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How can I get more involved with OpenStack?


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How can I get more involved with OpenStack?

  1. 1. How can I get more involved with OpenStack? John Garbutt @johnthetubaguy Principal Engineer, StackHPC
  2. 2. @johnthetubaguy’s OpenStack Journey
  3. 3. Yes, I do play the Tuba...
  4. 4. Question: How do I get this commit upstream?
  5. 5. Question: How do I get this commit upstream?
  6. 6. Question: How do I fix my problem upstream?
  7. 7. How I think my solution fits upstream... My Solution
  8. 8. How upstream views itself Long term vision Current State
  9. 9. What if we compare those two views? My Solution Internal View Upstream View
  10. 10. After talking about the problem... Joint Solution
  11. 11. Problem First, Solution Second
  12. 12. Deep Dive: OSIC Live-migration Bugs
  13. 13. Virtual Machine Disk Remote Local Network CPU and Memory
  14. 14. Runs at Source • Setup and/or Sync disk • Iterative pre- copy of memory Paused • Estimate downtime • Stop and copy memory Runs at Destination • Activate network • Tidy up source
  15. 15. Bugs we found ● Stuck Migrating ● Race in call to undefine_domain ● Timeouts (waiting block migration)
  16. 16. Why could we fix them now? ● Ability to reproduce the failure ● Got the “correct” logs to pinpoint the error ● Ability to test the fixes
  17. 17. Did you spot the common theme?
  18. 18. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it. To Kill a Mocking Bird By Harper Lee
  19. 19. What can I do?
  20. 20. Contribution Frequency One Off Infrequent Regular
  21. 21. Next steps... ● Come meet the OpenStack community ● Fix that confusing bit in the docs ● Submit that bug report ● Upload that little bug fix ● Help with reproduction, logs and testing fixes ● Review a Specification that interests you ● Ask me a question
  22. 22. @johnthetubaguy @StackHPC
  23. 23. What does contributing look like?
  24. 24. OpenStack Process Idea PTG, Forum Spec Blueprint Bug ML, IRC Git Tempest Gerrit
  25. 25. Demystify Roles ● Contributor = Everyone who helps the OpenStack community ● PTL = Project Team Lead, previously Project Technical Lead ● PTG = Project Team Gathering, in person discussions ● Core = Core Reviewer: has +2 and +W permissions in gerrit ● CPL = Cross Project Liaison ● Czar = Someone driving some effort forward ● TC = Technical Committee

Editor's Notes

  • Citrix private cloud packaging
    Started going to design summits
    Moved to Rackspace Public Cloud
    Nova-core, Nova PTL, TC
    Moved to OSIC
    Moved to StackHPC

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  • Getting full context of the problem.
  • By User:Kalan - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
  • Empathy is important.
  • Note: these are all volunteers