Scouts Young Leader Scheme


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Briefing presentation for Group Scout Leaders in Daventry District about the Young Leader Scheme.

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Scouts Young Leader Scheme

  1. 1. Young Leader Scheme A briefing for GSLs 1
  2. 2. A growth story • The Young Leader Scheme is in a vital and growing part of the Scout Movement. • Growth in Daventry District of 28 % between 2012 and 2013 • On the 2013 census (2012 in brackets), we have 63 (49) registered Young Leaders: 25 (32) boys/38 (17) girls. • The scheme is an important source of future adult leaders and an excellent training scheme for young people who want to develop their leadership skills Young Leader Scheme - GSL briefing April 2013 2
  3. 3. Young Leader Scheme Application as Adult Leader or Occasional Helper Register as Network member to continue towards Queens Scout Award Options on reaching 18 14 to 18 years old Young Leader Scheme DofE Service Young Leader invested as an Explorer Scout Complete Module A - 3 months of joining Continue training Young Leader service registered with DofE Joins Young Leader Scheme as an Explorer Scout Completes 3 or 6 months service YP wants to continue as a YL? Entrypointforexistingor newScoutmembers EntrypointforYPon DofEserviceonly Send YL data to DESA at start of each term Sign-off DofE service record and leave No Yes Young Leader Scheme - GSL briefing April 2013 3
  4. 4. Young Leaders’ Scheme: the headlines • The scheme is part of the Explorer Scout section. Once invested, Young Leaders automatically become part of the Explorer Scout section managed by the District Explorer Scout Commissioner • Young Leaders are often active members of their local Explorer Scout unit. However, they may choose to work as a Young Leader only. Either option is fine. • The scheme is open to young people between 14 to 18 years • To participate, young people must be invested as an Explorer Scout • The only exception is for 14 to 18 year olds who approach us to do service as part of the DofE scheme – see separate slide • Young Leaders can help in the Beaver Scout, Cub Scout, and Scout sections. N.B. Young Leaders are not eligible to be included in your adult supervision to young people ratios. • Full details of the scheme can be found in the factsheet: Young Leaders: information for Beaver, Cub and Scout leaders %20Info%20for%20Section%20Leaders.pdf • Once Young Leaders reach 18, they will automatically leave the scheme. If they wish to continue as leaders, they will then apply to become an adult leader or occasional helper. • For members who want to continue towards their Queen Scouts Award will also need to register as Network Scouts Young Leader Scheme - GSL briefing April 2013 4
  5. 5. DofE Service • Approaches from 14 to 18 year olds, who are not Scouts but who want to work as a Young Leader for 3 or 6 months for their DofE service, are welcomed • Although they are not registered on BackPack as Explorers, their personal details need to be advised to the District Explorer Scout Administrator • Each DofE Scheme member must complete Module A of the Young Leader Training Scheme • For insurance purposes they are insured by DofE while they do their 3 or 6 month stint with us • Please note, that on completion of their 3 or 6 months DofE service their DofE insurance ceases. At this point they must either leave or join our Young Leader Scheme Young Leader Scheme - GSL briefing April 2013 5
  6. 6. Young Leader training • Young Leader training is separate to the Adult Training Scheme and is managed by the ESL (Young Leaders) • All Young Leaders, including those who are doing their service for DofE, but who are not Scouts, must complete Module A of the Young Leader Training Scheme within 3 months of joining. • Module A covers essential information and training about the Scout Association, child protection and activity rules and safety Young Leader Scheme - GSL briefing April 2013 6
  7. 7. Capitation and Census This page highlights the principal considerations to take into account when managing the annual capitation and census returns for YLs. Policy on the payment of capitation - general principles re Young Leaders In line with the practice for Adult Leaders, many Groups agree to pay the annual capitation for Young Leaders as recognition of their service. This practice is recommended. However, each Group should decide how many YLs it is able to support financially and make the policy clear to YLs and their parents when they start. For example, are there any conditions that Groups want to set to qualify for the payment of capitation? e.g. a commitment to attend an agreed number of meetings per term, active participation in the planning and running of section meetings, progress with the YL training programme Census and capitation – Young Leaders who are also active members of an Explorer Scout Unit For census purposes, YLs who are also active members of an ES Unit will be recorded by the ESL for the unit to which they belong. The unit will be billed for the capitation and not the Group. N.B. Where a YL is working in a different Group to the one in which their unit has a direct link, it’s possible for some confusion to arise as to who is making the capitation payment to the District . The simple ‘rule of thumb’ is that the capitation is paid by the ES Unit and so the Group who is receiving the YL’s service should pay the Unit. The policy and rules concerning all these arrangements should be recorded in the partnership agreement between the GSL, ESL and DESC. Census and capitation – Young Leaders who are not active members of an Explorer Scout Unit For census purposes, where a YL is not a member of an ES unit, the YL will be recorded on the Group census, in the same way as other Group leaders. This also means that it is the Group that will be billed for the capitation Young Leader Scheme - GSL briefing April 2013 7
  8. 8. Tracking Young Leaders • Complete return of Young Leaders and DofE Service Young Leaders at the beginning of each term. Send to DESA • This information will help us to: – Plan Module A training – Offer other District-wide training, development and support for all Young Leaders Young Leader Scheme - GSL briefing April 2013 8