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This is the flyer I will use to introduce people to my project.
It gives an overview of the ASEAN + 1 strategy.

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  1. 1. STRATEGY JOHOR + SHANGHAI / ASEAN + 1 START YOUR In Johor I propose partnering with Khazanah and CONTACT Petronas. EDUCATION Khazanah oversees the development of Johor John Mansfield (Iskandar region). +60172253987 Petronas sponsors F1 in Malaysia and Co sponsors REVOLUTION the Chinese F1 in Shanghai. These two companies are also major shareholders here in Malaysia’s car company Proton. Within this core group we have one University, several Motorsport groups, at least two R&D facili- ties. Add in local and foreign training institutions and you have a viable and highly competitive educational institution. Malaysia will at this point have the first on track University. What next? I feel at this point Shanghai should be given the opportunity to set up a campus. Petronas are their trusted partner in F1. It is a logical and natural second step. At this stage, I would expect that one million online students* would be a realistic target. * “I hope that within 10 years, we will reach one million students. You can’t have one million on campus but MOTORSPORT UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA you can have one million students if you have a lot of them doing online courses.” Quote: Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing
  2. 2. Alternatively: 1999 2011 Malaysia was the first Asian country to embrace MOTORSPORT UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA Motorsport at the highest level with the construction of Johor opens the world’s first track based SepangF1 and the introduction of F1 to the region. University! Today there are many new circuits competing for F1 Virtual exposure. The latest being Singapore. Virtual student headcount one million after Johor and Shanghai campuses in place 2008 Hardware Singapore run F1 on a street circuit, and are the first Petronas Motorsport Division (Johor) to hold the event at night. Hardware Proton Motorsport Division (Johor) Petronas and Proton R&D 2011 Track Virtual Media support Singapore will open it’s new FIA approved circuit. It is based in Changi, and will host all FIA approved racing Track other than F1. A real life working track Due to it’s proximity to the airport and coast it also intends to host air and marine events. Bernama Poll (12/2006) 2011 Considering the current economic environ- Johor FIA approved circuit closes as it cannot ment in Malaysia, the setting up of a spe- compete with Singapore. cialised university on automotive and motors- ports industry is: Another first for Malaysia! Desirable 11% Highly Desirable 43% Long-overdue 21% Unnecessary 25%