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Business Case for User Experience Investment


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Business case patterns for investing in user experience design as a product management professional.

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Business Case for User Experience Investment

  1. 1. Business Case for User Experience
  2. 2. Traditional Enterprise Software The Inmates are Running the Asylum! -Alan Cooper
  3. 3. Modern Enterprise Software BYOD
  4. 4. Business Cases (oversimplified) 1. Increasing revenue (new or existing business) 2. Decreasing cost
  5. 5. "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like….. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs
  6. 6. 3 Business Reasons for UX investment 1) E-Commerce User Experience 2) Crossing the Chasm 3) Planning for Redesign
  7. 7. E-Commerce UX $300 million button Giant e-commerce site increased revenue by removing a barrier to purchase: account creation
  8. 8. Crossing the Chasm Will your early adopters provide a strong reference to the early majority, if their user experience is inferior?
  9. 9. Plan for Redesign Our first designs will seldom work. Changing software in production is enormously expensive.