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The Lending Company, a direct seller/servicer with Fannie Mae, is your solution to funding your loans faster and making more money for your hard earned mortgage loan originations. To learn more, email: or visit:

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TLC Value Proposition

  1. 1. Partner Alliance Lending Branching Made Easy 1
  2. 2. The TLC Difference• Established in 1995• $5 Billion Plus in Mortgage Originations• Well Capitalized Mortgage Banking Platform• Hedge Fund Relationships• Niche Home Loan Products• No Over Lays• Direct GSE Seller/Servicer (No Reliance on Big Banks)• Proven State-of-the-Art Technology (AUS/POS/LOS/PE/Electronic Doc Mgmt.)• Ongoing Training and Recruiting Support• Loan Scenario Desk• Comprehensive Benefits Package (Med./Dent./Vis./401K/Life/Aflac/Med. Svgs Plan) 2
  3. 3. Move with a Leader• TLC Does Not Carry Legacy Issues• Strong Investor/Warehouse Relationships• Cutting Edge Technology (P.U.L.S.E., ARG Interactive, CRM)• Autonomy to Recruit and Grow Your Business• Calculated Branch Market Saturation• Direct FNMA Seller Servicer (FRE/GNMA Seller/ Servicer Designation in Progress)• Multi-State Lender (~26 States) 3
  4. 4. Direct Lender vs. Wholesale Broker• Eliminate Waiting Period for Appraisal Order with E-Docs vs. 4th Day Appraisal Order• As a Lender, Servicing Released Premiums (“SRP”) are Earned• Earn More Money with Comp. Plans• Speed up Loan Funding (Trending 22 days)• You are Now the Bank (Direct to Wall Street)• Access to YOUR Underwriters for Loan Scenario Questions and Decisions 4
  5. 5. Reg Z. New Compensation Rules• Originator Compensation Must Be Consistent Across All Loan Programs• Originator Compensation-Salary, Flat Fee, Or Basis Points of Aggregate Volume• Originators May Not Be Compensated in Any Way on the Terms of the Loan• Originator (Broker) Cannot Be Compensated By Both the Borrower and Lender• Safe Harbor Requires That Borrowers Be Presented With Three Financing Options 5
  6. 6. Wholesale Broker• Must Choose at the Time of Submission Either “Borrower” or “Lender Paid” Compensation• “Borrower Paid” Prevents Broker from Receiving any “Lender Paid” Compensation (i.e. Rebate)• “Lender Paid” Prevent Broker from Receiving any Origination or Processing Fees• Little or no Flexibility on Originator Compensation• “Lender Paid” Comp. is Locked for all Products for a Designated Time (30-90 days)• Broker Cannot Reduce “Lender Paid” to Compete 6
  7. 7. Wholesale Broker Cont.• Safe Harbor Requires Borrower is Presented with Three Different Lender Programs• Broker Cannot Receive Extra Premium Example: – Broker Contracts for 1.5% ‘Lender Paid’ Compensation – Rate of 5% Executes at 1.75% at Time of Lock – Additional .25% Can Only Be Credited to Borrower 7
  8. 8. Direct Lender - The Lending Co• All Compensation is Employer Paid• Price is Undisclosed-Secondary Market Function of Servicing Released Premium (SRP)• Origination and Processing Fees Allowed• Originator Presents TLC Programs Only• No Company Overlays (DU Findings) 8
  9. 9. Branch Manager Tools• P.U.L.S.E. DASHBOARD – View Entire Pipeline-at-a-Glance – User Friendly Reporting System – Manage Sales/Multiple Branches at a Click of a Button Using Sales Dashboard – TLC HR/Accounting Department Support – Ongoing Marketing, Recruiting and Training Support – Company Intranet/Portal – Tenured Mortgage Banking Team 9
  10. 10. Loan Officer Tools• P.U.L.S.E.-LOS/PE/AUS/IMAGING SYSTEM – Easy to use Loan Origination System – QuickPricer Loan Level Pricing Engine • Sophisticated Automated Underwriting System Provides Loan Approval Certificates in Seconds – Real-time Pipeline Management – Loan Officer Compensation Tracking – PDA-Real-time Pricing Capabilities 10
  11. 11. Loan Officer Tools-Continued• ARG Interactive – Custom Tailored Loan Officer Websites – Customer Relationship Management System – Company Dashboard/Intranet/Portal – Email Blast Marketing – Lead Procurement – MLS/FSBO/Home Valuation Tools – Predictive Dialer Bidirectional Interface• TRAINING AND COMPLIANCE SUPPORT 11
  12. 12. Branch Manager Investment• No Upfront Application Fees• No “Airline” Junk Fees• No Hidden Fees• No Kidding 12
  13. 13. P.U.L.S.E.• Automated Underwriting and Pricing Engine• A Powerful Marketing Tool• Increases Pull-through• Paperless, E-Docs• CNS-Central Nervous SystemNOTE: PULSE = Pricing Underwriting and Loan Submission Engine 13
  14. 14. P.U.L.S.E.-Continued• Utilizes Information Sourced Directly From Investors – Best-X For Investor Programs and Pricing – Underwriting Guidelines – Pricing Matrices• Utilizes Live Credit Report Data – Interfaces With All Credit Vendors – Full Utilization of Credit Data Generates Highly Accurate Loan Level Qualification Decisions• Interfaced With Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & FHA Total Scorecard• Rules Based Underwriting Loan Conditions – Automated Loan Conditions – DU/LP & FHA Conditions 14
  15. 15. PULSE-Fast Answers. Flexible Solutions 15
  16. 16. ARG Interactive• CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)• Affinity Marketing with “BuilderConnect”, “RealtyConnect” and eBenefits Portals• Sales Force Automation System• Dashboard/Intranet/Business Management Portal• Custom Loan Officer Enterprise Websites• MLS/FSBO/Home Valuation Tools• And Much More! 16
  17. 17. TLC Sales ARCHITECTURE Recruiting Marketing TechnologyTLC Ongoing Recruiting and TLC Ongoing Marketing State-of-the-art Technology Training Support Support LOS/AUS/PE Programs and Products Pricing Conv., FHA, VA, USDA, 203K, Operations Support Competitive Loan-level Reverse Mtgs., High Balance, (Dedicated Operations Staff) Pricing Strategy Jumbo Loans to $2MM, Small Balance Commercial Compliance Docs and Loan Underwriting Funding/Secondary 100% File Review Marketing Mortgage Backed Fast Answers. Flexible External/Internal, Strict Securities Assignment of Solutions Adherence to Zero Fraud Trade Mandatory Investor Tolerance Policy Delivery 17
  18. 18. Make More Money with TLC The Lending Co. You Are In Good Company. 18