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  1. 1. SAC books concert Book buyingBy John Schroeck By John SchroeckFeatures Editor Staff WriterApril 21, 2010 December 9, 2009 Although the 2010 Spring Concert, featuring Over the past three decades, the cost of collegehip-hop duo Reflection Eternal, is arriving late in textbooks has increased at twice the rate ofthe semester, the Student Activities Council has inflation. Considering the current economicbeen working for nearly a year to bring high- climate, Xavier Senate hopes to provide directioncaliber talent to Xavier’s campus. for students who would like to find the best prices “Concert co-chairs junior Megan Belden, available.sophomore Hattie DeLisle and the rest of the “Let it be clear that this is in no way an attackconcert committee have put in a great deal of on eFollet or the Xavier University Bookstore.effort this year to make a concert possible,” junior Many times they provide reasonably-priced andEmily Dougherty, SAC Chair said. “I am grateful quality books,” junior Daniel Francis of thefor their passion to bring a concert to campus.” Community Affairs Committee said. Reflection Eternal is composed of Brooklyn “However, we realize that students may needemcee Talib Kweli and Cincinnati to make drastic cutbacks and many of ourrapper/producer Hi-Tek. suggestions present that opportunity.”“These artists are highly respected in the hip-hop For discounted books, Senate suggests sitescommunity,” Dougherty said. “Their live such as (new and usedperformances are energetic and engaging. Their books at or below MSRP, includes free shipping),music simultaneously educates and entertains.”,, and Kweli’s 2007 solo album Eardrum debuted at 2 on the Billoard charts, and Hi-Tek has There are also websites that rent outworked with well-known rap artists such as 50 textbooks. and areCent, Snoop Dogg and Mos Def. both Netflix-style services that deliver books right On Thursday, Reflection Eternal returns to to your door.Hi-Tek’s hometown to perform a collection of For students comfortable with readingsongs at Xavier in support of its second album textbooks online, check out and“Revolutions Per Minute,” with an expected date of May 18. The Xavier Book eXchange Board in the Opening for Reflection Eternal is up-and- Gallagher Student Center is also a viable solutioncoming talent J. Cole, a rapper/producer best to expensive textbooks.known for becoming the first artist to sign with Senate further suggests that students makeGrammy Award-winning rapper Jay-Z’s music sure that they find out what books they will needlabel Roc Nation. He was also featured on the by e-mailing their professors long before classestrack “A Star is Born” from Jay-Z’s most recent start so they have time to shop around to find thealbum “The Blueprint 3.” best prices. Unlike SAC-sponsored concerts over the past Older editions of books are typically muchseveral years, the event will take place on the more inexpensive, so asking professors if thegreenspace. current edition of a certain textbook is needed “SAC used to hold music festivals on the can go a long way.greenspace and it was extremely popular for Getting a book’s ISBN number, typicallystudents,” Dougherty said. “It is an area that found on the back right corner of a book, canallows for a free show, which is something we also be quite useful in making quick pricewanted to do. It was also a great addition to our comparisons.Spring Week.” Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek and J. Cole will perform at6 p.m. on Thursday, April 22 on the Greenspace.Admission is free for all students.
  2. 2. 2006. He currently teaches at Saint Joseph’sXavier provost University in Philadelphia. Dr. Scott Chadwick is currently vice presidentsearch narrows to for academic affairs, a position similar to that of the Xavier provost, at Canisius College a Jesuitfinal two university in Buffalo.By John SchroeckFeatures EditorFebruary 16, 2011 Cincinnati’s Two candidates remain in the running to bethe new provost and chief academic advocate of comedy prodigyXavier University. Dr. William Madges of Saint By John SchroeckJoseph’s University and Dr. Scott Chadwick of Staff WriterCanisius College are the final candidates in a February 10, 2010search that has been narrowed down from aninitial pool of 52 over the past several months. Josh Sneed has always had a knack for making In January, five semi-finalist candidates were people laugh. At the turn of the 21st century, heinvited to campus for a round of interviews. worked as a systems analyst for Procter & The provost search committee, made up of 11 Gamble. By day, he slaved away under fluorescentadministrators, faculty and staff members, tubes, and by night he was getting stage time atrecommended three of the five semi-finalists to every open-mic he could find.Xavier President Fr. Michael Graham, S.J. From He quickly began making a name for himselfthe three recommendations, Graham chose in the stand-up comedy scene, and by 2002, leftMadges and Chadwick to return to campus for a his day job at P& round of interviews. Soon after his departure, he began touring This week, the candidates were both vetted on nationally, opening for such acts as Davecampus by the Higher Learning Commission Chappelle, Louis C.K. and Mitch Hedberg. By(HLC) of the North Central Association of 2004, he was making appearances at prestigiousColleges and Schools, an independent comedy festivals including Just For Laughs incorporation that accredits degree-granting post- Montreal.secondary educational institutions. He recorded a 30-minute special for Comedy They also interviewed with the University Central in 2006 and placed 2nd out of 100 in thePlanning and Resourcing Council (UPRC) and 2008 Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown.Fr. Graham. This feat earned him a deal with Comedy The final decision for the position will be Central Records, and later that year he releasedmade by Graham. his debut album “Unacceptable,” which was Dr. Steven Herbert, head of the search recorded at Go Bananas Comedy Club incommittee said the provost works very closely Cincinnati.with the president, so the two need to be able to During this time, Sneed collaborated withwork well together, said Dr. Steve Herbert of the fellow Cincinnati comedian Darin Overholser tosearch committee. form Look At Me Shirts, an online t-shirt shop. Good rapport with the president is not the They found considerable success selling shirtsonly needed qualification for the position. online and creating special designs for comediansGraham will choose the candidate that is best like Doug Benson.suited to help progress Xavier into the future, In 2009, they decided to collaborate withHerbert said. another Cincinnati-based t-shirt company, The final decision will come down to the Donkey Tees ( The shopcandidate who is the best qualified and has the specializes in pop culture references and funnybest skill set. seasonal designs. Dr. William Madges is a graduate of XavierUniversity and worked as theology chair through
