6COOCH2CH2OOCC10H6COOCH2CH2- (b) HOOCC10H6COOH and HOCH2CH2OH4. (a) Amide, diammine, nylon. (b) -HNC6H4NH-OCC6H4CO-HNC6H4NHOCC6H4CO-HNC6H4NHOCC6H4CO-5. (a) Amide linkage (b) …-OC(CH2)4CO- HN(CH2)6NH-OC(CH2)4CO- HN(CH2)6NH-…6. (a) Polyamides, amine. (b) Proteins. (c) -OCCH(CH3)NH-OCCH2NH-OCCH(CH3)NH-OCCH2NH- (d) Peptide link.