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Azure functions and container instances

In this talk we will go through using Microsoft Azure serverless and container technologies to automate a recurring process and reduce costs. In my work I was required to create a system which repetitively performed actions against web pages. I used selenium with the page object model as the model to interact with the pages, the code was executed using an Azure function which instantiated a browser in an Azure container Instance using a standard docker container. A transient container was used to avoid having to have one permanently installed on a VM, the container could be created only for the time it was needed. As serverless and Azure container instances have a usage charging model the costs were negligible compared to running a dedicated VM for the operation. In this talk I will talk briefly about:
Selenium and Page Object Model - how it aids re-usability of selenium code
Azure Functions - the developer experience
Azure container Instances - what they are and how setup and removal can be automated

But mostly how the above fits together to make a great developer experience and deliver a solution at minimal cost.

Show Selenium webdriver working
Show how deployment process works
Show how the function looks on azure portal

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Azure functions and container instances

  1. 1. Azure Functions and Container Instances By John Staveley 02/03/2019 @johnstaveley
  2. 2. Overview The Problem Selenium and Page Object Model Azure Functions – developer experience Docker SideCar pattern Azure Container Instances Polly for reliability
  3. 3. Who am I? John Staveley Mvc C# Azure Angular developer Organiser at Leeds Sharp, Leeds Data Science meetups Second migration into Azure from OnPrem
  4. 4. The Problem
  5. 5. Problem Requirements No Api Interact with the website – Navigate to the website – Logon – Navigate to target web page – Interact with the page Do this every day at 8pm without fail Try and avoid additional cost (No more Vms!) Framework for solving similar problems
  6. 6. Architectural Diagram of MajorDomo
  7. 7. Azure Functions Used to drive the actions WebJobs bad, Azure functions good Service plan vs Consumption charging Azure SDK in visual studio, uses .Net core 2.2 Precompiled function Triggers: Blob/Table/MongoDb storage, Queue, Timer Local Function and Storage Emulators for debug Deploy as web service
  8. 8. Why Selenium?
  9. 9. Selenium Used to drive a browser to interact with the website Supports Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge etc Selenium Grid
  10. 10. Page Object Model Example 1 Pattern used to ensure a maintainable representation of the web pages
  11. 11. Page Object Model Example 2
  12. 12. Page Object Model Example 3
  13. 13. MajorDomo Demo See selenium interacting with the web pages Code explanation – Pages using Page Object Model – How Page object model was used
  14. 14. Docker and SideCar pattern Used to contain the browser Why? So I can test selenium grid will work locally Docker – like small Vms SideCar pattern Demo: MajorDomo running locally using docker
  15. 15. Azure Container Instances Used to contain the browser in Azure cloud ACI billing similar to VMs Docker image: selenium/standalone-chrome Startup/Shutdown using Azure libraries:
  16. 16. Azure Container Instances Demo: MajorDomo running container in Azure
  17. 17. Job done - Celebration!
  18. 18. Beer stabilisation
  19. 19. Polly Overview A reliability/resilience framework .Net/.Net Core Resilience Policies: • Retry - ‘Maybe it’s just a blip’ • Circuit Breaker - ‘That system is down / struggling’ • Timeout - ‘Don’t wait forever!’ • Bulkhead Isolation - ‘One fault shouldn’t sink the whole ship’ • Cache - ‘You’ve asked for that one before!’ • Fallback - ‘If all else fails … degrade gracefully’ Custom Policies - All policies can be combined, for multiple protection!
  20. 20. Polly Implementation Applying a reliability policy to MajorDomo:
  21. 21. Summary  Page Object Model for a maintainable model of web pages  Azure Precompiled Function in the cloud, same power as a container without the charging model  Azure Container Instances SideCar on demand  Polly for reliability and resilience  No VM, Pay as you go for azure function = No Cost  Slides on slideshare
  22. 22. Further Resources Selenium: contents SideCar: distributed-systems/9781491983638/ch02.html Control Azure: net Resilience: Docker images:
  23. 23. Any Questions? @johnstavele