  3. 3. While the new website is quickly finding conducted a forum on behalf of the Universityinternational success, Donkey Tees has recently Planning and Resource Council (UPRC) toopened a retail shop locally in the Florence Mall. discuss the recently passed $201,772,000 budget In January 2009, Sneed debuted his podcast with members of SGA.“Detention” described as, “a show about comedy, The operating budget was significantly cutpop culture, and your mom” after the enrollment target for the 2008-09 school( year was missed. The recent large budget increase With fellow Cincinnati native and co-host was much needed, according to Amyot.Mark Chalifoux, Sneed provides an insider’s look The $16 million increase allows for theinto the stand-up comedy world. addition of 11 new faulty members, bringing the Though its run has been relatively short, student-to-faulty ratio down to 12.3-to-1 from“Detention” has already played host to a variety of 12.7-to-1 in 2009. It also allows for 6.25 new full-guests, from local up-and-coming acts such as time employment (FTE) staff members. The 0.25Geoff Tate and Ryan Singer, to comedy veterans is an estimate representing a staff memberlike Jimmy Pardo and Bobcat Goldthwait. compensated 0.5 to 0.75 of FTE. 72 percent of His everyman style of comedy has created a the budget is funded by tuition/fees and 12remarkably diverse fan base and, unlike most percent room and board. The other 10 percent issuccessful stand-up acts, Sneed has managed to funded by endowment, athletics and variousbecome a national success without permanently other sources of revenue. Members of SGAdeparting from his hometown. expressed concern with the University’s large While he still tours nationally, the success of dependence on tuition for financial stability. Thishis t-shirt business has allowed him to spend dependency is a key financial issue UPRC ismore time at home and less on the road. currently addressing, alongside limited This weekend (Feb.11-14), Josh Sneed will endowment and flexibility, according to Amyot.headline Go Bananas Comedy Club in While this is an issue UPRC hopes to remedy, itCincinnati with feature act Will Hardesty and is not one that is likely to change very drasticallyhost Mark Chalifoux. Sneed and Chalifoux will in the near future, Amyot said. The dependencyhost a special live podcast recording after the on tuition stems from various key factors, mainlyshow on Sunday. Xavier’s lack of grants and medical clinics thatFor reservations, visit many larger universities use as a means financial support, according to Amyot. Another key issue is weak endowment. While donations took a significant dive from $125 million after the 2008 economic crisis, they have since risen toOperating budget $116 million for the current fiscal year. Only 4 percent of financial aid is funded by endowment;released the rest comes from tuition. Xavier’s ratio of endowment to FTE ranks 22th out of the 28Budget increased by $16 million Jesuit universities in the US and 13th of 14 nearby competitor colleges like Miami Universityfrom last year and the University of Cincinnati. There are plansBy John Schroeck for a campaign to increase endowment over theFeatures Editor next several years, according to Amyot. WhileMarch 23, 2011 admitting that there are still many gaps to close, Amyot ended the forum emphasizing a balanced Last month, for the first time in University budget, aligned resources with priorities andhistory, the Board of Trustees passed an operating improved financial health overall.budget exceeding $200 million. The budget is up$16 million from last year, $11,385,000 of whichcomes from increased tuition. On Monday, Maribeth Amyot, vice presidentfor Financial Administration and chief financialofficer of Xavier University and Robert Munford,director for Financial Planning and Budgeting,
  4. 4. Providing hope bywriting ‘love’By John SchroeckStaff WriterFebruary 17, 2010 Xavier’s Active Minds club will be sponsoringa “To Write Love On Her Arms” (TWLOHA)eventThis Thursday, Feb. 18, from 10 a.m. to 2p.m. in the Gallagher Student Center. “We want people all over campus to write“love” on their arms to raise awareness about self-injury, depression, suicide and addiction,”sophomore Luke Beischel, club president said. The group will have markers and love tattoosavailable for people to use.“We’ll also be handingout flyers to ensure the message is effectivelyconveyed,” Beischel said. Active Minds was founded nearly a decade agoat the University of Pennsylvania. Theorganization’s founder, Alison Malmon, was astudent there when her older brother Briancommitted suicide. Brian had been suffering from depression andpsychosis for several years but concealed hissymptoms from everyone, including his closestfriends and family.Malmon was dissatisfied with how scarcely mentalhealth issues were being discussed on her school’scampus. She founded Active Minds to combat thenegative social stigma surrounding mental illnessand to encourage anyone who needs help to seekit immediately. Her main goal was to spread education andawareness to help prevent future tragedies such asthe one that stole the life of her brother. The organization expanded from Penn’scampus, and today has chapters at approximately200 campuses across the nation. A chapter wasrecently founded at Xavier. TWLOHA is a non-profit organizationdedicated to providing hope to those strugglingwith depression, self-injury and suicide. The organization’s mission statement furthersays,“TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform,inspire and also to invest directly into treatmentand recovery.”For more information, and