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390 pro 4


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390 pro 4

  1. 1. How has the workplace evolved overthe years? Is there a way in which wecan measure good design?tyler johnsonarch 390pro 4Ideal workplace
  2. 2. 300 SF/EMPLOYEE150 SF/EMPLOYEE75 SF/EMPLOYEEProgressive office design measuresphysical space by density by deter-mining what number of people can ef-ficiently work in a space. Workplacesheading in a more streamlined direc-tion are looking to make quality com-pact space that in return will save themin the long run.Concentrate
  3. 3. How do we plan for the future of officedesign when technology is constantlychanging? One thing that will alwaysbe necessary will be that interperson-al communication an office can fa-cilitate. Over the past 30 years officeinteriors have changed as technologyadvanced. The future trend isn’t abouttechnology; it’s about creating a spacewhere ideas can be shared quickly.Technology
  4. 4. On any given day of the workweek there could be up to 25%of employees out of the office,whether they are working fromhome or traveling this absenceequals wasted space.Flexable
  5. 5. Corporate workplace design has beenconstantly evolving as technology ad-vances. dynamic office space whereworkers had the freedom to work in avariety of spaces whether it be solitaryor as part of a team.Adapt
  6. 6. Idealpaperless ($)(environment)low partitions (communication)cloud server (security)personal laptop (mobility)personal phone (mobility)bike or bus transportation (parking)open to changeunassigned seating (25%)<150 sf / employee ($)