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Mr. Potato Head Power Point


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Mr Potato Head's world travels.

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Mr. Potato Head Power Point

  1. 1. The Exciting World Travels of Mr. Potato Head August 1996-????
  2. 2. Mr. Potato Head travels to the land of the Pharaohs… and admires the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Sphinx is not the only one without a nose!
  3. 3. Mr. P overlooking Cairo and its 18 million inhabitants.
  4. 4. Enjoying a felucca ride on the Nile River with his new Egyptian friend.
  5. 5. Mr. P attempting to part the Red Sea… (keep trying!) If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Mr. P heads in for some snorkeling adventures.
  6. 6. Mr. P (and Mr. J) snorkeling in the Red Sea.
  7. 7. Mr. P atop Mt. Sinai at sunrise.
  8. 8. The site of Mr. P’s tragic fall off the summit of Mt. Sinai. Fortunately, a new Mr. P arrives in Egypt!
  9. 9. Mr. P visits the boundary between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Indian Ocean Atlantic Ocean
  10. 10. Mr. P goes on safari! Unfortunately, Mr. P’s focus on getting his good side in the photos keeps him from seeing the trouble that lies ahead…
  11. 11. Suddenly, Mr. P finds himself attacked and brought back to a den of lions! Fortunately, the lions recognized who he was before any serious injuries were inflicted…
  12. 12. Mr. P visits a school in the United Arab Emirates, then visits the shore of the Persian Gulf.
  13. 13. Observing some oil drilling and fishing at sunset. A mosque serves as the backdrop for this snapshot.
  14. 14. Above: Mr. P enjoys the sun at the Mediterranean Sea. Right: But what is Mr. P doing now???
  15. 15. Ah-ha!!! The missing sphinx head has been found!
  16. 16. Mr. P makes friends with a few Jewish boys and then gets a ride on a camel!
  17. 17. Outside the Old City of Jerusalem.
  18. 18. Left: Mr. P visits the Church of the Nativity. (Built on the traditional site of the birth of Jesus.) Below: OOPS!!! Mr. P got a little too close to those guns! Don’t mess with the Israeli Army!
  19. 19. Overlooking the Dead Sea at Masada. It’s true! Even Mr. P floats in the Dead Sea!
  20. 20. Mr. P finds he has some fans in this kindergarten class near Cairo, Egypt. Back home in Washington, Mr. P attends a family reunion.
  21. 21. Mr. P visits Magic Mountain and makes friends with Bugs Bunny…but it looks like somebody is a little jealous!
  22. 22. Hmm…where is this foreign land? Now if he can just find his way out of the corn…
  23. 24. The hills are alive… with the sound of moo-ing.
  24. 26. Small cars, wooden shoes, canals, bikes, and Mr. P…must be Amsterdam!
  25. 27. Rockin’ Mr. P visits Big Ben in London… before going to downtown Brussels.
  26. 28. Looks like this building could use some help from “Tool Tater.”
  27. 29. Studying the ruins of the Colosseum.
  28. 30. Saying hello to the Pope prior to spending some time in the canals of Venice.
  29. 31. Everybody knows David from the front…but only Mr. P knows David from the other side!
  30. 33. After taking a dip in the Rhine, Mr. P visits an abandoned watchtower at the site of “Checkpoint Charlie” in Berlin.
  31. 36. Mr. P is mysteriously potato-napped!! We first received word after he was released by his captors in Tanzania! Then began his treacherous climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.
  32. 37. Overcoming his previous fear of climbing, Mr. P celebrates as he reaches 4394 m. (About 14,274 ft.)
  33. 38. After retreating down the mountain, a well-deserved safari greets Mr. P. After a long climb, Mr. P reaches Gilman’s Point, an elevation of 5685 m. (About 18,500 ft)
  34. 39. Mr. P finds his way back to Egypt and makes friends with an Egyptian waiter in this resort town along the Red Sea.
  35. 41. Who is that coming out of King Tut’s tomb? It’s Mr. P!!! Traveling north, Mr. P finds himself with some statues in Luxor.
  36. 42. All seems calm at the nation’s capital as Mr. P finds his way to the Lincoln Memorial and then to the White House.
  37. 43. At the DMZ, Mr. P finds himself on the world’s most dangerous golf course…look more closely and you’ll see why!!!
  38. 47. Taking a dive in Venezuela! Uh, oh! These guys look hoppin’ mad!
  39. 48. After a run for our southern border, Mr. P gets stuck —OUCH!!!
  40. 49. First, Mr. P decides to try out the lesser known Not-So-Great Wall of China. Then, he heads out for the real thing!
  41. 50. WAIT!!! Don’t do it, Mr. P! Oh, no…perhaps all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could come in handy right about now!
  42. 51. Mr. P on his Last Crusade .