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Module 9 Causes of Civil War


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Module 9 Causes of Civil War

  1. 1. Some Major Causes of the Civil WarImage:
  2. 2. Sectionalism: The growing differences between the North and the SouthImage:
  3. 3. States rights: The belief that states had certain rights….even above the national government!Image:
  4. 4. Slavery: TheSouth dependedon slavery as theirway of life. Manynortherners were“abolitionists” andwanted to abolish,or do away with,slavery
  5. 5. The book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin: This book by Harriet Beecher Stowe caused great controversy about the condition of slavery!Image:
  6. 6. Dred Scott v.Sanford: TheSupreme Courtstated in thisdecision thatslaves wereproperty and hadno rights ascitizens!Image:
  7. 7. Election ofAbraham Lincoln:This was the “finalstraw” for theSoutherners.Lincoln was aRepublican andsoutherners felt hewas going to doaway with slavery!
  8. 8. Secession: After Lincoln’s election, thesouthern states began to secede, or removethemselves, from the union.Image: