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The Marketing Models


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Various Marketing Models: The SCOPE Planning Model, The Marketing Hourglass, The Brand Engagement Cycle, Basic Model of Ecommerce Design, Content Channels, The VAULT CRM Model, The Risk - Reward Matrix

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The Marketing Models

  1. 1. Image: Tomomi Sasaki on FlickrThe Marketing Models 1Created by John Webb
  2. 2. The SCOPE Planning Model SITUATION • Rear-view pertaining conditions which have a relevant and material impact on the planning decision with regards to internal or external environmental factors. CORE COMPETENCIES OBSTACLES The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012 • Unique strengths and abilities of the business which • Potential issues and threats that could jeopardize provide the fundamental basis for the provision of the realisation of future Prospects. added value to customers and are critical to the delivery of competitive advantage. PROSPECTS EXPECTATIONS • Possibilities, chances and opportunities existing • Future-view anticipated developments in internal both internally or externally to the business which and external conditions that could materially have an apparent probability of enhanced sales and influence or impact the delivery of plans to meet / or profits created through the leveraging of its the identified Prospects. Core Competencies. | @WebbJS
  3. 3. The Marketing Hourglass TACTICS METRICS AWARENESS • Brand Advertising • Brand Awareness / • PR Attribution KNOWLEDGE BASIS FOR DEMAND • Social Media • Engagements Engagement • Traffic INTEREST CONSIDERATION • Demand Advertising The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012 • Social Media Endorsement • Purchase Intent INTENT DEMAND GENERATION • Promotions • Conversion • Site Funnel PURCHASE • Pre-RM ACTIVATION • Customer Onboarding & Engagement • Satisfaction REPEAT CRM • Database Marketing • Cross Purchase • Social Media Endorsement PREFERENCE LOYALTY • Loyalty / Reward • Referrals Programmes REFERRAL / ENDORSEMENT PROLIFERATION • Net Promoter Score • Social Media (NPS) Proliferation ADVOCACY / EVANGELISM | @WebbJS
  4. 4. The Brand Engagement Cycle The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012 ENGAGEMENT | @WebbJS
  5. 5. Basic Model of Ecommerce Design 8. Ecosystem 1. Pre-RM The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012 7. CRM 2. Range 6. Social Sharing 3. Merchandising 5. Content 4. Discoverability | @WebbJS
  6. 6. Content Channels The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012 | @WebbJS
  7. 7. The VAULT CRM Model The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012 | @WebbJS
  8. 8. The Risk-Reward Matrix HIGH INTELLIGENT GAMBLE The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012 REWARD LOW SAFE AVOID LOW HIGH RISK | @WebbJS
  9. 9. www. The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012 @WebbJS 9
  10. 10. The Marketing Models © John Webb 2012in2MARKETINGinnovation intrapreneurship marketing 10