Cloud computing ppt for wordpress meetup v 3.0


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Presentation to WordPress Bay Area DFoothill meetup.

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  • We need better names for the engagement options but this is a start.The cloud readiness package will determine where their IT bits are on the maturity model, which apps are most cloud ready, and serious gaps in readiness and a concrete plan for moving forward.Deliverable based consulting is for situations where they have a good understanding of what they need or want.Managed services to outsource non-core functions or to fulfill “burst capacity” needsStaff Augmentation - augment your technical or project management team as an alternative to direct hire, or when specialized, hard-to-find skills are require
  • Armada CEF is designed to profile applications, providers and guide cloud architecture designThe basic characteristics of a cloud are attractive to all apps, but the devil is in the detail (not much detail around)Are you just turning your problems into storm clouds? Cloud doesn’t solve a problem with your current situationLot of fluff around the cloud, what it is. Is it Amazon, virtualization? You need to get into the detailsLook down beyond the broad notions of benefits.Workload – over a period of time, what is the application performance and utilizationArchitecture – is it layered, compartmentalized, clean and well understoodFinancial – Do you what it costs today, tomorrow and how much to come back if you have to. Key is what are you losing by being in the cloud and now have to pay for? Paying for things you won’t need.Risk – putting stuff out of your environment – alignment of priorities (does your vendor care about you at all), what happens if things breakOperations – people, process and tools that manage your environment. What you have, what yo been using and will it be enough.Security – privacy, regulation, complianceIn each of these elements there are many things to be consideredClick through each and chat about how one or two can affect outcome
  • Cloud computing ppt for wordpress meetup v 3.0

    1. 1. Cloud Computing<br />WordPress Foothill Meetup<br />February 16,2011<br />John Seyer, The Armada Group<br />
    2. 2. Topics<br />The Conversation; Then and Now.<br />What is “Cloud Computing”.<br />The Consumer Cloud<br />The Business Cloud<br />Outside to In….Challenges facing IT. <br />Customer centricity. <br />Discussion .....<br />2<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    3. 3. The Conversation; “Then and Now”<br />Then, <br />Physical – proximity - limitations<br />Storytelling<br />“the porch”<br />Newspapers<br />Magazines<br />Telephone<br />Radio/Records/Movies<br />TV<br />Talk radio<br />Early Online - CompuServe<br />Early Web- aol, geocities<br />Now, <br />Virtual – no limitations <br />Blogs <br />Communities<br />“mavens”<br />“social media”<br />MySpace<br />Facebook<br />Twitter<br />Sites for mobile devices, ipads.<br />3<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    4. 4. What is Cloud Computing<br />Workloads no longer physical but virtual. <br />Elastic - scales to meet demand<br />Massive Economies of Scale - drive efficiency <br />Pay as You go - “by the drink” or “per month”<br />“organized collection of compute, storage, network resources”.<br />SaaS, PaaS and IaaS<br />Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds<br />4<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    5. 5. The Consumer Cloud <br />Ecommerce/ Ad based services<br /> Yahoo<br />Google…gmail<br />eBay<br />iTunes<br />Travelocity, Expedia<br />YouTube<br />Facebook<br />Game providers<br />Twitter<br />Software-as-a-Service<br />Turbotax - intuit<br /><br />Mozy<br />Carbonite<br />Anti-virus providers<br />5<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    6. 6. The Business Cloud <br />SaaSPaaSIaaS<br />Software-as-a-Service Platform-as-Service Infrastructure-as-a-Service<br /> Amazon Web Services<br />Workday Azure rackspace-cloud<br />NetSuiteEngineYardTerramark<br />SuccessFactorsHerokuOpsource<br />ZohoZoho AT&T hosting<br />DemandTecCloudBeesJoyent<br />Oracle OnDemandPHPFogGoGrid<br />SAP Bus. By Design BungeeConnect<br />WordPress<br />6<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    7. 7. Outside / In : Challenges facing IT <br />IT expectation…“better/faster/cheaper”<br />Apple & eCommerce….“easy to use”<br />Self-service: software is now “try before you buy”. <br />On demand and SaaS: I want it now !<br />The Amazon Web Services story.<br />Don’t say NO, ask How ? <br />7<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    8. 8. Customer Centricity <br />Customer acquisition and customer service applications/platforms will merge – “the customer cloud”.<br />More data sources from inside and outside the enterprise.<br />Customer analytics is even more critical.<br />Finally, more than a 180 degree customer view.<br />CMO’s want a digital marketing platform.<br />8<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    9. 9. Discussion <br />Examples of cloud services.<br />Examples of cloud architectures.<br />Social media analytics, near real time ad networks and “big data”.<br />Cloud API’s extending capabilities and replacing OEM.<br />Managing choice from the tidal wave of new options.<br />9<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    10. 10. Appendix…about The Armada Group<br />John Seyer<br /><br />408.966.5041<br />
    11. 11. How Armada can help<br />Fast Track<br />Analysis<br />Health<br />Check<br />Solution <br />Design<br />Identify best value with least impact to work-in-progress<br />2nd opinion or improve current project health<br />Public, private, bursting, virtualization, consolidation, tools, testing, process, people<br />Post<br />Implementation<br />Services<br />Service <br />Management<br />Implementation<br />Plan, execute, measure<br />Effective management & continuous improvement<br />Strategic talent acquisition, training, knowledge transfer<br />11<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    12. 12. Cloud Evaluation Framework<br />Cloud Characteristics*<br />Self-Service<br />Ubiquitous access<br />Resource Pooling<br />Rapid Elasticity<br />Auditability/Metrics<br />Typical Requirements<br />Cost<br />Time-to-market<br />Capacity Scaling<br />Availability<br />Availability<br />Integration<br />Points<br />Deployment<br />Method<br />Statefulness<br />Architecture<br />Latency<br />Seasonal<br />Standardization<br />Transition<br />Costs<br />Workload<br />Application<br />Coupling<br />Lock-in<br />Threadedness<br />Batch<br />Access<br />Points<br />Financial<br />Interactive<br />Transient<br />Target<br />Scenarios<br />Privacy<br />Opportunity<br />Cost<br />Technical<br />Design<br />Jurisdiction<br />Security<br />Business<br />Critical<br />Alignment of<br />Priorities<br />Problem<br />Management<br />Operation<br />Certification<br />Trust<br />Risk<br />Testing<br />Regulation<br />Operations<br />Contract Terms<br />Provider<br />Failure<br />Metrics/ <br />Instrumentation<br />Capacity<br />Planning<br />Speed of<br />provisioning<br />* Adapted from NIST Definition V15<br />12<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />
    13. 13. The Armada Group<br />Design and implement Smart Infrastructure<br />IT Operations & Infrastructure<br />High-traffic web applications<br />Measurable outcomes and a clear path forward<br />Deep industry experience<br />Significant projects<br />13<br />The Armada Group, Proprietary <br />