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Selectstash is a private online shopping community. Here is a presentation created for its merchant members.

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S E L E C T S T A S H Presentation1

  1. 1. Key Points •The Select Manifesto •The Celebration •Membership and audience •Why Selectstash? •Merchant Partnerships •How to join as a Merchant?
  2. 2. Selectstash is a private online shopping community where small stores, stashed all over the New York City area, can showcase their products and sell through a highly secured e-commerce platform. Members enjoy a boutique shopping experience where hand selected items varying from stylish clothing, bags and jewelry to unique home accessories and other hard to find products are offered at valued prices or through limited time promotions.
  3. 3. The Celebration What are we celebrating? Choice! Selectstash wants to celebrate choice defined by lifestyle and shared through fashion. Lifestyle is defined by the way you walk, it's expressed in the way you speak, it's where you are now and where you came from but there is one part of your lifestyle that can change your image in one second, your personal dress code. You select how, why and when to buy what you want. Why? Because you can. That's our motto ” SELECT | Because you can." A dress code is not only about clothing and fashion it's about how you dress up your life. A dress code can apply to everything you choose and our exclusive shopping environment lets you select your stash and never have to settle for less.
  4. 4. Membership? What's your dress code In order to shop on the selectstash website and take advantage of all selectstash offers you need a dress code. This is a code that is sent to you in an email once you become a member. Membership is free, however you must be invited by an existing member to join. THE PROCESS THE CODE QuickTimeª and a decompressor QNS230 MNT212 are needed to see this picture. QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. QNS706
  5. 5. Membership and audience Target Audience Current Members •Web users age 21 - 35 •There are currently 500 SelectStash members. •Geo Target New York City •CC users •These members are people interested in unique Items, promotions, exclusivity, and trends. •This ubane community ranges from college students To city workers to dancers and business professionals. Membership Development •Email Blast •Events through cross promotion •SEO/SEM •Social Media Channels •Exclusive list optimization •Promotions •Local Store cross promotions
  6. 6. Why are merchants using "SelectStash"? Merchants love to use "SelectStash" for a variety of reasons: 1. Many merchants spend most of their time on developing their product or running their store, this doesn't allot time to run a professional online store as well. 2. Many merchants need to get product off their selves in order to make room for new merchandise. "SelectStash" has no minimum, which works perfectly for small merchants looking to take advantage of an online channel. 3. Many merchants are limited to servicing their local community. "SelectStash" is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it's open to anyone with a computer. 4. Merchants receive monthly additional revenue which they never had before because they were a single channel business. 5. "SelectStash" also can act as a stepping stone for some brands to launch and test their products for less than opening their own store. 6. Other Online stores can also use "SelectStash" through space ads and affiliate programs.
  7. 7. Merchants Partnership Process • Set up account with Selectstash (est. 1 - 2 weeks) • When and order comes in Selectstash notifies you. • Select Stash provide mailing materials. Place product in the mail and send product to the customer. 4. At the end of every month collect extra revenue from Selectstash with a report to optimize sales. Cost • Monthly fee This depends on how many products you want to sell. • Margin or incentive plan agreement Merchants can choose from two options - • Commission pricing: "SelectStash" and the merchant agree to a commission incentive plan where "SelectStash" collects 10% of gross sales from the sales of merchant products. The 10% will be deducted from the monthly payment on the first of every month. • Margin pricing: "SelectStash" and the merchant agree to a margin pricing incentive plan where "SelectStash" receives a reduced price for product, which will then be marked up at an agreed upon amount. Other charges that may apply if you don't have pictures of your products. "SelectStash" can provide a photo shoot where product shots can be taken in order to sell them on web.
  8. 8. QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  9. 9. How to join as a Merchant? Step 1) Decide what to sell? Step 2) Decide which plan works for you? Step 3) Provide products and descriptions to Selectstash for photos. Step 4) Receive revenue from Selectstash when product sells. Contact: John Serrano info@selectstash.com 646 - 287 - 6140