Event Catalogue for the Seascapes Art Exhibition


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Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its January 2011 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The theme and the basis for this month’s art exhibition was “SeaScapes” where participating artists provided their interpretation of this theme by depicting coastal living, ocean activities, seaside vistas and any related seashore subjects.

An art competition was held in December 2011 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery received submissions from 15 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 27 different states. Overall, there were 500 entries that were judged for this art competition.

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Event Catalogue for the Seascapes Art Exhibition

  1. 1. SeaScapes Art Exhibition January 2012 Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery 118 Poinciana Drive, Jupiter, FL 888-490-3530 - www.lightspacetime.com
  2. 2. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Event CatalogueLight Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an art competition during the period of time from the middle ofNovember through to December 29, 2011. The theme of the art competition was “SeaScapes”. The gallery asked 2Dartists to submit their best interpretation of this theme by providing seascape art which depicts coastal living, oceanactivities, seaside vistas and any related seashore subjects to this competition. There were no geographic restrictionsfor the artists for this art competition.The gallery received submissions from 15 different countries from around the world and they also received entriesfrom 28 different states. Overall, there were 500 entries that were judged for this competition. The gallery chose 5artists for first through fifth places and also 5 artists for Honorable Mention awards. Due to the volume and thequality of the entries, the gallery also selected an additional 90 artists for Special Recognition awards.Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s winners, along with the 90 SpecialRecognition Artists. Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery commends all of the artists for their courage to compete,for their artistic skills and finally for their creativity.In addition, the catalogue for this art exhibition can be seen online at http://www.lightspacetime.comPlease Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright tothese images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition, someimages may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct imageratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.
  3. 3. SeaScapes Art Exhibition1st Place – Harvey Rogosin - “Morning Solitude”
  4. 4. SeaScapes Art Exhibition2nd Place – Megan Levacy – “Flight of Memory”
  5. 5. SeaScapes Art Exhibition3rd Place – Leung Kamhung – “Good Morning Victoria Harbour”
  6. 6. SeaScapes Art Exhibition4th Place – Karen Terry – “Shore Line”
  7. 7. SeaScapes Art Exhibition5th Place - Rosie “Rodeorose” Udovicic – “The Sea”
  8. 8. SeaScapes Art ExhibitionHonorable Mention - Lee Bonsper – “Boat House”
  9. 9. SeaScapes Art ExhibitionHonorable Mention – Cynthia Fleury - “Abandoned for Winter”
  10. 10. SeaScapes Art ExhibitionHonorable Mention - Arthur Goldberg - “Blackbeards Cove Tortula”
  11. 11. SeaScapes Art ExhibitionHonorable Mention - Linda Lowery – “Beach and Grass”
  12. 12. SeaScapes Art ExhibitionHonorable Mention – Tony Podue – “The Slip”
  13. 13. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Andrew Annenberg – “Misty Cove” Danielle Austen – “Mist"Cortez Austin – “Sea Oats and Storm” Richard Barone – “Rounding the Mark”
  14. 14. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Bruce Barton – “Untitled” Susan Beazley – “Coyevinas Corfu”Mike Bell – “Morning Blues Druridgebay” Lynne Bernay-Roman – “Neptunes Palace”
