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Just Craft Soda

What we're all about

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Just Craft Soda

  1. 1. Introducing Just Craft Soda! •  A new range of carbonated soft drinks •  We’re meaningfully different: 1.  Five unique, intriguing flavours 2.  Made with 60% fruit juice 3.  Containing only natural ingredients •  Our brand, , speaks to the simplicity of and principles behind our products Lemon and Lemongrass Peach and Habanero Pear and Vanilla Apple and Ginger Cherry and Cinnamon
  2. 2. What makes a good craft soda?! Bold Flavours Experimentation Unadulterated Local Independent Image 1 2 3 4 5 6 A rejection of the bland, not made for the common denominator Helps to facilitate consumer exploration and serendipity Quality ingredients, processed with a light touch With roots in the community The under-dog, conducting business according to principles For those in-the-know, a counter-point to over- produced ‘lifestyle brands’
  3. 3. Why craft soda?! •  Canadian Beer and Soda categories are remarkably similar: •  Multi-billion dollar •  Mature duopoly •  Declining $sales •  Although total Beer sales are sinking, the Craft Beer segment is booming: •  British Columbia: 1 in every 5 beers sold is Craft (+35% vs. YA) •  Ontario (LCBO): Craft Beer sales +25% for past four years Let’s do the same with Craft Soda!
  4. 4. Check us out and get in touch! www @just_craft_soda just_craft_soda