Top Five Iconic WordPress Themes for Health Care Industry


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Top Five Iconic WordPress Themes for Health Care Industry

  1. 1. Top Five Iconic WordPress Themes for Health CareIndustryWith mounted internet penetration rate, everyhousehold has gone online for seeking assistance inregular activities. They use websites for everyrequirement and take help of virtual forums andwebsites before stepping out of their homes. There arefew business domains, which get the majority of virtualtraffic (teenagers and non-working women). Thesedomains are health care industry, beauty care websites,and wardrobe enhancement websites. The biggestexample of this trend is The 78% ofoverall traffic at belong to non-workingwomen and teen-age girls.Noticeably, open source content management systemshave flooded these industries with resourceful websites.And, WordPress has played a great role in this boom. So,if you are using a WordPress website and providingvaluable tips to your potential readers and facing theissue of increasing bounce rate then you can use below
  2. 2. mentioned themes. By adding an appropriate theme, theuser experience at your website will increase positivelyand your readers will stay more at your website. In case,you do not find these themes suitable for your websitethen you can take services of WordPress ThemeDevelopers.1. CareFor Health BlogsWell, if you want to give a perfect look & feel to yourhealth care blog then this is your pick.With responsive layout, advanced theme options,short code builders, and custom sidebars, it
  3. 3. becomes a suitable option for health related blogs.You can elaborate your tips with supporting pictures.Therefore, if you are a doctor, a physiotherapist, ordentist then you can increase your blog’s popularityby using this theme. You will not have to take muchstress for managing your website after adopting thistheme.2. WellnessFor Health BloggersWith increasing internet penetration rate, every oneprefers to use internet for finding the cures of his orher illness from web. In this way, the healingpractitioners can enhance their popularity and turntheir profile into personal brands.
  4. 4. So, you can brand yourself with this impressivetheme. It will surely help you in decreasing thebounce rate at your website. This theme isamazingly made for bringing high volume onlinetraffic on your website. You just need to furbish yourwebsite with interesting, shareable, and resourcefulhealth related tips, which can help your targetedaudience. Technically, it sports 960 grid system,responsive nivo slider, shortcodes, and four skins.3. FITFor Gym & Physiotherapy Blogs
  5. 5. If you are running a gym or physiotherapy blog andtrying to elaborate your tips in an appropriatemanner then this is the perfect theme for yourneeds.With responsive design, light & dark color schemes,and custom templates, it helps the blog owners increating unique posts. They can use dark and lightbackgrounds for depicting the importance of theirtips. The fitness trainers can make use of its customwidgets, post types, and ten PSD files.4. HealthPress
  6. 6. For Dietitian ProfessionalsThis theme is ideal for dietitian and other suchhealth professionals so if you are engaged in suchbusiness then you can get your hands on thistheme.Technically, this theme provides the freedom ofcreating custom posts that include testimonials, faq,list of medical practitioners, senior surgeons, andslide shows for showing impactful picture stories.Moreover, it provides the facility of custom widgetsfor quick contact, appointment widget, which are
  7. 7. backed by Ajax & Captcha. Apart from thesespecialties, this theme has full width, testimonial,and three home page templates.5. HairPressFor Hair StylistsIt is a common fact that the people engaged inprofession of hair styling and make up face multipleissues in showcasing their unique skills over web.They do incredible jobs in carving out stars out fromnormal human beings but find discomfort in showingtheir own skills.
  8. 8. So, if you are a hair stylist and facing previouslymentioned issues in branding yourself then you caneasily load your WordPress website or blog with thistheme. It provides the option of adding pages likeappointment page, contact us page, service page,galleries page. Apart from this, the search resultpage, and single blog post page, and blog front-page layout will also be included from this page.So, you can choose your theme and adorn your blogwith the powerful look & feel of these themes.However, you should prepare your blog well beforelaunching for public. It will help you in debugging all
  9. 9. the possible glitches of your health care blogs. Youshould also check your website thoroughly afteradding these themes or custom theme on your blog.
  10. 10. the possible glitches of your health care blogs. Youshould also check your website thoroughly afteradding these themes or custom theme on your blog.