  15. 15. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Tamara Bettencourt – “Untitled” Robert Bickel – “Wave Study”Christophe Boete – “Waiting for the Leviathan” Lindsay Budner – “Atlantic Ocean”
  16. 16. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Josh Butcher – “Untitled” Terrence Butler – “Empire”Murdoch Campbell – “Tenacity” Jadranka Carluccio-Grbic – “Castelsardo”
  17. 17. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Ione Citrin – “Beachin” Michele Congdon – “Heidis Beach”Sonya Conti – “Tapestry” Cecile Cornille – “Message”
  18. 18. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Gill Cox – “Now Listen Boys” Stan Czesniuk – “Reflection”Patrick Dixon – “Westport Sunset” Sam Dixon – “Sailing Along the Bay”
  19. 19. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionStephen Dobson – “Beachcombers” Linda Doyle – “New Smyrna Morning Surf”Kenneth Fasano - “Day at the Beach” Gay Forster – “Storm Force”
  20. 20. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Rick Gallant – “Holland Cove” John Gilluly – “Beachwalk”Jeff Grant – “Cumulonimbus Ice” Sue K. Green – “Jersey Shore”
  21. 21. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionRobyn Hallewell - “Sea Capers” Barbara Harmer - “Foggy Cove”Jon Holiday – “Pemaquid Point” Susan Johnson – “Crossing Kachemac Bay”
  22. 22. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionJay Kaplan – “Marshland” - jlk156@gmail.com Yana Klimava – “Sol” Gregory Lancaster – “Launch” Valerie Leri – “Ocean Colors”
  23. 23. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionMatthew Lowden – “Kare Kare” Jon Lutter – “Beach Tracts – B” Jean Macaluso – “Carefree” Elizabeth Macchio – “Crab House”
  24. 24. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionZeke Mallory – “Storms Coming” Frances Marino – “Coming Out of the Fog”Basha Maryanska – “Silver Light” Peggy Casey Mason – “Misty Harbor”
  25. 25. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionMilt Masur – “Big Sur Receding Light” Stuart May – “Gullstorm” Liz McCreadie – “Incognito” Rebecca McWilliams – “Bar Harbor Maine”
  26. 26. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionLisa Mereddy – “Coastal” Christine Mestrovich – “Clearwater”Maria Mills – “Regatta” Gaylord Mink – “Lone Walker”
  27. 27. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionRichard Mittelstadt – “Frigate Country” Shahrnaz Monfared – “Ocean Colors”Amber Moran – “Loggerhead Hatchling” Daniel Mortensen – “Untitled”
  28. 28. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Gloria Moses – “Cambria” Shoko Mukai – “Rhythm of Rain”Lily Nava – “Quest for the Pearl” Joel Patience - Edmonds to Starboard”
  29. 29. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionBrian Paul – “Big Sur Early Morning” Hilary Pulitzer – “M Dream Café” Dorothée Rapp – “Prepared” Josue Roman – “Sunset II”
  30. 30. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionDennis Sabo – “Captiva Colors” Marilyn Samwick – “Keeping Watch”Manon Sander – “Ocean Facts” Michael Schertz - “Shi Shi Afternoon”
  31. 31. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Barbara Schoenfeld – “Untitled” Jolanta Senczyna – “Inishmaan”Almine the Countess of Shannon – “Misty Harbor” Nick Shiflet – “Channel Frequency”
  32. 32. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionPaul Singer – “Foggy Morning at Burnt Head” Keith Skinner – “Greenwood School” Judith Lynn Smith – “Storm Approaching” Dia Spriggs – “Misty Lighthouse”
  33. 33. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special Recognition Carol Staub – “Asian Moon” MickeyStrider – “Bombay Beach Sunset”Sallie-Anne Swift – “Political Struggle” Samantha Tebbutt – “Fish Eat Fish”
  34. 34. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionLewis Isaac Testa – “Untitled” Mary Dorsey Wanless – “Greece“ Michael Whitaker – “Norway” Courtney Wyatt - “Escape”
  35. 35. SeaScapes Art Exhibition Special RecognitionKajal Zaveri – “Sea Breeze” Sydney Zentall – “Morning Colors”
