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Designing for the i pad building applications that sell by chris stevens designing a sale


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Designing for the i pad building applications that sell by chris stevens designing a sale

  1. 1. Designing for the iPad: Building Applications that Sell by Chris Stevens For Beginners Or Hobbyists, Not For Professionals.Get in the game of developing successful apps for the iPadDesigning forthe iPad presents unique challenges for developers and requires anentirely different mindset of elements to consider when creating apps.Written by a highly successful iPad software developer, this book teachesyou how to think about the creation process differently when designingiPad apps and escorts you through the process of building applicationsthat have the best chance for success. Youll learn how to take advantageof the iPads exciting new features and tackle an array of new designchallenges so that you can make your app look spectacular, workintuitively, and sell, sell, sell!Bestselling iPad app developer Chris Stevensshares insight and tips for creating a unique and sellable iPad appWalksyou through sketching out an app, refining ideas, prototyping designs,organizing a collaborative project, and moreHighlights new c odeframeworks and discusses interface design choicesOffers insider adviceon using the latest coding options to make your app a surefiresuccessDetails iPad design philosophies, the difference between industrialand retail apps, and ways to design for multiple screenorientationsDesigning for the iPad escorts you through the steps ofdeveloping apps for the iPad, from pencil sketch all the way through to theiPad App Store.Designing for the iPad had me excited. As a graphic designer myself, Ihave sketched a few plans for a product I would like to release on the iPad.Chris Stevens has a listed some topics to consider when approaching yourfirst design. Unlike the books that are directing me through Xcode, Cocoa,and the hurdles of programming, Designing for the iPad is the book to referto for the litmus test just before you take your app to its final spot: the AppStore. The book did bring up an interesting fact in marketin g and reviewsand I believe once I am finally ready to put my app to the store, I may bemore prepared on that front than had I passed this book by.
  2. 2. Having read through Designing for the iPad, I am now less excited. Notspecifically about designing for the iPad but the book itself could havebeen boiled down to a few to do lists with pictures. Particularly usefulinclude the modeling of iPad ergonometrics, especially the shots of whatmight be blocked while trying to use touch points, explaining why the iPadis not a large iPod Touch, the key features of the iPad, the importance ofself-marketing your new app to get attention, and highlighting the featuresof currently successful apps.What was not useful: half page memos of key concepts, pages after pagesof color screen shots of apps that did not actually tie into anything on theprevious pages of discussion, navigating designing apps for clients, andfinally behind the scenes of the authors main app, Alice In Wonderland. Iappreciated the material to some extent, I just did not find it necessary tohelp in the overall design quest.If you have never marketed anything to any audience, this book is a must.If you have significant experience in the design industry (ex: a designdegree, been a designer for over 5 years, been a marketing director, etc.),you can pass this book up and thumb through it at the library for theinformation you need. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: Designing for the iPad: Building Applications that Sell by Chris Stevens - 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!