Expert checks before hiring a strong cms joomla developer


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Joomla today is one of the most powerful Open Sources Content Management Systems found to support wide range of simple personal websites, forums and blogs to complex corporate website applications.

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Expert checks before hiring a strong cms joomla developer

  1. 1. Expert Checks Before Hiring A Strong CMS JoomlaDeveloperJoomla today is one of the most powerful OpenSources Content Management Systems found tosupport wide range of simple personal websites,forums and blogs to complex corporate websiteapplications. This web application is reliable, easy toinstall and remains manageable and so finds greaterapplication almost in all the websites today. Joomlais probably the easiest web application and is bestsupported by the PHP/MySQL based CMSapplications.Since the past 90’s outsourcing has been the wavein IT industry and is still continuing to do so. It is notdifferent in case of developing websites usingJoomla. Joomla though known for its high endsecurity and reliability is vulnerable to hack attacksthat result because of some security loopholeswhich are overlooked by the developers. Therefore,one must necessarily check certain things even
  2. 2. before going to hire Joomla developers who projectthemselves as Joomla experts.Even before outsourcing JoomlaWith the advantages following the web applicationof Joomla turning out to be immense, multiple webdevelopments basing on this application are findingsome extensive use. Therefore, in order to developa strong application, even before considering anoption called outsource Joomla development, oneshould check whether the outsourcing experts cancover the following areas like the component andmodule development of Joomla, designing andcustomizing a Joomla template and complete webdesign, Integrating and customization of Joomlawith other web applications, conversion of HTML toJoomla CMS websites and finally their maintenance.Building the right appsWeb application development lies in the innovation.
  3. 3. Therefore, even before going to hire Joomladevelopers, one should concentrate on those whocan build some scalable and flexible applicationswhich are designed using extensive technical andindustry knowledge on the cutting edge technologythat is often user friendly.Tailoring them to catch up wellDesigning a template simply will not be sufficientfor developing a strong Joomla platform, but itneeds to be tailored pretty well. The customizationof the developed application is always the need ofan hour and should be performed with ease by theJoomla development experts. Customization of theapplication features include the look and the feel ofthe website, navigations, page levels and more,which should be performed in such a way that it canmeet the unique requirements of the web site thatis being developed.Keeping up can be the tough task
  4. 4. After placing all the efforts in designing, creating,developing and customizing a website based on theCMS Joomla, one cannot afford to simply leave it onits own. The maintenance, enhancement andupdate services of the Joomla application should becarried along. Therefore, even before hiring theoutsourcing experts, one should for those who cangive a sound attention on the aspect calledmaintenance of the website. They should oftenkeep track of the constantly evolving upgrades onthis platform and incorporate them whilemaintaining the application.After all an outsourced Joomla developer should beaware, enough knowledgeable and skilled in thisarea of web development so that they can offer astrong Joomla application to a website.