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Community Engagement App - By Community Action Milton Keynes


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Screenshots of Community Engagement App developed by Community Action Milton Keynes

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Community Engagement App - By Community Action Milton Keynes

  1. 1. &Making the most of new technology to engage communities and enhance service delivery - The Community Engagement App
  2. 2. The App front screen- requires a username and password toaccess
  3. 3. Data Protection Statement- Used before any personal details suchas ‘name’ is recorded
  4. 4. Contact Details- Either individual or group- Location entered through Geotag or manually
  5. 5. Adding dialogue- Through text, audio or photo
  6. 6. Survey options- Responses recorded on a sliding scale- Responses can be linked to dialogue providing qualitative and quantitative feedback in survey
  7. 7. Management Overview screen- All dialogues categorised- Initial trend analysis
  8. 8. Search screen- Able to review each individual dialogue- Priority colours can be applied