  36. 36. SeaScapes Art Exhibition – Artist’s Contact InformationAndrew Annenberg Ione Citrinwww.AndrewAnnenberg.com http://www.artbyione.comDanielle Austen Michele Congdonwww.danielleausten.com www.macwatercolors.comCortez Austin Sonya Contiwww.cortezaustinphotography.com www.marysonyaconti.comRichard Barone Cecile Cornillewww.neobarone.com www.theurbangallaxy.comBruce Barton Gill Coxwww.brucebarton.org www.gillcoxart.co.ukSusan Beazley Stan Czesniukwww.susanbeazley.com www.stanc-images.comMike Bell Patrick Dixonwww.mike--bell.artistwebsites.com www.DixonMarinePhotography.comLynne Bernay-Roman Sam Dixonwww.gallery.jupiterphoto.com www.samdixon.orgTamara Bettencourt Stephen Dobsonwww.fineartamerica.com/profiles/tamara- www.stephendobson.combettencourt.html Linda DoyleRobert Bickel www.lindadoyleart.comwww.bickelart.com Kenneth FasanoChristophe Boete www.KenAndInk.nethttp://www.christopheboete.net Cynthia FleuryLee Bonsper www.cynthiafleury.combonsperl@bellsouth.net Gay ForsterLindsay Budner www.saa.co.uk/art/gayforsterwww.lmntlphoto.com Rick GallantJosh Butcher http://www.gallantgallery.cahttp://www.artontrial.com John GillulyTerrence Butler www.gillulyfineart.comwww.terrybutlerprints.com Arthur GoldbergMurdoch Campbell www.artgoldbergdesigns.com http://photosbyDoc.smugmug.com Jeff GrantJadranka Carluccio-Grbic www.jeff-grant.comhttp://www.jcgart.com/ Sue K. Green www.skgimages.com
  37. 37. Robyn Hallewell Christine Mestrovichhttp://www.rohallart.com/ cmestrovich@att.netBarbara Harmer Maria Millshttp://www.paintingwithpaper.net www.maria-mills.artistwebsites.comJon Holiday Gaylord Minkwww.photosbyjon.com www.minkphotos.comSusan Johnson Richard Mittelstadtwww.sejbphoto.net www.mittelstadtartstudio.comLeung Kamhung Shahrnaz Monfaredhttp://lkh.art.hk/ http://www.shahrnaz-monfared.comJay Kaplan Amber Moranjlk156@gmail.com http://www.ambermmoran.com/Yana Klimava Daniel Mortensenwww.yanaklimava.com www.danieljmortensen.comGregory Lancaster Gloria Moseswww.gregorylancaster.com www.gloriamoses.comValerie Leri Shoko Mukaiwww.risingtidesartworks.com http://www.shokomumu.com/Megan Levacy Lily Navawww.meganlevacy.com www.lilynavagallery.comMatthew Lowden Joel Patiencewww.mattlowdenphotography.com www.joelpatience-watercolors.comLinda Lowery Brian Paulwww.lindaloweryartist.com www.Paintbrushharry.comJon Lutter Tony Poduewww.jonlutterart.com www.poduestudio.comJean Macaluso Hilary Pulitzerwww.jeanmacaluso.com www.hilarypulitzer.comElizabeth Macchio Dorothée Rappwww.artid/elizabethmacchio www.dorothee-rapp.deZeke Mallory Harvey Rogosinwww.zekemallory.com www.harvey-rogosin.artistwebsites.comFrances Marino Josue Romanwww.Frances-Marino.artistwebsites.com www.finejrphotography.comBasha Maryanska Dennis Sabowww.bashamaryanska.com www.dsabophoto.comPeggy Casey Mason Marilyn Samwickwww.pcaseym.com Homes4ufl@aol.comMilt Masur Michael Whitakerwww.Artjury.com/MCPlus http://www.j-michael-whitaker.com
  38. 38. Stuart Maywww.stuartmayphotography.com Rosie (Rodeorose) UdovicicLiz McCreadie www.rodeorose.netwww.lizardsurfs.com Marydorsey WanlessRebecca McWilliams www.marydorseywanless.comhttp://rebeccamcwilliams.tumblr.com/ Michael WhitakerLisa Mereddy http://www.j-michael-whitaker.comhttp://www.mereddyfinearts.com/ Courtney WyattManon Sander http://www.artists2artists.net/profile/CourtneyBrookeWyattwww.manondesigns.com Kajal ZaveriMichael Schertz http://kajalzaveri.crevado.comwww.dynamic-earth-photos.com Sydney ZentallBarbara Schoenfeld http://www.edst.purdue.edu/zentall/arthttp://worldgrazer.blogspot.comJolanta Senczynawww.jolanta.exto.orgAlmine the Countess Shannonwww.paintingsoflight.comNick Shiflethttp://www.nickshiflet.smugmug.comPaul Singerwww.paulsingerdesign.comKeith Skinnerwww.renegadeimage.com/photographyJudith Lynn Smithhttp://artbyjudi.blogspot.com/Dia Spriggshttp://artbydia.netCarol Staubwww.CarolStaub.comMickey Striderhttp://www.mickeystrider.comSallie-Anne Swifthttp://sallieswiftart.comSamantha Tebbutthttp://www.hopewellart.comKaren Terryhttp://www.artistkarenterry.com/index.htmlLewis Isaac Testawww.newartprints.etsy.com